Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is who you want as an animation director or overall director on any show.
More recently, we have worked together where he was the course director.
He expects the best from his directors and does not ask us to do anything he would not do himself.
John is not his director, however his presence was well known throughout the organization.
John is one of those directors that always wants the best and brings out the best in you.
John is one of the art directors who just gets on and does it - and does it with style.
He has been much more than just the operations director for him and his team.
His integrity as a director is well regarded by all the other directors.
He is always willing to help and is an extremely approachable director.
John is different than other executive directors that we have seen.
John is the project director you wish you had across every project.
John is an outstanding director who knows how to get things done.
John always goes above and beyond his duties as membership director.
John is one of the best, if not the best directors to our company for.
All the best in his new role as the director of his organization.
He is the sales/channel director every our company director wants.
John is well liked by the directors, practitioners and clients.
He has provided coaching services to several of his directors.
It's his hope to have him as our director for quite some our company.
John has all the traits that make him an exceptional director.
What convinced him to go in the end was his fellow directors.
John is his immediate director, twice, in two different roles in our company.
John became his director about half way through his employment at our company.