Director Of Marketing Performance Review Phrases Examples

Director Of Marketing Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John jumped in feet first and was in it with me and my marketing director every step of the way.
John has an in depth knowledge of his market, and is an excellent director.
John is the kind of marketing director you want to work with.
I was an air talent / production director and he was the marketing director.
John is a marketing director who truly understands how to get the most out of creatives.
As a new marketing director, he took me under his wing and helped me to quickly get up to speed.
He is articulate and one that is on a playing ground higher than most marketing directors.
I would recommend him as a highly qualified marketing director candidate.
John was a very competent marketing director who did a very thorough job.
John is an energetic and enthusiastic technology marketing director.
John is a very focused, hardworking, knowledgeable marketing director.
John had a thorough understanding of the marketing numbers in his role as analytics director.
John is a highly professional and experienced marketing director.
He is one important reason we did not have to create an on-staff marketing director.
John is a stellar marketing director- one of the best in our industry.
John is a passionate marketing director determined to make his mark, as well as a fine dancer.
John is a forward-thinking marketing director who always has fresh ideas to bring to the table.
He has always been one of the best thinkers on bank marketing.
During his tenure as marketing director, he never failed to provide help and encouragement during the toughest times.
He worked intimately with the marketing director and was clearly delighted with that aspect of his job.
As director of the fixed telephony market he knew how to mobilize the teams and set up effective solutions (marketing strategies and offers) in a very complex market (regulated market).
He was a consummate professional and a very capable director of marketing.
He is a passionate marketing director with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for what he does.
He is a highly driven and motivated marketing director, with an admirable leadership style.
He is a talented marketing director who's incredibly bright, astute and focused.
I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and highly recommend him to any company looking for an excellent marketing director.
His people skills made him very sought after by all of the marketing directors.
I would not have been an effective marketing director without his support and talent.