District Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

District Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent sales manager who understands how to bring the best out of his sales team.
John is a very driven sales manager that has turned around our sales team.
He sparkled as a sales manager and his department outperformed all others in the district.
His passion for driving sales, understanding sales cycles, and overall management are unmatched.
He excelled at sales & sales management, customer management and mentoring others to be successful.
John is a results driven sales manager who is proactive in growing his district.
John was known for managing a district that sets the standard for other districts to follow.
After he resigned, the sales manager at the time, convinced him to come and help out within the sales team.
He also able to manage a sales team who is in charge of his sales target.
He achieved his numbers by close management and good motivation of his sales managers and their sales teams.
I respected that he was a successful sales rep before he was promoted to sales manager.
John has always demonstrated an enthusiastic, professional approach to sales and sales management.
I would hire him as a sales manager or sales professional without reservation.
He was always pushing him sales managers to perform their best and get results from the sales teams.
He is not only sales manager, but a mentor and sales trainer in many ways.
John filled in as my district manager when the position was vacant.
He is also an excellent manager of sales people and builder of sales teams.
He is extremely knowledgeable in sales and how to manage a sales team.
John is one of the rare sales managers that "gets" what technology is all about and how to leverage it in sales situations.
John is excellent at sales, customer relationships, and sales management.
He helped me to become the leader of my district in sales and the new area manager once he left.
He helped me go from not very knowledgeable in sales to one of the top in my district.
John's mission was to increase sales and manage the sales reps of the Hispanic publication.
He is a top performing sales and sales management professional.
John will be a valuable addition to your team in either a sales or sales management capacity.
I have seen him grow in his expertise of managing a sales team and achieving sales target.
John is one of those people that you just have to have on your sales management team.
John is very professional, hard-working and knows inside sales and sales management like no other.
John will make a great manager of sales teams as he knows the difference between leadership and managing.
John sales manager and sales team would be lucky to have him be a part of it.
He is an excellent sales manager and team builder and has terrific strategic sales management capabilities.
He's adept at sales training, sales management and understands the synergistic role of marketing and sales.
As a sales manager, he was involved and made himself readily available to members of his team in every step of their sale.
He's a great sales manager who knows how to set up and motivate winning sales teams.
He is very adept @ managing complex sales & abilities to motivate a sales team.
His list of accomplishments as a district manager is endless.
John has an intuitive understanding of what it takes to make a sale, and a straightforward explanation of how to manage the sales cycle.
I was very impressed with his attitude toward managing his sales team.
He worked well with the sales department and upper management.
Not only does he have great experience in sales and managing sales teams, it is his attitude that is impressive.
John was an excellent sales manager and he was always very diligent and professional.
John is an extremely professional and diligent sales manager.
He also has a very successful track record of professional sales and sales manager.
John not only helped my sales team become more effective (and profitable) but also made me much more effective as a sales manager.
He managed to exceed sales targets and rebuild a sales team with some very smart hires.
John works well with the sales managers and follow up consistently with his contacts.
John's achievements in both sales and general management are outstanding.
He ran a first-class store and its sales were among the best in the district.
It was a pleasure to have him as a manager when he helped my district when he ran his sales team.
John is working man's sales manager as he does not expect his sales people to do anything that he himself has not done or would not do as a salesperson.
His team responds to him not only as their sales manager, but also their mentor.
He began as a sales representative and was quickly promoted to district sales manager where he was extremely successful.
No doubt his ability to manage sales is second to none but his main strength is handling sales teams and keep them motivated.
John was great at motivating our sales team, and helped me grow as a sales manager within the company.
John is an exceptional sales manager, highly respected by his sales team, leadership and clients.
Most importantly, he was drinking in everything we taught him in regards to what it takes not only to be a sales manager, but also a sales leader and a sales strategist.
John manufacturer would be lucky to have him as a sales manager or in any other capacity.
John is the manager that professional sales people would have.
John is the consummate sales professional, manager and partner.
John is an intelligent, disciplined and strategic sales manager.