Driver Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Driver Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows the recruiting process and knows what recruiters look for.
He knows recruiting and how to set up recruiting processes cold.
His professionalism, passion and commitment in recruitment make him different from other recruiters.
John knows recruiting inside and out and has trained everyone in our recruiting office on how to recruit effectively.
John seems to ease the recruitment process and provides prompt feedback to the recruit.
He is a top notch recruiter who goes way beyond the normal recruiting process.
John's recruitment process ensures success with each assigned recruit.
John is an outstanding recruiter and displays all the attributes you look for in recruiting professional.
John is an exceptional recruiter who will go above and beyond to make sure that the people he recruits are the right fit for the company.
John seeks to understand our rationale for recruitment and our drivers for strategic change.
He really understood his needs and the drivers which motivate him.
He understands the need to provide feedback throughout the recruitment process which is something that many recruiters lack.
John is a gifted recruiter who understands how to get the best out of the candidates during the recruiting process.
He kept him undated with each step of the recruitment process which is very difficult to find with recruiters.
He showed him what it is to be a true empathetic recruiter and to be thorough in his recruiting process.
John brings confidence back to the recruiting process and more recruiters should aspire to be like him.
He told us how these recruiting websites would help streamline the recruiting, and hiring process.
Thus, throughout his recruitment process, he has guided him as a mate and not as a recruiter.
His extensive knowledge of both the key drivers influencing recruiting firms and the recruitment process is outstanding.
John is there for him through the whole recruitment process and we are still very much in touch.
And you can feel that he is trying his best to help in the recruiting process.
He followed him during his recruitment process and this was really helpful.
He went out of his way to make sure the recruiting process went smoothly.
He really gets recruited and isn't afraid to help in the process.
Excellent recruiter who kept him updated throughout the process.
John is an honest, solid and professional recruiter's recruiter.
John is an exceptional recruiter who is experienced and competent in all aspects of the recruitment process.
John distinguishes himself not just from other recruiters, but professionals.
Combine with his professionalism, couldn't ask for a better recruiter.
He is fabulous to recruit for and as always very professional.
Highly recommend him organization for sourcing and recruiting
He used to look after recruitment of experienced professionals.
He is always one step ahead of most recruiting professionals.
As a recruiter, he is willing to work around the recruits schedule to meet with them at a time that is convenient for the recruit.
John would be an asset to any organization looking for recruiting talent.
He is very intelligent and creative when it comes to recruiting.