Education Administrator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Education Administrator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a committed educator and an outstanding administrator.
I would recommend him for any position in education, either instructional or administrative.
John is a visionary in higher education administration, yet highly approachable.
I highly recommend him as a stellar administrator in higher education.
Working with him was educational, purposeful, and entertaining.
He liaises well with educational administrators and professional contacts.
John is exactly the type of person needed in educational administration.
I recommend him without reservation as an attorney, educator and administrator.
John has an outstanding passion for education and sharing that education and the opportunity for others to learn.
His examples were not only very relevant and entertaining, but also educational.
Wise, smart, brilliant and well educated, he is someone who can be trusted.
John always has a story that's both entertaining and educational.
He makes it his mission to educate and entertain his listeners.
John is consistently interesting, educational and entertaining.
His humorous approach was entertaining as well as educational.
He successfully completed his education from this university.
John is a dedicated educator and effective administrator who continues to excel at his craft.
He has the ability to work closely with and within both administration and faculty in higher education.
Best of all, he educates in a way that's entirely engaging and non-judgmental.
He not only got to know his message, but he spent time self educating.
John empowered us to make educated and well thought decisions.
John is a thoughtful and a well educated administrator who loves to help people and make a difference.
He relates well with people and is good with the administrative requirements of education.
John is an extremely motivated educator, with the passion and drive to be a lifelong educator.
For that and many other reasons, he's one of my favorite educators and people.
John strives to educate people, not just tell them what they should do.
If you're looking to bring someone in to entertain and educate your audience, then he'd be perfect.
He is an incredible speaker as well and knows how to educate and entertain an audience.
John is the first and only one who fostered a trusting and educational environment.
His mastery of the topic is so profound that he really entertains while he educates.
He was entertaining, educational and the talk he gave was most enjoyable.
He left to pursue more education and because he was leaving the state.
John has the rare quality to entertain well as he educates deeply.
John is a fantastic speaker who can entertain as well as educate.
John helped me to organise and finish off my tertiary education.
He would be an asset to any company or educational environment.
John educates you on making the proper choices - consistently.
John is among the most innovative people in higher education.
He will entertain and educate, and everyone will laugh while they learn.
He had an eye for detail and was educated in what he was doing.
Although not an educator, he understands education very well.
He's very objective and passionate about education and a very good administrator.
If he doesn't know the answer, he will research until he has educated himself to allow the education of others.
Bridgewater for any administrative capacity given him invaluable education and professional experience in pedagogy.