Education Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Education Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has really helped me by further educating me in this industry.
John is one of the most talented educators in the industry.
This alone has made him one of the most sought after strategists in the education industry.
He is always educating himself and others on the latest trends within the industry.
He is well versed in his industry and is always willing to help and educate others.
John is always eager to educate himself about new trends in the industry.
His education and knowledge in the industry can be an example for everyone.
John is prepared, efficient, and always educating himself in the industry.
He is educated and knowledgeable within every industry he works.
John is truly an asset to an international education industry.
We need more people like him in the education industry today.
He is well educated with the latest news in the industry.
John is the premiere educator in our insurance industry.
He has an in depth knowledge of the education industry.
John is extremely educated in the mortgage industry.
John's education industry knowledge is second to none.
John is well versed and educated in the Insurance industry.
He is so knowledgeable and educated in the IT/recruiting industry.
Deal with him if you want to get things done and educate yourself along the way.
He also wants and can educate himself and he is willing to do so.
He educated me as to what was actually best and we went to court.
Conversations with him are always educational and inspirational.
Speaking with him is always an education and always refreshing.
This was not only very inspiring, but it was also educational.
Working with him has not only been educational, but also fun.
I can only thank you for the education you have provided me.
He's an expert in what seems to be everything education.
He tries to educate you about the things he can do to help.
I also appreciate how he wants to educate his patients.
Working with him was both an education and inspiration.
He is always educating himself on different subjects.
You'll definitely be both entertained and educated.
John's educational programs for his product is second to none in the industry.
He comes highly recommended in the education industry and any company looking to employ him, whether in the education industry or outside, will certainly not be disappointed.
John even though never worked in my industry educated himself and came up with ideas that were current and relevant to our industry.
Combined with his knowledge about many various industry's his course proved invaluable to my education.
He also understands the need to be well educated and up to date on the latest changes in his industry.
He has educated me with his knowledge and expertise in an industry that is relatively new for us.
What's more, he is always willing to get involved in industry, education and share his knowledge.
His students always appeared industrious, and please with the education they were receiving.
John has worked in the education industry for several years and is very well connected.
I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the education industry.
His input comes from experience and education that far surpasses most in his industry.
John is a very thorough and educated consultant when it comes to the tech industry.
John makes it a point to educate himself on the various aspects of this industry.
He also took the time to educate me on the process and the industry- very helpful.
He is very knowledgeable in his industry and his main goal is to help and educate.
He has a passion to help others in the industry and educate others that are not.
John is one of the most approachable people in the dental education industry.
He has motivated me to continue my education and progress within the industry.
He is invested in this industry and it shows in his commitment to education.
John is the most educated people in the mortgage industry have ever met.
John is a very engaging educator, both in industry and in the classroom.
John is dedicated to the growth of the training and education industry.
John has worked hard to maintain education within his industry.
The education industry needs more talented individuals like him.
John has a vast knowledge of the education industry.
John's commitment to education in our industry is 2nd to none.
He makes sure I understand best practices and educates me on changes in the industry.
Our company in the spirits industry, John went above and beyond immersing and educating himself on all industry, category and trend dynamics.
His passion for the industry and his drive to educate are limitless.
Not only is he good at what he does, but is forever continuing to educate himself in an extremely dynamic industry.
He knows the toy industry inside and out and provides an educated ear in times when it is needed.
He encouraged continued education and made sure that we were always on top of industry trends.
His understanding of the education industry is remarkable and his insights are always very useful.
His door was always open and he welcomed the chance to educate him further about the industry.
He started by looking outside our company to educate himself on industry best practices.
Constantly continuing his education, keeping up with industry trends and certifications.
He is the consummate professional always educating the industry.
John educates himself tirelessly on industry and client trends.
He is very educated on the industry, the ships, airlines, etc.
He's educated him on many types of positions within the energy industry.
John's passion for the gaming industry and furthering his own education and the education of his fellow classmates is commendable.
For steering education in the games industry in our company in his capacity at some of the educational institutes here.
John is well educated and vastly experienced particularly in the automotive industry.
John's smart and funny, he expects a lot of himself and those around him, and he knows that the more people we as an industry can educate, the better off the industry will be.
His effort to compile industry news, knowledge and education for our industry are outstanding.
He is both highly-educated and dedicated to the industry and the people that he interacts.
John knows his way around the educational industry like few people working today.
His willingness to educate his audience and guide them to success is unequaled in the industry.
His aptitude for picking up the nuances of the higher education industry was exceptional.
John really understands the education sector and it is an industry he has a passion for.
He's well educated in the technology industry and has tremendous vision.
Learned a great deal from him about the education industry as well as data & information industry.
John's formal education and business education will enable him to excel in any industry he chooses to pursue.
His passion for his work and industry go beyond our organization as he gives speeches and educates at industry conferences and meetings.
Not only that, but he's extremely willing to help educate and mentor those who are new to the industry or confused about licensing etc.
He is highly respected throughout the education industry and everyone knows how passionate he is about his work.
He keeps himself ahead of the curve by continuing his education and helping others in the real estate industry.
Every meeting with him is a delight as his insights on the industry always leaves you more educated.
His vast experience and education enable him to flourish in many different areas of his industry.
He is a well-educated salesman and there are few that can match his knowledge of the industry.
These attributes make him the ideal educator for being the setting industrial or academic.
He comes with a wealth of industry knowledge that educates and inspires.
John as an educator, an industry speaker, and a lifelong mentor.
Extremely collaborative, and brings his good industry knowledge, and willing to educate colleagues to understand the industry better.
He educated him on our company's strategy for these industries and on the solutions we've built to serve customers in these industries.
He understands the domain industry but more importantly, can educate and teach those, like himself, who are new to it.
John has a passion for learning and continuing his education within the industry to make sure he is always growing.
He took the time to learn about the education industry and his analysis and feedback was thorough.
John does an excellent job of educating salesman who have never been in the auto industry.
His dedication to his chosen industry and education is one of a role model.
He also takes the time to attend industry trade shows to educate himself and keep very current in our industry.
John keeps himself educated within our industry, then shares his knowledge with his peer group.
His clients are constantly learning about the industry and are getting more educated because of his shares.
Plus, unlike many in this industry who use the buzz words, but really don't know what to do, he often explains, educates, and provides options to solve your problem.
He makes sure to always be on the cutting edge of industry innovation and consistently educates and challenges those around him to do the same.
Each position he has had as a clinician and educator prepares him for his next and ever larger role within our industry.
John's education and experience have proven vital in helping us understand the unique needs of our industry.
He continually educates himself on current industry trends and competitors through periodicals and books.
The industry experience and context, he brings to the educational environment is tremendously rewarding.
His frequent blog updates provide education, inspiration, and entertainment for anyone in the industry.
His reputation in the education industry is a testament to his outstanding leadership abilities.
He also had a penchant for educating his colleagues on industry standards and best practices.
He, along with his colleagues at our company, is at the forefront of those trying to educate an industry long known for being slower to adapt.
He provided him with a high level of understanding and education of the pharmaceutical industry and our company.
In addition to the work he does, he is an industry leader and educator.
John organization would be lucky to have him and the education industry, in particular, will benefit from keeping him.
He educated his clients and friends on the happenings in him industry because he is passionate about it.
Informative, funny, engaging and efficient, we, as an industry, are lucky to have him as an educator and advocate.
His dedication to educating anyone who wants to learn about the real estate industry is second to none.
He sure does know his business, but not only in the education field, but in industry as well.
Not only that, but his confidence around the industry is inspiring, helping educate himself and the team further.
John's understanding of the nexus between industry and education is a welcome addition to any team.
He has a very 'well-rounded' perspective of the education industry given his experience.
He first educated himself substantially about the particulars of his industry in order to achieve better results.
John is passionate about the industry he works in and this positively translates into his ability to educate.
He's an expert in the education industry, able to write about various subject matters and topics.
Besides a level of knowledge second to none, he constantly educates himself on industry trends.
Tola is dedicated not only to the real estate industry, but more importantly, educating his clients.
He is never content to just go with the flow, he is constantly educating himself on what is current and emerging in the industry.
John stays involved in our industry as a leader, and continued education.
He is very engaging and knowledgeable in the educational and manufacturing industries.
As a rep in this industry he has always been so creative with educational events.
John is excellent at what he does - his thorough knowledge of the education industry and unique way of distributing this information to educators is exemplary.
He is well respected and connected in the industry because he's passionate about what he does and educates his staff to be the best that they can be.
John really had a genuine desire to help and learned his industry (education) and the organization quickly.
He blends experience, industry context, education and pragmatic application to every task.
In our fragmented our company, industry strong, knowledgeable educators are extremely important.
His dedication to him students and their hospitality industry education is evident in everything he does.
His knowledge of the industry not only comes from his education and experience, but from his affection for aviation history.
John sat on many of the industry related policy and educational advisory along with recognized scholars.
His relationship and involvements with him have been instrumental in opening opportunities in the educational industry.
His contacts in industry and the academic world are hugely valuable, and he is someone who fully understands the interaction between education and industry.
Not only did he show him the ropes, but he educated him in the industry and how to succeed; something he didn't pay for in any coin save loyalty.
Him solid experience and his advanced education in organizational psychology puts him at the forefront of the industry.
His experience in higher education as well as many other industries gives him a wide range of trustworthy experience.
His company also provides many value added services such as educational seminars and industry updates.
He enlightened him to many industry trends concerning his book and educated him as a writer.
Our company asks him about any major player in the industry, and John will be the man to educate you on their strengths, their weaknesses, and how to win.