Education Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Education Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Most importantly, someone who keeps him focused on what matters most in education - children and teachers.
He's a great teacher and speaker, very intuitive and educational.
John may already know this or maybe he doesn't but he is an excellent teacher.
He became the teacher that could actually do what he preached.
Accounting has never come so easy to him with any other teacher.
Jaap spring is one of the most inspiring teachers of his educational career.
He's passionate about education - particularly adult education students, where they have another chance.
John's passion for education and educating comes through in his interactive lecturing style.
He touched our teachers' heartstrings and helped them remember the joys of being an educator.
As a teacher, he was driven and eloquent, and his fervor for education was always clear.
Such efforts to make the best of what he had made him one of our favourite teachers.
If you are looking for a 'teacher', he will be one of the best that you can find.
Which is one of the reasons why he has always been such an effective teacher.
Which is over and beyond what is required of him as a teacher.
John is an inspirational teacher that can never be forgotten.
However, his most memorable teacher was not from the our company.
He takes the extra time to help educate others as he continues to educate himself.
One of the best things about him is that he's always educating and improving himself.
He always made himself available to educate and problem solve.
He talks about topics that are often not even considered by students or teachers whilst in continuing education.
He also focuses on continuing education and is a patient teacher.
Rather than doing cover duty, he had to take over as the form teacher of his class as their teacher went on maternity leave.
To the world you may be just a teacher, but to him you are simply the bestest teacher, one could ever desire for.
John (ma'am) amongst the few teachers who have incredibly influenced his interest in education and learning.
John on the other hand actually added value through education.
His teaching style has always been different from other teachers.
After graduating, he mark remains as an influential teacher who not only educated him, but empowered him.
His systematic approach to education fetched him appreciation from both his teachers and friends alike.
And as many others have said, he is an absolutely outstanding teacher, on any topic.
And taught us from the heart, not from the book which makes him, the best teacher.
He did very well in any classes and concentrated many teachers' appreciation.
Finally, unlike many fellow teachers, he always keeps his feet on the ground.
He has told him that he would make all his teachers proud of his achievements.
Furthermore, because of his incredible patience, he is an excellent teacher.
John to anyone looking for a truly superior teacher of entrepreneurship.
Thank you for helping him discover himself, you are an incredible teacher.
This is exactly what a great teacher should do and he's one of the best.
That was one of his favourite subjects, precisely because of his teacher.
He knows the medium and is an excellent teacher for even the beginner.
It is an honor for having him as his teacher and wish him good luck.
It's his fortune to have this responsible teacher as his recommend or
His interest and insights were very inspiring to all his teachers.
Initially, he was his boxing teacher and later we taught together.
John always got the concepts that the teacher's taught in class.
Anyone who can have him as a teacher is truly lucky and blessed.
John is the consummate teacher, without an ounce of pedantry.
What is not commonly known is that he is also a gifted teacher.
He's a terrific teacher, and definitely goes above and beyond.
Apart from being an excellent teacher, he is very good at heart.
He encouraged our teachers and provided specific suggestions.
His curiosity also makes him an excellent learner and teacher.
He is the constant encourager and teacher to those around him.
John, thanks for everything you imparted as a gifted teacher.
Such an honour and a pleasure to have had you as his teacher.
Our company doubt he has been one of the most popular teachers at the Academy.
John is an excellent teacher - when it comes to our company, he knows his stuff.
Highly recommend everyone to go thru our company basic course with him as a teacher
In the meantime, our company is lucky to have such a teacher.
Turns out that he may have learned something from the fancy education.
John cares deeply about education from early childhood education through higher education, and that quality educational opportunities are accessible and available to all.
John is incredibly well educated, and brings that education to bear on any problem he is faced with.
John did everything he promised and did it all while educating him and listening to his feedback.
John took that time, made suggestions where appropriate, and educated us along the way.
He always took the time to educate those around him, including him when the need arose.
He knows where he wants to be and spends time educating himself on how to get there.
But eventually, it turned out to be very useful for his education and improvement.
He is obviously so well educated, but he is down to earth, yet firm and decisive.
He truly wants everyone to succeed and enjoy their education at the same time.
He took the time to get to know us to ensure that we made an educated choice.
When he needs to be critical, he does so in an agreeable, educational manner.
He helps you to understand it, so you can make your own educated decisions.
It's been an educating journey for him during the time under his leadership.
Oh, and he'll take time to educate you as to why said situation happened.
John would be an asset to any educational or nonprofit organization.
He made the class very enjoyable and at the same time; very educational.
As an educator, he can take the complex and make it easy to understand.
His approach is thorough, meaningful and at the same time educational.
He educates, he listens and he helps you make the most of your future.
John can solve any problem and he is educated in so many fields
He understands that selling through education is really effective.
This also makes him highly effective as an influencer and educator.
He not only impacted his education, he also influenced his future.
His willingness to self educate was an asset to our organization.
But remember, educate don't sell, otherwise he will tell you off.
Overall, he has fun, he gets results and educates along the way.
He makes educated decisions looking at both sides of the story.
John empowered us to make educated and well thought decisions.
John is known to him for a long time for our college education.
He is continually improving himself by advancing him an education
What sets him apart is his background in theater and education.
His time in his classes was always pleasurable and educational.
John provides our students with a consistency in the educational experience, as a substitute teacher.
Johns background and education make him not only a great partner, but also a great teacher.
He goes much further than just being their teacher; he really becomes a mentor for them.
He mentored several teachers who have gone on to become giants in their profession.
John is a willing mentor and teacher and will do well in anything that he does.
He is the kind of teacher that any parent would want for their child.
John demonstrated himself to be an excellent and dedicated teacher.
In everything he does, he considers teachers and students' voices.
It's always educational and makes his clients, better for the experience.
Quite often he seemed much more informed than the teachers in the class.
He always makes sure that all necessary education is provided and that all possible resources are made available.
He definitely went out of his way to help us make an educated decision on our property.
He's gone above and beyond to help educate us and provided us with fantastic resources.
The neck is not an average teacher, he's a higher education entrepreneur & leader.
John always provided responsive feedback, doing anything he could to further his students' education.
He goes above and beyond expectations to make sure the student is happy and educated.
John's suggestions for him on an educational presentations have been invaluable.
Ferber is one of those educators who truly cares about his students.
John's presentations were educational, energetic and inspirational.
He wants each and every student to find success through education.
He inspired his students and was very involved in their education.
He truly is dedicated to enriching the education of his students.
He is someone who is very focused on his career and education.
His approach to education and the students was truly admirable.
He is one of the most competent educators in the state of our company.
John always tried to be the teacher and show us how to do certain things so we could be better at our jobs.
He cares immensely about giving back & education - educating the youth.
He knows what motivates children and teachers from educational theory to behavioral motivation.
A teacher at heart, students respond enthusiastically to his mentoring and educational efforts.
John interacts well with his peers and teachers and is well-liked by many.
Last but not least, he is an excellent teacher for students and peers.
John is an intuitive teacher and knows what motivates students.
Plus, he will educate along the way all the benefits of each exercise.
John was, without a doubt, one of his most favorite teachers during his education at our company our company.
He did not have to do this, the course was over; but he did it all the same as a very wonderful gesture towards his teacher.
He is a very good teacher and takes whatever he does seriously and does everything to the best of his ability.
John, thank you for introducing him to wake-surfing and being the best possible teacher anyone could imagine.
He is a very enthusiastic teacher, knows what he is doing, and always makes every class seem interesting.
He is his favorite teacher there because he explained things really well and made him classes fun.
Most importantly, he isn't a teacher who merely tells others to do as he says, not has he does.
Great teacher and even after the class ended, he's still continued to help him in any way he can.
In addition, he is a teacher - what he knows, he has always been willing to pass on to others.
He is a great teacher and gives his all, because he is really big on others being successful.
The children obviously have the utmost respect for him and love having him as their teacher.
John is an excellent teacher: he was never boring, since the first minute of the lesson.
There are few teachers in his life who have truly taught him something valuable and useful.
He is a teacher that you will always remember and connect with throughout your lifetime.
Extremely respectful of his elders and teachers, he would always stand up for the truth.
Along with the commendable contributions to his profession, he is an excellent teacher.
In his mind, that is what makes him the highly effective teacher for which he is known.
He's also a fantastic teacher and you always know he has your best interests in mind.
Not only does he have the expertise, but he is very approachable and a good teacher.
He is also one of those rare teachers that you can turn to outside of class for help.
He has a teacher disposition that would be beneficial to anyone under his leadership.
Already then it was clear he had everything in him to become a great teacher himself.
Maybe it's the teacher in him - or maybe he was a cruel overseer in another life.
Him as his absolute favorite teacher, that year, for many of the following reasons.
John has proven over and over again that he is a dedicated teacher and colleague.
We were sad and shocked when we knew that he would no longer to be our teacher.