Effective Performance Review Phrases Examples

Effective Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is effective, and therefore makes those around him effective.
John not only does get it, he also knows how to use it very effectively.
He's extremely effective at planning what needs to be done and how to do it really effectively.
John always made sure that anyone was welcome and never let anything effect his our company.
He is also one who is always looking for ways to do things better and more effectively.
He looks at the most effective way of getting things done and uses that approach.
Since then, seeing what he does and how effective he's been been an inspiration.
He really knows how to say things and how to do it in the best effective way.
He knows exactly what needs to be done, and the most effective way to do it.
In doing this, he can relate to you and the needs you have more effectively.
Above all else, he makes everyone around him more effective and successful
The way he uses locations that you don't think about is really effective.
Therefore, he could manage each of us in the way that was most effective.
When you ask him to do something, he gets it done fast and effectively.
John is effective and always follows through with his commitments
John makes an immediate effect on all those who come to know him.
John is someone who can get things done, quickly and effectively.
This makes him truly effective at what he does and how he does it.
Helping, not only him, be our company and most effective self at our company.
John makes sure things get done, and done effectively and properly.
He is very effective at getting the best from all his employees.
He just also happens to be very effective at getting things done.
He really brought us all together and made us all more effective.
Relationships like this can our company for years and be very effective.
He gets things done thoroughly, effectively and on time/schedule.
Cooperation with him is always very effective and comprehensive.
John can help you do this and become more effective in life.
Working with him is not only effective, but also an enrichment.
Working for him was always enjoyable and he kept us effective.
He effectively goes above and beyond for each of his students.
And it goes without saying that he is an effective strategist.
We definitely could not have been this effective without him.
John is not the cheapest, but he is by far the most effective.
John has been very effective in several very different roles.
He is also easy to get on with and is particularly effective.
He always communicates effectively and is effective in his role.
He does not try to be an expert at everything but he effectively surrounds himself with the expertise he needs to be effective.
John is someone who you will hire more than once, he is the one that you need if you want your staff to be more effective.
He has just taken over from someone else, so had to quickly come up to speed, which he did very effectively.
He has always been available and effective, and always seems to be on top of things before anyone else is.
John took anything that came his way and made sure it was dealt with in the most effective way possible.
He then goes further to clearly lay out how they will affect you, and what you should do about it.
If he could be this effective with these challenges, just think what he could do for your group.
If you want something done thoroughly, effectively and quickly he is definitely someone to go to.
He is always about thinking up solutions that are going to be most effective and cost effective.
He goes beyond what is required of him and is always willing to make things happen effectively.
He is every effective in whatever he does and goes beyond the ask to add value in the process.
John always endeavours to do the right things in the right way, to best effect for all parties.
If you have the opportunity to our company alongside him- do it- he'll make everything more effective.
He's always trying to think of what else would make the concept smarter/cooler/more effective.
When he tells you he is going to get things done, then he does and is extremely effective.
When something was on his plate, we could be sure it would get done quickly and effectively.
He is very much willing to take on any role given to him and he executed it effectively.
He has a very effective follow up mechanism and knows how to get things done effectively.
John is very effective and he will do anything for something he is passionate about.
This is just one example of how effective he is at meeting the needs of his customers.
There is no need to follow up with him, he does what he says quickly and effectively.
He is very effective at getting the right people to our company together in an effective way.
His passion for doing things the right way is what makes him such an effective leader.
John's always looking for new technologies\practices to make his teams more effective.