Efficient Performance Review Phrases Examples

Efficient Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the one you think of when you want things done well and efficiently.
And he was always doing something so that others could be more efficient.
He knows how to get things done right and get them done efficiently.
He's very efficient and to the point, and when his company needs someone, he knows how to get them and how to do it efficiently.
He is always willing to help to make the business better and he knows how to get things done the right way and efficiently.
John is very efficient and what he doesn't know, he knows someone who knows what to do.
Malvern came over to him and made sure that everything was done smoothly and efficiently.
He is always very efficient and followed up on everything that he said he would do.
He would go out of his way to make sure things were done efficiently and thoroughly.
He is very efficient and is always willing to go above and beyond to help the team.
He goes above and beyond to get you everything you need to do your job efficiently.
When he sets out to do something, you know it will get done well, and efficiently.
John knows what needs to get done and how to get it done, he defines efficiency.
He knows what he wants, he goes for this and he does this in an efficient way.
He is always efficient and follows through whenever you ask him for something.
John knows how to get things done efficiently and most of all effective
If something needs doing, he'll get it done effectively and efficiently.
He is always willing to help and did his job very well and efficient.
He always has an idea on how doing something better or more efficient.
He is efficient and will always come back to you with what's required.
He always made himself available, he was knowledgeable and efficient.
He is about efficiency, and doing the right thing for the business.
John is always looking for the best and most efficient solutions.
Reasoned, efficient, he was always there to help us in our company.
Anything he is asked to do, he does thoroughly and efficiently.
John makes everyone around him better, smarter and more efficient.
John even came up with some ideas to help become more efficient.
Not only that, but he had the capacity to do it so efficiently.
John is very well organized and gets things done efficiently.
It was very useful and he made very efficient use of the our company.
He is so efficient that he actually got more done than before.
He will make you so much more efficient, it's not even funny.
Communication with him was always efficient and very pleasant.
He is very efficient and get things done as soon as possible.
He follows through on what he offers and does so efficiently.
John is especially thorough and efficient with documentation.
He does everything efficiently and always follows up on jobs.
It will definitely help him be more efficient within his role.
We're always looking for more our company and efficiency, right?.
He is very efficient, and is always willing to help someone if they are struggling with something, but, he also knows how to ask for help when he needs it.
He is someone to go to when you need help and he will follow through with getting the job done, and getting it done efficiently.
Not only is he great at what he does, but nothing is too much to ask and everything is done promptly and efficiently.
John is so dedicated in everything he does and is always looking to do things bigger, better, and more efficiently.
He is looking to see how something can be done better, more efficiently, or with better interface and functionality.
He is very thorough and efficient with his our company and always followed up to make sure that things were done properly.
He's very clever, gets along really well with others and always willing to get things done quickly and efficiently.
He is someone you want around when you have to figure out how to get something done efficiently without problems.
In everything we do together, he's always been efficient, consciences, and got things done under deadlines.
He is very efficient and promotes the efficiency in all whom we were fortunate to be under his supervision.
He is efficient with everything he does and makes sure that everything is done correctly the first our company.
John did it all, and he knew how to get others to help so that it was done effectively and efficiently.
He is always looking at the best possible way to do things, was prompt and efficient with his our company.
He will make sure you know what's needed, when, and how you can make the most impact, efficiently.
He wants to know the why and how, and what can be done to increase the efficiency for salespeople.
He goes out of his way to do the right thing by all parties and get things done super efficiently.
He made the rest of us more efficient by getting things done for us before they became problems.
He always made sure to do his job efficiently and has gone above and beyond for him several times.
He is very efficient and will go out of his way to make sure that things are running smoothly.
John not only gets the job done where many others would fail but does it much more efficiently.
He gets along so well with him coworkers that they actually our company better and more efficiently.