Electrical Design Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Electrical Design Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John questions as to the designed functionality, he would ask the engineers.
His design work is clean, modern, and genuine; he understands that design should serve a purpose and opposes design for the sake of design.
He was the strongest designer on a team with five other designers.
John has a strong knowledge of both software design and electrical design.
John is a designer's designer who doesn't need to second guess what works or doesn't, he already knows it.
He is a pleasure to work with and can get any designer to design beyond potential.
John is an amazing designer whose work exudes his passion for design.
John is an incredible designer, and keeps producing designs that are better and better each time.
John was the lead designer who often designed covers for the sections.
He really gets how designers think and work, and can elegantly articulate what designers themselves often struggle to explain.
An electrical engineer at heart, he did show fair attitude in all the assignments.
He taught me electrical machine designs and was always ready to clarify my doubts.
John since our design festival got cancelled, it became harder to get feedbacks from the design team.
He's also brilliant if you're looking for design, ideas, and he has a fab design team.
He has a brilliant design eye and brought out the best in his team of designers.
He is passionate about good design and great addition to any design team.
He is very passionate in his work and very serious about designing.
He's one of the designers you always want to work with again.
He supported our entire electrical engineering design group when we started out.
His presence in any organization is electric and can only help everyone who happens to be near it.
John is that perfect designer that one need to have on his or his team.
John is the kind of designer who preaches best practices and consumes all he can about the latest design patterns.
John is extremely capable in creating new designs as well as working with existing design constraints.
John has done a lot for our electrical engineering group and we are very happy to have him within the company.