Emotional Intelligence Performance Review Phrases Examples

Emotional Intelligence Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I think that he has useful things to say, told with intelligence.
John's emotional intelligence is off the charts.
He's also probably one of the most intelligent.
His emotional intelligence is second to none.
John's emotional intelligence is unmatched.
John is very intelligent, tenacious and displays emotional intelligence and drive.
Overall, he demonstrated much emotional intelligence in all our interactions.
John knows exactly what he's doing and is very motivated and intelligent.
This recommendation is for those, who consider themselves intelligent.
And has the gift of both intellectual and emotional intelligence.
This is also because of his passion as well as his intelligence.
He is very in tune with the dynamics of emotional intelligence.
John is certainly very intelligent and very professional.
He also provided very thorough and intelligent explanations.
His emotional intelligence distinguishes him from his peers.
We were discussing about emotional intelligence conception.
John is so intelligent and can keep up with so many things.
John has very high emotional intelligence and integrity.
This has been done by his use of intelligence and vision.
John is someone who is very intelligent yet has humility.
Trustworthy, kind, and full of emotional intelligence.
Always available over phone with all his intelligence.
He knows what he want, very talented and intelligent.
I have always known him to be honest and intelligent.
Furthermore, he is determined and very intelligent.
He is not only very intelligent, but very teachable.
John has always impressed me with his intelligence.
John demonstrated very high emotional intelligence.
I found him to be so intelligent and knowledgeable.
I have found him to be very honest and intelligent.
I'd describe him as high in emotional intelligence.
John is both very intelligent and very practical.
And he does so with generosity and intelligence.
He is very intelligent without being overbearing.
Next he's very intelligent and knows his stuff.
I found him to be quite intelligent and capable.
He is intelligent and thorough in his approach.
He was clearly very intelligent and hardworking.
John is intelligent and really knows his stuff.
I found him to be very intelligent and precise.
John is intelligent and can get things done.
He is thorough, knowledgeable and intelligent.
John is someone with integrity and intelligence.
His emotional intelligence is highly developed.
John is very knowledgeable and intelligent.
John is intelligent and very knowledgeable.
John is really very intelligent and smart.
He is intelligent, well liked and respected.
I found him to be intelligent and insightful.
Going forward, with his own emotional appeal.
John is very intelligent and is well-spoken.
Incisive and intelligent in his observations.
Always he was even-tempered and intelligent.
He's quite intelligent as well as talented.
John is very perceptive and intelligent.
John is professional and very intelligent.
The first few sessions were very emotional.
He is very intelligent and knows his stuff.
John is as intelligent as he is helpful.
His intelligence and emotional intelligence are guarantees for success no matter what he does.
John will never be described as someone that just goes through emotions.
John has emotional intelligence in spades and always follows up and follows through.
Excelling at this required him to go beyond just being very intelligent.
Our company, he had the emotional intelligence that is so crucial in Sales.
Importantly, he does all of this with intelligence and humanity.
He has the emotional intelligence to compliment his hard work and intelligence.
With his high emotional intelligence, he knows how to get the best out of his teammates and vendors.
His awareness of emotional intelligence ensures he gets the best out of any situation.
John is intelligent, ambitious, and is willing to go beyond what is required.
He is very intelligent and did his very best to make him happy in his company.
Most key to his success in every newsroom is his emotional intelligence.
Him intelligence, discipline and high emotional intelligence make him an outstanding well-rounded individual.
During the class, he contributed often both with intelligent questions and intelligent comments.
He is and still is very intelligent around how and what he engages in
John is one of the most intelligent people in the known universe.
Inspiration from the start, everyone was up and down with emotion throughout his talk.
John always calms down and able to think and not go after emotions.