Employee Relations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Employee Relations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is the type of employee that any manager would enjoy having as an employee.
He was an efficient manager, and was always going above and beyond for his employees.
John is an excellent manager, that knows how to get the best out of his employees.
His employees will always say he is one of the best managers, they have ever had.
John is one of those employees that managers wish they could multiply.
He really knows his employees and also how to manage each one of them.
John is definitely the best manager an employee would ever have.
He is always on top of all the employees that he was managing.
John managed our offshore employees and they truly admired his management style.
John relates well with everyone across all levels of employees.
John is also very capable from an employee relations perspective.
His interpersonal relations with the employees are very good.
He excels at the things most managers just squeak by on, particularly dealing with employee relations issues.
I highly recommend him for any leadership, employee relations, or management seminars.
John has incredible tact and empathy when managing employee relations issues.
He provides a common sense approach to managing employee relations.
He is well liked by the management and employees of our organization.
He is just as comfortable managing employees who need to be hands-on as he is guiding those who self manage.
He has been successful managing employee relations at all levels of the organization.
His management style is one that empowers the employee and allows the employee to grow.
John was an excellent employee and a pleasure to manage as an employee.
The guidance that he has provided to me relating to employee related issues has been a huge help.
He made my job managing employee relations much easier and offered to help whenever possible.
He is never in it for himself and is always looking out for his employees.
John is that go-to, get-it-done, and think it through employee.
He has the ability to not only manage, but to really connect with and get to know each and every one of his employees.
He understood the needs of management and the needs of his employees and tried to look out for their best interests.
He is very ethical and can always be counted on to do the right thing in regards to his employees and managers.
He has always put my growth as an employee before his own and does for everyone he directly manages.
He always brought the best out of him employees and was very well respected by his management.
John is always willing to help managers and employees so that they succeed in their roles.
I can say, without hesitation, that he is an outstanding employee and manager.
John encourages his employees to think for themselves and does not micro-manage.
John always provided excellent advice regarding the management of employees.
He has uncompromising standards for himself, his managers and his employees.
John what management should be like to encourage their employees to shine.
He is one of those rare managers who make you want to be a better employee.
He looks out for the employee and watches management's back simultaneously.
He managed the employees well and always listened to all of our concerns.
He can manage and supervise other employees with little or no supervision.
He was certainly the glue that connected the managers to the employees.
He has exceeded any expectations an employee may have of their manager.
He has the ability to bring the best out of every employee he manages.
John is the type of manager and employee that you want in your company.
He is proactive and understands the needs of employees and managers.
Not only did he manage me, but he also helped me grow as an employee.
As a manager he will go to the end of the earth to help his employees.
He manages by example, empowering his employees to be their best.
Him move into management has been seamless for his employees.
John employee would really be lucky to have him as a manager.
John derives the best from his employees and from his own managers.
John is a very charismatic manager, who understands that you cannot manage every on the same way to get the best from your employees.
His management style allows his employees to manage themselves and also allows them to bring their ideas to him.
His insight into leadership and employee management make him an effective and successful manager.
He is comfortable with all levels of employees and can both manage up and manage down.
John handled the issues relating to employees with very sensitive nature.
John is keen on establishing very warm relations with all employees.
He handled all aspects of employee orientation, employee relations and performance management and reviews.
Though he was not my direct manager, he always made himself available to his employees.
He manages it very well, in his own way, to inspire and motivate its employees.