Employment Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Employment Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would recommend him to any employer that was considering him for employment.
John always strives for excellence as an employability specialist.
John will do well always for himself and his employer.
John was exactly what you would want in an employer.
John, thank you so much for the help you have provided in my search for employment.
I had him help not only in the beginning, but also through my whole employment.
John has gone above and beyond to help me in my search for new employment.
Whatever he does he always consider to the best interest of his employer.
He's done well for me and some of my past employers, in the past.
John was not only my employer, but he also became my friend.
He clearly matched my needs and wants with that of my employer.
He even followed up with me several months into my employment.
John was not only my colleague, but also my employer.
John is currently looking for an internship and employment.
John consequently placed me with my current employer.
I think that's the reputation he has among employers.
John is exactly what every employer wants and needs.
I would definitely recommend him to my next employer.
I believe that he could be an asset to any employer.
John's full time employment has never been just about employment.
I am not surprised that he has got as far as he has and would recommend him to any employer.
I have never seen anyone that has the connections that he has with employers nationwide.
John really looks after his employees because he wants them to reach their potential.
Him employer - they ought to be grateful they have him, don't ever let him get away.
During the course of his employment with us, we found him sincere and hardworking.
I wish him all the best and would like to recommend him to any future employer.
I really appreciate the help he gave me and am now very happy in my employment.
He is always there to help others and any employer would be lucky to have him.
I have no doubt that any employer would welcome him into their organization.
John is always asking the right questions of both candidate and employer.
Prospective employers should strongly consider him for available positions.
I would even use him for advice just to up your worth to your employer.
We still keep in contact and will hopefully place into his new employer.
John has hired me on two different occasions and placed my employment.
He had the best interest for me as far as placing me with employers.
He provided useful advice on what the employer would value the most.
I'm certain he will make his mark in his next place of employment.
To say that his next employer is lucky, would be an understatement.
I can see how his involvement would be profitable for an employer.
John is one of those employers who will never ever discourage you.
I am certain that his future employer would not have any regrets.
John employer would be fortunate to have him in his or his employ.
With such like acumen he can be the best choice for any employer.
John is consistent and follows up with candidates and employers.
He has my recommendation no matter where he gives employment.
He is easy to get along with and is so loyal to his employer.
John would be advantageous to any prospective employer.
John was recommended to me by one of his previous employers.
He could not have made a better match for me and my employer.
He helped me every step along the way in getting employment.
John provides that which reflects positively on his employer.
With my current employment, he went above and beyond for me.
He is always willing to go the extra mile for his employer.
John future employers should consider themselves very lucky.
I'm sure that he will impress all of his future employers.
Highly recommend him if you are looking for a new employer.
John employer will be very lucky indeed to get him on-board.
When he recommends someone, employers take him seriously.
He is appreciated by both his customers and his employers.
He would certainly be of a great value to his employers.
John is not just another knowledgeable employment specialist.
He really inspired him to make the leap from employment to self employment.
He made him employable and positioned him to be an employer himself.
He has gone out of his way to make sure that the role he has placed him in is right for both himself and the employer.
He is very thorough in everything he does and always does his best that he can for his employer and employees.
He got to know him and according to his employer described him perfectly.
John recommendation is obviously his own and not that of his employer.
Moreover, it was proven to him across two different employers.
He's an important link between employers and specialist candidates.
John will always add value to his employer and his employer's new hires and veterans.
He also was quick with the employers feedback and offer of employment.
When the needs of the employer go beyond his department, he does not hesitate to make those connections for the employer.
He went above and beyond during his application for employment.
John's commitment is above and beyond most in that he follows up on placements well into their employment.
Look no further if you are fortunate enough to be considering him for employment with your establishment.
He kept calling even during his employment to make sure everything is well and we still keep in contact.
John will be successful wherever he is and will provide much value to his next employer.
He understands what needs to be done and what the value proposition is for his employer.
John made sure he looked out for his best interests, as well that of his new employer.
John's value for him employer is often incalculable and him best is likely yet to come.
He really listens to what you are looking for in an employer, and is not pushy.
He truly understands what both the candidate is looking for and the employer.
John will truly be an asset to any employer, wherever he may be in future.
John's value to any employer will be recognized upon the first handshake.
The views expressed above are his own and not necessarily those of his employer.
He looks at things objectively and knows what employers are looking for.
If you're an employer - don't think twice about putting him at the helm.
John to any employer and wish him all the best in here successful life.
He's brave, both for himself and his employers, yet without being risky.
He knows how to understand the needs of the employer and his employees.
Time and again, he has proven himself to be an asset to his employers.
John goes over and above to link the right employee to their employer.
John always tries to be fair to both- the employer and the employee.
Being relatively new to self employment, his advice was very helpful.
From previous employments let him tell you that this indeed was rare.
If you have the chance to consider him for employment, please do so.
His guidance has been such an advantage for both him and his employer.
He did so much more than just put him in touch with his new employer.
John has always been an outstanding employee for his employers.
Our employment initiative would not be the same without his help.
His several employers have been very lucky, and they've known it.
John is well-liked by all - employer, employees and prospects.
If he's ever available for employment; he would be a no-brainer.
John company that has his employment is better off because of it.
He will certainly do good for others, his employer and himself.
Would have used him again if he was not in full time employment.
John has his highest recommendation to any would-be employer.
He understands what's best for both employers and candidates.
The match he made with him and his new employer is excellent.
John is instrumental in his obtaining employment with his current employer.
His attributes would be beneficial for his employers when he will seek employment in the future.
John would be an extremely valuable asset to any employer needing his specialist experience.
Represents him well in negotiations with prospective employers.
John is such a wonderful employment specialist, people listen when he talks.