Engagement Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Engagement Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John also engages at all levels of management on both sided of the engagement.
He made me a better manager and thinker, as he does with everyone with whom he's engaged.
John was one of the go to managers who helped make our engagements succeed.
He manages to engage others and bring out the very best in him colleagues.
Very committed and always engage with the product/solution he's managing.
John is always truly engaged in everything he does and he knows how to get the things done.
He was at the engagement before everyone else to make sure everything went smoothly.
He is definitely very engaging and will do his best to get you where you want to go.
If you are looking at engaging him - then know that you are doing the right thing.
I sincerely appreciate this about him and look forward to our next engagement.
I appreciate all his efforts and wish him the best in his next engagement.
He has always gone above and beyond my expectations with every engagement.
I certainly look forward to engaging with him again in the near future.
He was always very calm where less experienced engagement managers certainly would have failed.
He's very engaging, which bodes well for those difficult stakeholders he's had to manage.
He is very good with what he is doing, that is managing large outsourcing engagement.
Personally, he is a gentleman to manage and gives me confidence in every engagement.
His leadership and management style is best described as collaborative and engaging.
John has the ability to manage in the most challenging and complex engagements.
He was very attentive and highly engaged with me as well as my hiring managers.
John comes highly recommended for any project/program management engagement.
His style of management and engagement were both comforting and consistent.
He has an engaging and compelling style that will inspire your managers.
John managed both engagements very competently and ensured that both engagements were completed successfully.
I enjoyed him open and engaging management style and found him to be a very effective manager.
John is an excellent manager who gets fully engaged in his role as a manager.
They were completely engaged and found his approach both warm and engaging.
His engaging and collaborative management style brings out the best performance from everyone he engages.
He was very proactive, engaging with the managers and employees within the organization.
He is engaging, thorough, very well connected and always follows up on what he says he is going to do.
He was highly engaged and always looking to make sure that he and others were on the right track.
He always engages anyone he is with and really makes you think hard about the 'alternatives'.
He succeeds and becomes the best in anything he engages in because he does it with heart.
I am sure this is not always where he himself expects to be at the start of the engagement.
John made it his mission to see that all those around him were engaged and challenged.
He has always been looking for new ideas and would engage everybody in his endeavours.
He has the ability to engage with everyone and always follows through with his words.
He knows how to keep the engagement of the candidate to whom he wants to be on board.
John made himself available to our audience and keeps us apprised of his engagements.
I would have to say that he made the course extremely interesting and very engaging.
If you have the opportunity to engage with him, you should do so without hesitation.
And when you do engage with him, him genuineness comes through almost immediately.
John was really engaging, and really did come across as an expert on the topic.
He did not disappoint and has been requested back on his most recent engagement.
We often look forward to his sessions as they are engaging and often inspiring.
I haven't seen that done since, as well as he was able to engage the audience.
He is very engaging and is always asking for feedback on what he can do better.
He makes is it so engaging and persuasive that you just can't be distracted.
John has always been the guy to engage when something has to be done right.
John is very enthusiastic and dedicated to everything in which he engages.
We will definitely engage him if an opportunity such as this arises again.
I wish him the very best in all of his future engagements and challenges.
He knows how to engage everyone in the class and get you to participate.
John was always available for impromptu questions after the engagements.
In everything, then he is engaged approaches seriously and responsibly.
He kept things very interesting and was very engaged with the audience.
He is both engaged and engaging and was driven to succeed in his objectives.
He's proactive and goes out of his way to engage hiring managers, who are often distracted by their other responsibilities.
Somehow he managed to engage all participants from the very beginning and keep them focused until the end.
The sessions with him were very engaging and he even managed with ease the challenging beginnings.
He is inspirational through his authentic management style; he managed to get the very best out of him on several engagements.
John is his manager during his first engagement in our company.
He managed to make something, that can laborious be interesting and kept everybody engaged.
He manages to keep everyone engaged even when difficulties arise.
John is an engaged manager, who was very appreciated in the group.
John is an energetic, thorough and positive engagement manager.
He is the most engaging manager we had in the entire company.
John has his highest recommendation as an engagement manager.
As a manager, he is very engaging and maintains that level of engagement with all his subordinates.
The whole audience engaged with him well as having to engage with each other.
In spite of the distance, he was always engaged and engaging.
Rodwin has made the learning engaging and entertaining for his managers.
To him, this is one of the greatest things a manager can do, as it is both empowering and engaging.
His management style is engaging and one that makes everyone around him feel like they are valued.
He even managed to engage those in our family who would rather not have been photographed.
Somehow he managed to make this week long course engaging and actually quite enjoyable.
He did so, progressively and with the necessary planning and management engagement.
John always brings consistency and predictability to every engagement he manages.
With his positive can-do attitude, he managed to engage everyone in the room.
He doesn't micro-manage and knows how to effectively engage and contribute.
He is tactful and engaged manager who always had a sense for his employees.
His stakeholder engagement is fantastic and he manages upwards with ease.
He is an engaging individual with both management and candidates alike.
As far as an employee engagement manager, he ticks all the right boxes.
John role at the time was 'engagement manager' and he was just that.
In the following years he moved into an engagement management role.
He manages the balance of responsibility with engagement perfectly.
John's driven and engaging approach makes him the ideal manager.
He manages it by being engaging, articulate and plain clever.
John managed one of the largest and most complex engagements at our company.
Working with him in several engagements, anything is always possible and simple.
We always found him to be truly engaged with the cause and very sensitised.
We shall most definitely be engaging him again whenever the need arises.
He always used to do his homework well before any of our engagements.
And you just have to like him, because he is so fun and engaging.
Would like to wish him very best for all that he is engaged with.
John has never been found wanting in any of these engagements.
We look forward to engaging him with many opportunities, ahead, .
He gets things done and keeps everyone satisfied and engaged.
Wishing him the very best & looking forward to more engagement with him & our company.
He engages well - always up for discussion/debate - and manages well.
His interactions with candidates and managers is always positive and engaging.
John demonstrates exceptional organization while managing his engagements.
He successfully manages various engagements, and is an amazing mentor.
His approach is always proactive and engaging in managing the risks.
John is an extremely able engagement practitioner and manager.
He is always willing to engage quickly and he brought success with each engagement.
His style of engaging the audience in his own unique way, is quite engaging.
You'll find him engaged and fully engaged in whatever he undertakes.
His engaging style makes everyone feel engaged and committed.
As a manager, his intuition allows him to engage others with exactly what they needed at the time they need it.
Initially, it seemed daunting for him, but he has managed to successfully navigate the engagement for success.
This also enables him to delegate and to manage someone on another continent while still feeling engaged.
He still always managed to engage and bring in all sorts of perspectives - it was never just ads.
John took subject matter that can be rather droll and boring and managed to make it be engaging.
He manages to engage his surroundings and get things done, while keeping it all in good spirit.
He managed to get his listeners engaged and excited, there were even some tears in the room.
John always ensured the right folks were engaged and managed the resolution of these issues.
Identified as a manager with high potential, he was given one of the difficult engagements.
The experience was engaging and insightful, with all of his expectations managed thoroughly.
He is efficient, collaborative, and strong at engaging and managing stakeholders.
John's ability to get deals done and manage all stakeholder engagement is superb.
As a manager, he was passionate, engaged and well-respected by his colleagues.
He managed to simplify many things in an easy to understand engaging approach.
His follow up and engage with candidates and hiring managers are thorough.
Highly engaged, he was able to confidently manage any situation that arises
John empowers, as well as engaging managers to recognize and reward employees.
He always manages to engage his audience and remain enthusiast at all times.
John's management style enabled him to engage with all levels of employees.
Account management, strategic engagement, and tenacity are his strengths.
He manages to keep his listeners totally engaged in a way that few can.
Him engagement and feedback has helped his be a more effective manager.
He can manage and grow national engagements quickly and effectively
John is a considered, engaging, inclusive stakeholder manager.
His management style is open, inviting, engaging, and thoroughly
He is clearly a very engaged, professional and active manager.
As a manager, he is meticulous, engaging and highly accurate.
John is an engagement manager who didn't just pass the our company, he lives by these principles.
And if you engage him for anything, it'll be one of those decisions of yours that you'll never ever regret.
He is very collaborative and makes sure everybody is engaged between the two organizations.
Technically knows his stuff, plus knows how to get that across whilst engaging the crowd.
However, what provides even more value is his level of collaboration in every engagement.
Would definitely be looking forward to engage him for some of the elite interventions.
Overall, his engagements with him have been quite pleasant and found him very helpful.
John is sharp and incisive and clearly knows what he wants out of the engagement.
He knows where to point and how to engage to get the best out of any given situation.
He always was engaged with his commitments and available to help our colleagues.
He went out of his way to help and move our engagement forward at all levels.
Not only does he have the most engaging charisma, but he also gets things done.
John keeps his audience engaged and does it, what seems like, effortlessly.