Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Though, he is not an engineer, he knows how to our company with engineers.
John would look at the engineers as individuals and help them within the engineering force.
This despite him not having any background in engineering or engineering services.
He knows more about environmental engineering then most environmental engineers.
He is an engineer that all engineers can learn from regardless of their level.
He is one of the few engineers who actually went above and beyond the norm.
He is one of the best engineers in the entire engineering organization.
John will go above and beyond most engineers in seeing things through.
He's also always willing to help other engineers from different teams.
John is one of those engineers you come across only once in awhile.
He is the engineering expert and not just the engineering manager.
He did this not just with engineering, but with the whole company.
Asking any of his engineers, they will say he is very approachable.
He always made himself available to him and the engineering team.
Our company engineers have said they came here because of John.
John has been always happy to help other engineers and mentor new engineers.
He is the engineer that other engineers look to for advice and mentoring.
He communicates effectively with both engineers and non-engineers.
He is well respected among all engineers for his capabilities as an engineer.
John knows business, and he knows it well, there aren't too many engineers out there that can say that.
John is not only the best engineer, he always had the passion to do the right thing for the business.
John is also enthusiastic about engineers and engineering, wanting to help engineers grow and thrive.
Seldom found, but when found, hold onto this engineer like it was the our company engineer on planet earth.
In other words, he is an engineer's engineer and is what entrepreneurial engineers aspire toward.
He also has an engineering background, so he was invaluable to us in the engineering department.
He saw the need for someone to build this engine, so he did it himself almost single-handedly
He's an engineer's engineer, and is someone you just want to go into battle with as a leader.
He allows engineers the freedom to be who they are while still getting the most out of them.
John is the first engineering manager to come from outside rather than inside in four years.
We have continuously come at him with many changes and new directives regarding the engine.
John is not an engineer, but he manages very well in an environment with an engineering focus
John is always approachable and willing to help us engineers out with whatever he could.
John is an example of what happens when intellect and acumen come together with an engineer.
John is an incredibly successful engineer, especially concerning project engineering.
John is an engineer with very innovative answers to engineering and other challenges.
He is cognizant of engineering needs and kept engineers in the loop when appropriate.
He is always available to support engineers in getting things done with less effort
He knows what to do to get things right when it comes to search engine optimization.
John gets things done, and listens to what's actually required by the engineers.
If necessary, he will pull in engineering to make sure that everything is correct.
He is an engineer's engineer, but with social graces (mostly) at the same our company.
If you're looking for the best network engineer, he's the one you should choose.
He will always do his best by his engineers and bend over backwards to help you.
John is one of those technical engineers, you'd like to have always near from you.
There's nothing much going on with search engines that he does not know about.
John is an excellent engineer who always follows through with his commitments.
John is the least technical in engineering, but one of the most impactful.
John and his team are the engine behind all that and they make it look easy.
John got out of his way to help him with the launch of his engineering career.
Plus, he's fun to be around (sadly, that can't always be said for engineers).
John is usually the first engineer in the building and one of the our company out.
Worked with him both as engineers as well as in a producer to engineer role.
Steal him if you can, you won't regret it and your engineers will thank you.
Bring him on your team to make sure engineering will not be your bottleneck.
John is hardworking engineer with the right attitude for project engineering.
Additionally, he was an excellent systems engineer and engineering manager.
John is very technical and well liked by his peers and all the engineers.
These characteristics certainly make him stand out from other engineers.
He has always made his engineers feel like they were his only customers.
Not only does he have the fundamentals to engineer the right solutions.