Engineering Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Engineering Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is always available for consultation after the course has been completed.
John is one of the best consultants you can find in the search engine optimization arena.
John's free initial consult had more value than many consultants give in paid sessions.
John isn't one of them, he's an excellent example of the right kind of consulting.
And often went above and beyond his duties for his consultants well being.
He treats everybody with respect and always available for consultation.
I've seen him progress from engineer to consultant to principal at his own company.
Him consultant could not believe the difference between him and others having the same treatment.
His consultative approach allows him to get things right the first time.
John was also available to hire for consulting which we did many times.
He is helping to set our consulting engineering firm on the path to success.
John has displayed an exemplary consultative style in both a presales and consulting role.
John's consulting and engineering talent been available for the region.
I appreciate this because our company and our consultants always knew exactly where they stood.
John was thorough and ensured that he checked in with us following his initial consultation.
You want your consultant to be honest, and to follow through, and to keep his or his promises.
John listens, he is consultative and challenges in the right way to get the right outcomes.
John is one of those consultants on whom one can rely upon without any questions in mind.
He has provided us with excellent consulting and always comes through with great results.
He was committed to always doing right by his consultants and would never cut corners.
I would recommend him without second thoughts as one of the best of breed consultants.
He consulted with all and often went beyond what his responsibilities required of him.
John is a dedicated consultant, looking at what has to be done rather than the clock.
While consulting directly with him, surely yields these things, so too do his columns.
John provided consultations regarding our website that has proven very effective.
If you are considering him consulting with your company: don't wait another second.
He seeks out new opportunities and is everything you want to see in a consultant.
He ensures all the requirements are addressed with the best available consultant.
John is honest and straight forward with you when consulting with your company.
John provides actionable items for follow-up at the end of each consultation.
Additionally, he provided helpful follow-up and consulting after the session.
Being in one of his seminars or on a one-to-one consult, becomes transitional.
He accomplishes this by being consultative in his approach to most problems.
John was one of the most successful and popular consultants in the company.
John understands his colleagues and what consultants need to be successful.
His consultant respects him as he keeps everyone up to date and in the loop.
I will always recommend him for any leadership and consultancy assignment.
He saw to the placement of the right consultant for our environment needs.
He is always available outside of the class for advice and consultation.
His approach was very consultative - he always asks the right questions.
In between laughs, he is intuitive and on target with his consultation.
Customers often consulted him when they had complex problems or issues.
Anyone who has the benefit of consulting with him will tell you the same.
John was an outstanding network engineer and always available for consultation and advice.
John is the consummate provider in search engine methodologies and consultation.
Professionally, he is very sound and is one of the best consultant that any firm can have.
John is not one of those consultants who uses your watch to tell you what time it is.
What differentiates him from other consultants is his hands on approach.
When it was in an accident, he consulted again on the collision repair.
He worked very well with my engineers which are not always excited about having an outside consultant reviewing their environment.
He was the key consultant at a few of our biggest lean-consulting success stories.
He's always willing to help out and provide quick one-off consultations and advice.
John has also demonstrated all of these attributes in the consulting world.
Customers always appreciated his presentations and advisory consultations.
I would highly recommend him whether you're a consultant or a company seeking a consultant.
I highly recommend him in an engineering, modeling, analysis and consulting role.
I not only look forward to taking more courses from him, but also using his consulting, advice, and expertise again in the near future.
Even after our consulting session, he has made himself available to answer any questions and help us along our journey.
John was always available and was very open to feedback and the recommendations that we used to give as a consultant.
He is not doing the matter of selling, but beyond those things can be as a consultant to the partner/clients.
His capabilities reach way beyond his engineering and consultative background.
He doesn't hesitate to consult with engineers if he is facing problems.
John is the consummation of what a consulting engineer should be.
He is well respected by engineers, consultants and customers.
He engineered his introduction to his current consulting client.
John is an outstanding customer facing consulting engineer.
He is bound to be one of the best electrical consulting engineers in the our company.
John's as smart as they come as a software engineer and consultant.
He is truly a professional and qualified consultant engineer.
He worked easily with customers, consultants and, engineering.
After our company did away with the systems engineer role, they encouraged us to go into consulting.
He does not let small things pass by without consulting the fellow engineers and make sure whether or not it is a real issue.
John provided engineering expertise and more in acting as a liaison between our company and the offshore consultants.
He connects with every individual (down to engineer and consultants) in the team which is commendable.
His consultations with him as a colleague and senior engineer have been invaluable.
John's professionalism, engineering experience, and all-around positive demeanor make him a must hire a consultant for any engineering challenge.
John is clearly one of the best trainers we hired as an outside consultant.
The same could be said for how he deals with consultants and trainers.
He's one of the most critical members of the solutions engineering and consulting team.