Engineering Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Engineering Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was the first engineering manager to come from outside rather than inside in four years.
There are many things he taught me about engineering and management.
His value is far beyond that of "engineer" or "program manager".
John understands the needs of an engineering manager.
John is the consummate "engineer that manages".
He managed the balance between management requirements and engineering needs perfectly.
He's one of two technical managers that I've tried to emulate in my own management of engineers.
He managed customer service and I managed engineering.
John is both an accomplished software engineer and an excellent engineering manager.
John was the manager of a team of software engineers, and I was an engineer reporting to another manager.
John is a highly efficient and effective engineer and engineering manager.
I would recommend John for opportunities in engineering and engineering management roles.
We worked together as engineers and managers at two different companies.
John is exactly who you want as technical lead or engineering manager.
John was directly responsible for managing our team of engineers.
In recent months, he's really stepped up as an engineering manager.
Any engineering manager should be proud to have him on his staff.
This is the best foundation that an engineering manager can have.
He is very hands on and contributed both as engineer and manager.
When he became the head of engineering, he had to manage people.
John is an expert in both engineering and management fields.
John later went on to manage our system engineering function.
He has proved himself as the outstanding engineer and manager.
John is one of the great engineering architects and managers.
John mentored few of his reporting engineers into managers.
John has excellent rapport with management and engineers.
John is an exceptional engineer and construction manager.
John is talented, very well organized engineer and manager.
He's the kind of engineer every manager wants on his team.
John is an innovative and visionary engineering manager.
John is truly both a phenomenal manager and an engineer.
Solid and dependable as both a manager and an engineer.
John is an outstanding innovator, manager and engineer.
Any engineer would be lucky to have him as a manager.
John is an excellent engineer, manager, and mentor.
John was the engineering manager and my peer at our company.
I have managed groups in which John has placed engineers.
He is strong in organizational capabilities, engineering management, and operations management.
John is the kind of manager that restores faith in the concept of engineering management.
John was my manager several times at John and my fellow engineers were always pleased to have him as our manager.
John went on to manage our manufacturing engineering function, and then moved over to Materials management.
He also helped one of his engineers transition into a management role, and then continued to manage and mentor the new manager.
He was more than just an engineer, he was a product manager, architect and sales engineer.
John is one of the most competent engineers and engineering managers I have ever worked with.
John has been my program manager for several of my engineering projects.
John managed an engineering project that was under my umbrella.
John is every product manager and engineers' best friend.
John was a good engineering manager responsible for managing the test engineering team at our company.
Surely, he is one of the best engineering managers I have seen in my career.
Over the years, I have been an engineer, worked with and managed many engineers, and John is among the best exec level engineers, no question.
He managed engineers fairly and efficiently and he helped engineer, technically with his profound knowledge.
It hired many different nationalities of talented overseas engineering engineers and management position.
It took time, but it was done with a political savvy rarely seen in engineers or engineering managers.
John was one of the most capable network engineers I've encountered, and is now an excellent engineering manager.
He upgraded our engineering plan management, and our approach to quality management.
I have seen very few managers before - or since - that were as willing to roll up their sleeves and work alongside their engineers.
As a manager, he really knows how to keep his engineers motivated, and gets the best out of his team.
John led by example and was well respected and liked by the engineering department and management.
He is an asset in any organisation, and any engineer would be lucky to have him as their manager.
Often, he will raise questions that the engineering manager hadn't considered.
John is one of the best managers an engineer can have, regardless of their experience level.
In the past his managers had been more like him, with engineering backgrounds and the like.
He's one of the few that is both great managers and great engineers.
He really embodies everything an engineer could want in a manager.
He grows from a staff engineer and later on become an engineer manager.
He got things done, and managed to do so without frustrating management, marketing, or engineering.
Him role shifted from someone that worked as an engineer for someone that managed engineers.
He managed to balance the enthusiasm of the engineers from both companies with the expectations and demands of managers.
John wore many hats including as a project manager, an engineer, and an engineering manager.
Our manager says he is the oil that keeps the engine running, and that couldn't be more true.
As his engineering manager, he ensured his onboarding was done to the best of his abilities.
John helped him see the difference in perspectives between manager and engineers.
John managed the hiring of one of the engineers into his group very effectively.
John managed all of his engineer's time and set appropriate expectations.
He did very well in both the positions - as an engineer also as a manager.
Not only is he a great manager, but he is also an exceptional engineer.
He truly cares about each one of the rotation engineers he's managed.
His title there was an engineer, but his capability seems to be manageable
He is an excellent manager and respects the engineering profession.
As an engineer, he excelled, but as a manager, he was even better.
He deftly managed the voodoo behind our micropayments engine.
John is not just an engineer's engineer, he has proven himself to be a strong manager and leader.
During that time he was both directly writing code and managing people as an engineering manager.
John successfully managed engineers under extensive pressure and always managed meet deadline.
John is an exceptional manager of people as well as an outstanding engineer.
Since he was coming from an engineer background into management, he knew what engineers did, thus he could easily understand what we did and so forth.
Like a good engineer, he's focused on engineering out the problems (preventative steps) before they have to be managed.
Additionally, he is an engineer that can communicate requirements and details to both management and other engineers.
John engineers should learn from him on how to manage the pressure at startups.
He consistently advocates for engineers within the management organization.
He is always ready to learn, so he an engineering manager's dream.
John fits the bill, and somehow manages to be an "engineer's engineer" at the same time.
John has recently been asked to take on more management of other engineers upon him, and he had given it some thought and decided to do this.
He knew exactly who we should be talking to for our various questions and issues, from management all the way to engineering.
John provided mentorship to him during his transition from individual contributor to engineering manager.
John is an excellent boss, he knows how to deal with the engineers and how to manage things.
Those aspects of his engineering background carry directly forward into his management style.
His no nonsense and easy-going characteristics make him an ideal manager for any engineer.
He is an extremely gifted engineer and he made the transition into management with ease.
He can bond easily with other local engineers and liked by all colleagues and managers.
Easy to approach, willing to listen, and empower engineers is his style of management.
John knows his way around all aspects of space planning, management and engineering.
He excelled in engineering and management always delivering commitments on time.
He knows how to bridge the gap between high level management and engineering.
This combination makes him an excellent manager and a remarkable engineer.
A remarkable engineering manager, it's a shame there aren't more like him.
He appears to be equally at home as a manager as he is as an engineer.
He excelled in his position managing several drill rigs and engineers.
A good management style and always puts his faith in engineers.
The engineers and managers at our company hold him in the highest esteem.
Him rise from our company engineer to our company manager is commendable.
John focuses on successful program management, leaves the engineering to the engineers, but is always ready to provide engineering help when asked.
Technically sound and so is functionally which makes him the manager with whom engineers want to get associated with.
He does not micro-manage and allows the engineering team enough leeway.
John's capability to manage an engineering team is outstanding.
As an engineer, he's always managed his team to deliver on time.
His abilities as a project manager and manager of engineers make everyone around him better.
An excellent manager who knows more than enough about what happens to jump right in and work alongside his engineers.
We have interacted many times since then and am familiar with his capabilities as an engineer and manager.
Not only does he take the role of manager, but he also took us engineers under his wing as a mentor.
He proved himself not only as an excellent engineer but also an expert in change management.
John can work with anyone from top management to engineer and get the best out of all of us.
Still with all this on his plate, he managed to do some very impressive engineering work.
He has demonstrated that he can manage and deliver on tough engineering problems.
Being a manager, he makes sure work gets done well, on time by all his engineers.
His past experiences as an engineering manager also made him a great mentor.
He came across as a sharp, focussed and motivated engineer/ manager.
He's well regarded as a manager and as a partner with engineering.
He's a terrific engineer and has progressed into a great manager of his current group of engineers.
John is promoted into engineering management and he has managed a team of customer facing engineers for five years.
He managed an engine that covered platforms that were as different as night and day.
Our company about the only thing that's flat about John is his management style, which allows him to bridge the engineer-to-higher-management scale successfully.
Raghu kept this same mentality and approach when he was an engineer, as well as when he became a people manager.
John worked for him as an engineer, and for many years we were manager peers.
He is excellent as someone who stands up for the engineers he manages, and also knows how to give the engineer's room to get their work done.
John's engineering management sent many congratulatory notes saying that this was the smoothest move that they had ever experienced.
He started with an attitude of "let him prove his worth" and he did that and now manages most of our engineering.
John would be a true asset for any position from engineering to manage and comes with his recommendation.
His engineering and management background shines through as he is always organized, prepared and effective.
He is articulate and had the respect of all of him hiring managers and the engineers he spoke with.
He trusts his engineers, and shields them from unnecessary interference from higher management.
He managed to create immediate trust and obtain naturally the best of engineers around him.
He provides thoughtful insight into mitigating complex engineering and management issues.
John is a great engineering manager that will bring value to any organization he joins.
John is not only a strong engineer, but will excel as a manager given the opportunity.
His versatility, as an engineer and manager, proved invaluable to our group's success.
John is one of those rare engineers that takes for management like a fish to water.
Being he was a former engineer, he understands what it takes to be a great manager.
John managed a group of diverse engineers that were located across the country.
He deserves great respect from his engineers and is a total please to manage.