Engineering Program Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Engineering Program Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has an engineering background and understands how to be a good manager to engineers.
John is a highly efficient and effective engineer and engineering manager.
John demonstrated him program management capabilities as we built out the program across all continents and time zones.
John taught the first class in my engineering management master's degree program.
John participates in every aspect of the program and the program is always better as a result.
He not only set up this program from scratch, managed it successfully, but also grew it till it became a global program.
John provides good leadership and character to the programs he manages.
The precision with which he manages large programs and the details that he makes himself aware of within each program is quite commendable.
He is an engineer by training, but he does the program management well.
John is by far one of the most effective program managers in telecom.
He grows from a staff engineer and later on become an engineer manager.
John came across as someone who knows how to program and manage programmers.
John is high-experienced engineering manager with enough expertise in management of complex and mix-organized programs.
He was very successful as a program manager in my former organization.
John is an excellent program manager that expects and gets the highest standards from his program teams.
His knowledge of engineering best practices and program management is second to none.
Every subordinate became a better, more well equipped engineer or program manager under his guidance.
His vision for program management and lead management was truly inspiring.
We built the program on his very capable shoulders and because of this the program is extraordinarily successful.
The external programs under his management are, in my opinion, some of the best available in the marketplace.
Our manager says he is the oil that keeps the engine running, and that couldn't be more true.
Often, he will pose/raise questions that the engineering manager hadn't considered.
John is an exceptionally insightful, thorough and diligent engineer and manager.
John is a solid engineering manager who follows through on his commitments.
John is the perfect combination of engineer, manager and colleague.
Even in management, he brings that engineering precision in play.
John is an expert program manager who can work as portfolio and program manager or training and managing others projects managers.
John is very knowledgeable in managing major capital programs, planning, engineering management, etc.
Many of us, when we were students used to go to him for help, especially in programming.
I could only wish the very best for him and recommend his programs with confidence.
He was willing to get out there and do what he could to make the program a success.
His efforts to help make the program the best it could be did not go unnoticed.
John goes out of his way to ensure the success of our programs.
Also, his program management expertise makes him an asset to any company.
He has a solid understanding of program management and investment management.
John always came across in school as one who would succeed in the engineering program.
In a short period of time, he helped us program manage an ambitious program with aggressive deliverables.
John was a great program manager and lead engineer at hpshopping.
He wrote training programs as well as a performance management program.
John is a seasoned engineering manager and program manager with a strong result oriented focus.
He also helped one of his engineers transition into a management role, and then continued to manage and mentor the new manager.
Since he was coming from an engineer background into management, he knew what engineers did, thus he could easily understand what we did and so forth.
John is a rare engineer that is equally good at engineering management and individual contribution.
John is an excellent engineer as well as being highly skilled in program management.
John has managed these programs with consummate professionalism.
Working with a program manager, it's important to feel that the program manager is prepared to get stuck in and get his hands dirty when things get tough.
I was always impressed that he could tell who everyone was in the program just by their voice.
John is a talented program manager who is always willing to go above and beyond expectations.
John is an extremely talented and experienced program manager.
I am quite impressed with him, particularly the way he handles chaotic situations in the sustain engineering program.
John's strong programming and engineering background are obvious in the way he tackles challenges.
He consistently mentors engineers and propels the programs forward.
Simultaneously, he managed to balance the load of a rigorous master's degree program in engineering.
He encouraged us to show our leadership and contribute to the program rather than taking the whole program totally under his command.
John managed the intern and rotation engineering programs with passion and integrity.
The program under his responsibility is one of the most importance for the company and his management is remarkable.
John was an excellent manager who routinely ask for input on policy and programs.
His proactive approach is one of the keys to the successful programs he manages.
During that time he was one of the top performing managers for the program.
He knew exactly who we should be talking to for our various questions and issues, from management all the way to engineering.