Engineering Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Engineering Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a talented engineer, excellent project manager and an excellent people manager.
He has led many successful engineering projects within the company, going above and beyond his job description to get projects done.
John is extremely capable of managing engineering and construction projects.
John is a very proficient project & engineering program manager.
John grew from engineer to project manager in the years we worked together.
John is the guy you want leading your engineering and project management efforts.
John was not only a great manager, but also the lead engineer on several projects.
John was a great engineering manager, who could handle both people and project issues.
He skillfully manages projects, people, and budgets and he still an expert engineer.
He is extremely good at what he does, whether it be software engineering, project management or department management.
John is a highly efficient engineer who has excellent insight not only in the engineering discipline but project management as well.
John is very hardworking and organized engineer whom you can rely on to manage complicated tasks and projects.
In addition to this, he's a very talented project manager and has a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in engineering projects.
John was an ideal engineering manager - friendly, very responsive, on top of all the projects at hand, yet never micromanaged despite his strong engineering background.
He was the first engineering project manager in the office, who introduced and set up initial project management processes.
He has mentored many an engineer through projects big and small.
He is an excellent engineer with a superb attitude towards project management and management in general.
Although the project pipeline was constantly full he always managed to finish projects ahead of schedule.
He is an extremely knowledgeable engineer with also the ability to manage people and projects.
John's excellent project specifications, and project management skills have made the most complex of projects a joy for an engineer to work on.
He will be an asset to any organization and will be a right candidate for project engineering and interface management.
He successfully managed several overlapping projects and still found time to mentor the newer engineers.
He is an outstanding project engineer, concurrently managing several projects, meeting all commitments on time and with quality.
John excellent engineer and by the manager which is very pleasant to work in results-oriented projects.
John is a detail oriented engineer and managed his projects very well.
John was part of our corporate engineering group and was a project manager for several large projects at our site.
He was one of the key engineers our site manager would rely on from recommendations on a new project, his opinion was always sought.
John is a very conscientious and thorough engineer with the ability to manage multiple projects and people effectively.
While working with him on projects as the key responsible engineer, he did not take sides but looked for the better of the finished project.
He is an excellent manager both of engineering projects and of technical people.
He interfaces well with other engineers and management as well.
All of our engineering projects were run under his leadership (including hiring, project management, architecture, database, etc.).
He has the ability to manage projects and a team of engineers in an effective manner.
John's engineering and management skills were apparent in every aspect of the project.
John has broadened his skills to include project management and engineering.
He has shown exceptional project management as well as engineering skills.
I know him as highly qualified engineer and as a skilled project manager.
He managed to balance the enthusiasm of the engineers from both companies with the expectations and demands of managers.
This combination of being very specific combined with seeing the larger picture makes him a strong engineer and project manager.
John was at the center of our engineering projects and he kept everything rolling along.
Be it engineering, mixing, musician, or managing you'll want to work on a project with him and then go have a post-project celebration beer.
He was directly responsible for the people management of that team and engineering ownership of our tools, while also handling the engineering management for other company-wide projects.
I've found him to be both an excellent systems engineer and a very competent project manager.
John is very good project manager, he successfully managed several projects among my & other teams and his demonstrated ability to lead & finish the project in time.
He empowered me to make sound engineering decisions and has helped me learn how to better manage my projects by observing his management style.
John led by example and was well respected and liked by the engineering department and management.
John is an ace project management professional with a hands-on approach to driving projects.
Due to his energy and driving force he could manage his several projects.
In addition to his achievements in the project management area, he also led an engineering team.
With his great knowledge he manages projects and fulfills the goals that are needed to get the projects done.
As a core project manager for the two key strategic projects he helped me with.
Since then he has grown himself into, engineering management, expanding his product and project expertise.
He is focused and detail oriented, yet still able see the big picture while managing engineering projects.
John was directly responsible for managing our team of engineers.
He not only had to uphold the regular duties of an engineering manager, but of a project manager and client relationship manager as well.
He is very clear on expectations and does extremely well in both the project manager role and also as the engineer completing the specific task.
He is able to discuss projects with high level management as well as fellow engineer.
He is a great task and project manager and software engineer.
John managed the hiring of one of the engineers into my group very effectively.
John is one of those engineering managers that you can request resources for your project, and he will try to find a way to get what you need done as soon as possible.