Engineering Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Engineering Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I found him as very well talented and skilled engineer.

Recommended for employment in any field, both in engineering and outside engineering.

John is one of those engineers you wish you could clone.

John is always that engineer who is up to the challenge.

He also got us into the feasibility and value engineering.

I can't recommend him enough for any other engineers.

He is one of those engineers who is also an artist.

John is that engineer that you want on your team.

I wish him all the best in his engineering career.

John was one of my best application engineers.

The first is that he's an outstanding engineer.

John has always been an exceptional engineer.

John was one of the best engineers in my team.

The engineer is doing very well with my team.

One of the best engineers in our industry.

He's also an engineer and knows his stuff.

John is an excellent all-around engineer.

He knows about of mechanical engineering.

John was the best engineer in our group.

John is always the engine of any group.

John was the first engineer at our company.

He is respected for his engineering skills as well as his people skills.

His people skills equal that of his engineering skills.

His communication skills with the engineers were remarkable.

John's skill and ability as an engineer are astounding.

He had many skills that ordinary engineers don't have.

His writing skills are above most engineers' ability.

John is highly skilled and an experienced engineer.

His technical skills mirror that of most engineers.

John is skilled and highly intelligent engineer.

Great software engineer to go with acting skills.

John is a highly skilled engineer and leader.

John is a very skilled and dedicated engineer.

John is a very talented and skilled engineer.

A highly skilled and professional engineer.

I highly recommend this skilled engineer.

John is one of those breeds of engineers who can do all of the above effortlessly.

John follows through on his principles as he does on his logic and his engineering.

If necessary, he will pull in engineering to make sure that everything is correct.

John is usually the first engineer in the building and one of the last out.

John is hardworking engineer with the right attitude for project engineering.

There are not many engineers who can make this transition successfully.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to hire an engineer.

He was well liked and very effective in re-engineering our department.

John is one of the best when it comes to search engine optimization.

John was by far one of the strongest engineers in that organization.

He's always willing to help out his fellow engineers and customers.

He knows when to ask more from engineers and when to support them.

He is very knowledgeable in both the marketing and engineering.

Software engineering is not only his job, but also his hobby.

John is an eager engineer willing to take on any challenge.

John is an insightful and thorough researcher and engineer.

He can get into the details with any architect or engineer.

He routinely amazed me, and many other across engineering.

He is our go to guy when it comes to engineering support.

John will be an engineering asset for any organization.

John has been exceptional in engineering automations.

He has also shown himself to be valuable as an engineer.

He always surprised me with his approach to engineering.

He would be an asset to any engineering organization.