Entertaining Performance Review Phrases Examples

Entertaining Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows how to enjoy things with entertaining others and of course being entertained.
He's always entertaining and you really wonder what he's going to come up with next.
He is also entertaining to take to because he always has something going on.
John, but seeing how he is doing his job was very very entertaining.
He knows everything that is going on in the entertainment business.
John and always found him very entertaining and knowledgeable.
John always knows his topics very well, and makes the course quite interesting and entertaining.
He'll entertain, but your audience will recognize his message, not just see him as entertainment.
John is always looking for something different to make his our company more entertaining and unique.
He is exactly what we look for in an entertainer, and we might even have him as a repeat.
He will make your event the best it can be by booking just the right entertainment.
If you are looking at entertaining and need to sweeten it up, he is the one to call.
Highly entertaining, and of course very interesting and useful for his own projects.
We asked for entertainment, which he certainly provided, but he did so much more.
Whether he works one-to-one or one-to-many, he always entertains and challenges.
He is always willing to entertain new ideas and to take on new responsibilities.
He is very personable and entertaining, although he does not take any nonsense.
He knows the medium, and he knows what will be entertaining for his audience.
John is very entertaining and kept everyone engaged throughout the class.
He provides both entertainment and value at once to keep his readers hooked.
John keeps things very simple and he's always entertaining to be around.
He championed that it had to be both informative as well as entertaining.
John is the man to know if you are getting into wireless entertainment.
John has always been supportive as much as inspiring and entertaining.
He is entertaining and provided information that was useful to us all.
He would always keep those around him happy, motivated and entertained.
John does that plus he makes it entertaining, engaging and accessible.
John has been always one of the most entertaining people you can be around.
While there, he proved himself to be very intelligent and entertaining.
Working with him was energizing, entertaining and sometimes exhausting.
He is entertaining as well as engaging, and he will help you go far.
He is an enthusiastic entertainer and he knows how to entertain people.
He's not only informative, but he's also interesting and entertaining.
To him, there is no one more knowledgeable in the entertainment sour company.
Furthermore, his seminars are both very informative and entertaining.
He knows exactly how to keep students engaged as well as entertained.
John is as entertaining as he was informative in his presence
He is pleasant to be around and keeps you entertained and intrigued.
He is informed as much as he is entertaining to keep you engaged.
He is inspirational, entertaining and got us up out of our seats.
Not only were his lectures meaningful, they were also entertaining.
He is engaging, entertaining, and above all else, so knowledgeable
Not only does he know his stuff, but he is incredibly entertaining.
His interaction with the audience is unlike any other entertainer.
With him around, our company seems to be more entertaining and enjoyable.
He is always quite relaxed, professional, and can be entertaining.
He is thorough, well understood by his audience, and entertaining.
He is very entertaining and he is always engaging his audience.
John has always kept things entertaining during our our company together.
John always provides an opportunity to learn and be entertained.
If you want to be challenged and entertained, then he's your man.
He is all over it, and is very entertaining when discussing it.
John is one of the few that "gets" new media and entertainment.
Best of all, he knows how to keep the show fun and entertaining.
Hearing any of his talks is both entertaining and enlightening.
He not only entertains us - he makes us challenge how we think.
John has several blogs which are popular and most entertaining.
John has the knack of being both knowledgeable and entertaining.
John made the course entertaining while delivering the message.
He is not only entertaining, but actually informative as well.