Entertainment Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Entertainment Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Go and learn and be entertained by one of the best in our industry.
That's the entertainment industry, and that's professional.
I will always appreciate what John has done for me and the entertainment industry.
Professional, thorough, challenging and always entertaining.
He provides some of the best entertainment around the globe.
And he's entertaining too - what more could you ask for.
Beyond that he is both interesting and entertaining.
One that is both effective, as well as entertaining.
You'll definitely be both entertained and educated.
He keeps things interesting and entertaining.
He knows how to entertain through his editing.
John is both entertaining and inspirational.
Lectures are very enjoyable and entertaining.
He was entertaining, but he kept us in time.
It was as entertaining as it was insightful.
John is very entertaining and helpful.
John is both an expert and an entertainer.
He knows his stuff and he is entertaining.
Fun, interesting, and always entertaining.
We were educated and we were entertained.
These attributes are something to be proud of in the entertainment industry.
John is an exceptional talent in the entertainment industry.
John has great contacts within the entertainment industry.
John knows the mobile entertainment industry very well.
John always knows his topics very well, and makes the course quite interesting and entertaining.
He'll entertain, but your audience will recognize his message, not just see him as entertainment.
Highly entertaining, and of course very interesting and useful for my own projects.
We asked for entertainment, which he certainly provided, but he did so much more.
He provides both entertainment and value at once to keep his readers hooked.
John keeps things very simple and he's always entertaining to be around.
He was inspirational, entertaining and got us up out of our seats.
His interaction with the audience is unlike any other entertainer.
His presentation was not only interesting but also entertaining.
He is all over it, and is very entertaining when discussing it.
Not only does he know his stuff, but he is fun and entertaining.
Hearing any of his talks is both entertaining and enlightening.
Even when it wasn't relevant, it was too entertaining to leave.
Working with him was educational, purposeful, and entertaining.
To top it off, it was also the most entertaining presentation.
His presentation was both to the point and very entertaining.
John's presentations are always entertaining and insightful.
I am always thoroughly entertained by his talents and tricks.
His presentation was not only entertaining, but meaningful.
John is well known and respected in the entertainment world.
You would do well do entertain him values for your company.
John is at once both entertainer and an educator, at life.
He will challenge you and entertain you at the same time.
John not only educates, but he entertains at the same time.
Besides all that, he's an incredibly talented entertainer.
John was electric, compelling and all round entertaining.
His speeches are always well researched and entertaining.
His presentation was both entertaining and enlightening.
He keeps his audience focused and sometimes entertained.
I found his sessions very stimulating and entertaining.
John was an excellent presenter and very entertaining.
His presentation was both entertaining and educational.
His sessions were always very lively and entertaining.
This has served him well as an entertainment attorney.
He was on point, educational and overall entertaining.
His presentation was very inspiring and entertaining.
He knows how to enjoy things with entertaining others and of course being entertained.
He is very intelligent and the best you can find in the entertainment industry.
He's an entertainment expert whose interests extends far beyond the industry.
His passion in entertainment industry seems to fuel him to take on different challenges and assignments.
He's consistently among the most insightful, interesting and entertaining speakers in our industry.
He strives to connect our students with industry and support them as they make their own start in the entertainment industry.
He knows the medium, and he knows what will be entertaining for his audience.
Seriously, he's forgotten more than most other candidates you'd entertain.
He and the other Powerpuffgirls were entertaining - and quite effective.
Working with him was energizing, entertaining and sometimes exhausting.
If you want to be challenged and entertained, then he's your man.
John made the course entertaining while delivering the message.
He is also always available and ready to entertain new ideas.