Entrepreneurial Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Entrepreneurial Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is very proficient and skillful person.

He may be a very busy person, he is still a very person's person.

Very competent person with excellent skills.

John is both competent and personable.

John was always personable and upbeat both personally and about business.

He is in an incredibly competent business person.

John is an amazing person both in business and personally.

John is a fantastic person to know personally and as a business person.

John is very thorough, active, and competent.

John is very pro-active person on both personal and business startups.

He is competent and skillful in many business areas.

John is a very skilled and competent IT person.

John is in the business, of the business and for the business.

John is organized, personal, and highly skilled in the business.

He is a great person and has excellent personal skills.

A must-know person in the financial and entrepreneurial business.

John is competent and knows the business.

John is your go-to person for all things business.

He is personable and knows his business.

I have used him for both personal and business.

John is person with good personal skills, plus he has very good learning skills.

He is both personable and professional and is an easy person with whom to do business.

He is very personable and reliable as a person or in business.

John is the ultimate go-to person when you need to find another business person.

John is an exceptional person both in business and in his personal dealings.

John is an epic personality and brilliant business person.

Great personality and great all around person to do business with.

He is a professional and competent business person.

John is a very professional, yet personable business person.

John is very enthusiastic and competent person.

Professional, personable and competent throughout the process.

John knows how to help a person bring out the best in their business and help the business bring out the best in his person.

John is exceptionally competent and personable.

He is both very personable, and highly competent.

Very competent and collaborative person.

He was very personable in his attitude and very always helpful to me both personally and in the business.

I always found him competent, organized, and personable.

He was always personable, competent and professional.

He is a tenacious and competent business person.

John is an extremely competent, engaging, personable and motivated person.

He has a great personality and is a competent person.

He is the person who helps in personal problems also and take active part in other activities of the company.

He's personable and skilled at building personal relationships.

Besides that he is very active and responsible person.

He is very active and self-motivated person.

It's always about the other person with him and this carries through in his business and networking activities.

He actively uses these technologies in both his business and often personal life.

He is thorough, personable, proficient, and dedicated.

John is very active and positive person.

I have not seen any other person as active as John.

He is very active and intuitive person.

Let me say that although his technical skills are superb so, no less, are his personal skills.

John is an enterprising and astute business person.

John is a very competent and capable business person.

He is an honorable person in both business and his personal life.

John is also a very active person, so he participates in many activities which normally are not him daily responsibilities.

I believe him good business skills and pleasant personality will help any business grow.

I have never seen such skillful person who understood business very well.

He is also very skilled at the personal level.

He won them over with both his skills and personality.