Entry Level Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Entry Level Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was one of the few that was willing to get into the trenches and understand accounts at the ground level.
High responsibility and accountability levels are those things that distinguish him from others.
John raises the level of accountability of his colleagues through the example he sets.
It's how he holds himself accountable to the same level of result as those around him.
He can guide you to the level where you aim to be with the accounting exams.
Not only does he do what you ask of him, but he goes above and beyond that level.
You should know that he really does take it to the next level.
He holds everyone accountable irrespective of the level they are in the organization.
That level of accountability and integrity makes him all the more valuable.
John motivates though empowerment and accountability at all levels within his organization.
John is confident at all levels, articulate and takes accountability of his role.
John takes accounting to a whole other level because he is very passionate about it.
He was very successful in growing his accounts to levels previously not seen.
I truly miss him and know that whoever gets him next is beyond lucky on each and every level.
John can truly take you to the next level in whatever it is you want to do or become.
Though we couldn't get appropriate help but he tried his level best to help us.
He inspires not only himself but others around him to get to the next level.
He makes you think outside of yourself, and takes you to the next level.
I would have loved to see how he would have taken us to the next level.
I appreciate the help and would recommend him to anyone at any level.
You may be great at what you do, but he'll get you to the next level.
He can really help to take your business/project to the next level.
He gets along well with everyone in the organisation at all levels.
Or better said, he will take you to the level you want to achieve.
He knows what he wants and makes sure you excel to that level.
With his help, we are taking it to the next level and beyond.
Later, he would use these to gain entry at the highest levels within the organization.
He has the highest level of professionalism and accountability.
He is smart, motivated, and has just the right level of aggressive/tenacity to land accounts.
John fosters strong relationships within all levels of his accounts.
John is an amazing work ethic and is accountable on all levels.
John is always there for his employees and does all he can to help you get to the next level.
He celebrates his people's success at the same level that he holds them accountable.
Working with him brings a level of accountability in your life that many of us need.
The key fundamental was his creating accountability metrics at all levels.
He started at the entry level and moved through the various roles and levels with a speed that was unprecedented.
Him engagement, level of accountability and drive was both inspiring and invigorating.
He gets things done and cuts through bureaucracy where appropriate, always doing what he says he will do whilst expecting the same level of commitment and accountability of those around him.
There is never a question regarding his level of commitment to excellence and to being the champion of your account.
John delivers on his word and hold himself accountable to the highest level of service/professionalism.
His level of commitment to our account and our results never wavered from the highest degree.
John has a level of dedication, ownership and accountability that is hard to find.
John hired me and brought me in at the ground level account executive position.
John has been a student in several of my upper-level accounting classes.
He has done so much to help me take my life to another level.
He not only provides great feedback, but seems to always know someone else that could help take it to the next level.
We need him here to help us get to the next level because with his advice we can all do and be more.
He was and still is very focused on what he does and how he can push it to the next level.
John is an individual who has the right potential of getting things to the next level.
He has always been sensitive to others that did not have the same level of understanding.
Instead, he reveals exactly what you need to know to help you progress to the next level.
He always challenged you to go to the next level and to take on more as the need arose.
He will help take you, and/or whatever you are doing, up to the level of truly amazing.
He appeals on so many levels and there is something for everyone in what he has to say.
John is definitely someone you would in your corner to help you go to that next level.
John is an individual the goes above and beyond what is expected of him on all levels.
John knows how to make sure the right issues are given the right level of visibility.
I can't say enough about how much he has to offer and the level of which he can deliver.
John is always looking to take himself and his surrounding cast to the next level.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help getting to that next level.