Environmental Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Environmental Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was also assertive and proactive in his project management style.
His project management, stakeholder management, and his ability to problem solve was first rate.
John helped out on other projects to make sure not just his projects were delivering but of all those of the team.
He always knows what is going during project and what next steps should team do to move forward with the project.
When is inside a project he always gives his best for the team and to the project.
He had an immediate positive impact on the project and the project team.
John adds significant value to each of his projects and project teams.
John is truly committed to the continuing success of the projects he manages.
John is a very effective project manager and a resource manager.
He was very fair, but also made sure he managed the project to budget and specification.
I've always known his project management to be successful, on time and budget.
I was particularly impressed by his adept management of the project budget.
John managed large and small projects to their successful completion.
He is able to keep the projects he manages on target and within budget.
He effectively manages the projects and keeps them on track and budget.
He has helped me greatly with my own projects and budget management.
His efforts and management style helps the projects achieve success.
His diligence and tenacity is an asset to any project he manages.
He has an impressive wealth of knowledge in project management and was a catalyst to the success of the project.
John is always ready to step in and help out, no matter if it's his project or another team's project.
This was evident in the second project where he directly helped the team with project deliverables.
He contributed so much to the projects and the team, and helped me tremendously with many projects.
I much appreciate his contribution to the project, the project team and as a friend.
He mingles well with all project teams to understand the project issues.
John manages his projects with precision, but still keeps things fun as well.
John has a passion and acumen with regard to environmental management.
He was very proficient in managing the resources for the project.
He managed all the projects successfully by effective resource management and prioritization.
John managed the tasks and projects assigned to him very well.
He was organized, efficient, and managed him project very well.
I cannot say enough about what he did for our team and our project.
John is definitely someone that you want on your project team.
He's also someone who goes out of his way to contribute to projects and guarantees his all when managing events.
I would heartily recommend him for any event, project management.
John is an experienced project manager and has successfully led a number of global talent projects.
He has also honed his leadership abilities and used different styles of management through the course of the project lifecycle.
John has always impressed me with his inclusive, collaborative style, especially when he is managing a project.
John is the perfect project manager, he is thorough, efficient, and budget effective.
He is a great project manager because he always kept us within our budget and on track.
He is excellent at managing projects within allotted budgets and timeframes.
John successfully managed the permitting and environmental compliance processes for the project.
Being on his project team for three years, he is always very willing to contribute and go the extra mile for the project.
John joined the project from a different team and was very quick to adapt to the project.
From the smallest project to the largest project, his team always brings their best.
John has great leadership abilities and knows how to manage projects well.
In short, he is a guy who knows project management very well.
I can always say he is one project manager who provides all necessary management reports on time without reminders and follow-ups.
He certainly brought the human element into project management.
His management style allows for me to be autonomous and truly take ownership of the tasks and projects that he gives me.
He brings style and know-how to him projects and can manage multiple tasks at once.
John both managed and defended the project and the resources effectively.
John is also an excellent resource manager, and he is capable of managing very large scale projects.
John is the lead project manager of a very large program of projects.
John was my project manager who knows how to take care of his project team well.
He was always there to help the team, whenever we have any issue in the projects.
He was our best team player, always willing to help anyone with any project.
I wouldn't think twice about hiring him for any project, or onto any team.
John looks out for his team and everyone else involved in the project.
Having him around made the project more fun for everyone on the team.
John is always willing to take on an extra project and help the team.