Erp Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Erp Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a great project manager who works well under pressure and is able to manage many projects at the same time.
John had done an excellent job of managing all of his projects.
I certainly would recommend him both as project manager and as a mentor.
Aside from being an effective manager, he is a great project manager and mentor.
His leadership and project management capabilities made the difference in many projects we have worked together.
He taught me a great deal about project management while we worked on the same project.
John acted as an extremely energetic project manager for our maintenance project.
He is a project manager that delivers quality projects consistently.
John was able to manage several projects at once and was always willing to do whatever it took to get the job done.
He not only survived, but did an excellent job in all of the projects that he managed.
He is very committed with his job and with the community of project management.
The John prospective employer would be lucky to have him managing their projects.
John's organizational and project management abilities seem to come natural.
John did an outstanding job both managing projects as well as expectations.
John does a great job at following up and project management.
John is an exceptional project manager and excels at his job.
He has established himself as a mentor for other project managers.
He has mentored me to be a much more effective project manager.
John is an outstanding project manager and has an excellent work ethic that allows him to move projects forward with ease.
He is a very strong project manager that is flexible and willing to work on any projects that are assigned to him.
He relishes in the managing the organization and task management aspects of a project.
John picked up a difficult project half way through and managed it to go live.
He continually seeks out future opportunities for the projects he manages.
He managed project from small ones to multi-million ones successfully.
John has also managed me on divisional and special search projects.
As our project manager, he was able to coordinate several rush projects for me.
John has a background in project management that made him furthermore the right man for the job.
He is truly an expert at what he does and he always did a great job managing projects.
John was project manager, and approached the job both energetically and diplomatically.
He need very little supervision and did an outstanding job of managing his projects.
He has been incredibly energized and has done an excellent job as project manager.
John is a very dedicated project manager who will do the job you ask him for.
John knows his job well and is capable of managing a challenging project.
He is an expert in organizational dynamics and complex project management.
He did an excellent job managing projects and bringing them to a conclusion.
He did an amazing job of project management the entire hackathon.
He is an effective project manager and does a great job of tracking and managing everything that needs to get done.
His ability to assess and guide large projects, and manage multiple projects at once, make him a great project director.
John is an excellent mentor and always manages to make everyone on the project feel valued.
He is not just an exemplary project manager, but he is an excellent mentor.
His project and people management were very good, and he also kept me informed and managed issues well.
He is an energetic, independent and results driven project manager.
John's management style makes everyone feel they want to contribute their best to accomplish the objectives of the project.
John is one of the very few managers you can simply walk up to for project needs as well as risks or impediments.
He is a very competent manager who can see both the small and big picture when it comes to projects.
John is a consummate project manager, always looking for wins and risks.
John has successfully managed a project, which had many inherent risks.
His proactive management approach proved very valuable throughout the risk management phases of the projects.
John displayed strong project management capabilities in managing the risks of multiple stakeholders.
He consistently delivers a quality project while often managing multiple projects concurrently.
He was project manager of several successful projects and people in his team liked to work with him.
John is an outstanding project manager who has the ability to oversee all of the details in a project by working closely with his project team.
John is an excellent trainer in the area of project management.
He manages to be across each project seamlessly and his dedication to getting the job done correctly is something to be admired.
John is an excellent project manager who can be counted on to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.
When given a project, he does a great job managing it and following up to let us know the status.
He is also good at project management, and does not shy away from late hours on the job.
He does an outstanding job on every aspect of the projects he manages or is involved in.
John skillfully manages multiple projects simultaneously and always gets the job done.
He manages to do an awesome job on every project, and always with a smile on his face.