Esl Instructor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Esl Instructor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He receives the best evaluations of any of our instructors and we have great instructors.
John provided even more than was required of him as instructor.
John has been an instructor for this course for several years.
John as an instructor - it is very rare to find such a passionate and dedicated instructor.
But when it comes to teaching, he's second to none as an instructor.
He would always make himself available for help during and after class and was an excellent instructor.
This ability of his is something that makes him one of the best course instructors that one can find.
You can consider yourself lucky if you are fortunate enough to have him as your instructor.
And not like other instructors he keeps his guidance and help even after the workshop.
John's style comes through in all the coursework regardless of the instructor.
It became apparent that some of his other instructors were less than qualified.
As an instructor, he pushed us to our very best and it was very exhaustive.
John got what it takes to be successful in what he does as an instructor.
But most importantly, he expected the same of himself as an instructor.
John's grading is straightforward, more so than any other instructor.
He is no longer his instructor, but he will always be his brother.
John knows and understands the needs of instructors and students.
An example to every instructor for his diligence with students.
He is thorough, and great with both students and instructors.
Not only was he a great instructor, but his willingness to help us out on our journey makes him a valued instructor.
You want him to be your instructor as there is no one better to learn from.
Our instructors were the better for his guidance and teaching.
As an instructor, he is not only thorough, but encouraging and inspires you to want to be better and faster.
John is an instructor and the go-to-lady; he always seemed to have the right answers for any situation.
Not only was he his instructor, he became one of his dearest friends who would do anything for him.
John went above and beyond his role as an instructor and really understood the whole class.
If you have the chance to have him as your instructor, please take advantage of it.
He's very involved with the instructors and champions them at every opportunity.
He did far more than he was paid to do as instructed, exceeding his expectations.
He will be an asset to any organization who is looking for great instructor.
He goes out of his way to help his colleagues and is a wonderful instructor.
John knows his stuff, but is very humble and an incredibly liked instructor.
It's been his pleasure knowing him both as an instructor and as his friend.
John is his instructor and he exceeded his requirements in all respects.
Would absolutely go back for future courses having him as his instructor.
He is an instructor who actually cares if you get value from his course.
John has been a great instructor for us, and really knows his stuff.
He is always well versed in his subjects and an excellent instructor.
Overall, he is a good instructor and made this course very enjoyable.
Thank you for showing for being his instructor and showing him the way.
It's not often that you come across a standout instructor like him.
That, to him, is in and of itself is the mark of a great instructor.
It was a pleasure to be one of his instructors and get to know him.
John is an organized, articulate and approachable instructor.
John is an incredibly well choreographed and prepared instructive
He is also an excellent instructor and truly loves what he does.
John goes above and beyond his duties as a college instructor.
John is a very well respected instructor in the organization.
With him in the classroom, it was as if there were two instructors present.
He is willing to help out any of his students in any way that he can, which is what makes him such an influential and memorable instructor.
He collaborated well with other students and was well-respected by his instructors.
His contributions provided insight both for his peers and for him as an instructor.
Typically instructors don't name students to him by name unless there is a problem.
As an instructor, he can go deeper with his students to let them understand.
All of his students always state that he was the best instructor ever.
The feedback from students is that he is an awesome instructor.
He's a great instructor as well if you need to have someone teach.
John is awesome - the best, animated and up to date instructor.
John is truly one of the best instructors ever taught him and it's his honor to recommend him.
John is an outstanding instructor both enthusiastic and understanding during his course.
He encourages everyone to be our company, including him as his son's algebra instructor.
An excellent instructor and all around nice guy, we could have not done it with him.
Comprehensive, clear and compassionate, he is well suited as an erudite instructor.
John is a remarkable instructor who made sure he kept everyone focused and on task.
John's lessons are universal and it was a pleasure to have him as an instructor.
John also was an excellent instructor, both one on one and with a larger group.
He handled all of their needs with the ease of an accomplished instructor.
John began as an instructor and over the past year has become a friend.
He also does not leave anyone behind, a valuable trait for an instructor.
His kindness and patience is remarkable within his role as an instructor.
He gets along well and is admired by instructors and classmates alike.
He is without a doubt his most influential and inspiring instructor.
His classes were really popular because he is a terrific instructor.
John is nothing short of an amazing instructor to be taught by.
As an instructor, he is first class, as a friend, the same thing.
John is both an outstanding instructor and a great colleague.
John is an impeccable acting instructor and innovative actor.
His ability as a speaker and instructor is also most impressive.
John is not only an amazing photographer, he is also an outstanding instructor.
Our company guest instructors come and go, but John has been a constant.
Our company John is an extremely efficient and energetic instructor.
Our company top of this, John is a very approachable instructor.
If you are interested in taking the our company course and exam and need an instructor, look no further.
John is more than a great our company instructor, he is fantastic.
He is definitely one of his best instructors and mentors that did everything he could to help him learn what it is to be an entrepreneur.