Ethics Performance Review Phrases Examples

Ethics Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

But even more than this, he is a man of true integrity and compassion.
He's multipotentialite in a true sense.
He's a true entrepreneur putting his business and clients first.
He has a great personality and good work ethic.
John is honest and upfront with all of our dealings.
He consistently rises above my expectations and It is an absolute pleasure to do business with him.
He will be very much a valued business partner and I look forward to further developing this relationship with him in the future.
He is a man of integrity.
He's very professional and the work he and the rest of the team do for their partners is extremely good.
He is honest and ethical.
A great team player that knows his stuff and displays a high level of integrity.
His insights and integrity has helped me tap into making better business decisions.
It's a privilege and an honor to have him as a close and trusted business partner.
It reflects a deep sense of ethics and understanding of humanity.
John displays a great work ethic and passion for his job.
He is by far one of the most responsive business partners I've worked.
His work ethics and skills make him stand out from the rest.
John is an extremely positive person and he has great work ethic.
He spends more than enough time trying to help you and even follows up with you to make sure you've gotten all the help you need.
John, he has explicitly demonstrated a high level of professionalism at the workplace, whereby maintaining a friendly atmosphere with his colleagues.
Will never forget him asking me difficult questions in his office and at his staff meetings.
John has great work ethic and was a pleasure to work with.
John has a strong sense of integrity and a work ethic second to none.
You have shown me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in business.
John is such a wonderful and engaging speaker.
John is an extremely engaging and educational speaker.
Best in the business with a superb sense of professionalism.
I definitely could recommend John as a highly-skilled engagement manager and a talented negotiator.
John is a genuine and a very ethical person.
John is someone who has demonstrated absolute mastery in digital business.
I have also been strongly impressed with John's work ethic and business integrity.
John has an outstanding business and work ethic.
John is a great person to do business with.
A person of integrity, a friendly and a trustworthy professional.
John has a true understanding of what business people need.
John is an enthusiastic and dependable business partner with a strong work ethic.
John is one gentleman you can always count on to follow through with integrity.
John is honest, punctual, helpful, proactive.
John taught me the importance of being outgoing, engaged, and making the best out of every situation.
John is also a person with a strong work ethic and personal integrity.
Every business engagement has been handled with a high level of skill and punctuality.
John has always shown a high level of integrity and a very strong work ethic.
John has a very high level of integrity and is some who you can definitely trust.
John is a person that I trust personally and in business.
It really brought home an understanding of John's deep commitment to honesty and integrity.
John is a highly motivated person with high integrity.
John has a very good sense of the proper ways to approach business situations.
Professional and honest, and good value for money.
There are few people who truly understand the value of relationships in business.
One of the most important things that you can have as a business owner are good relationships.
A true professional with honesty and integrity.
John is a person of the highest integrity and a pleasure to work with.
John works with where you are at in business and meets you at your level.
Your ability to engage with a strong group of peer professionals was truly commendable.
John is a person who has always maintained the highest level of personal integrity.
Straight shooter with exemplary high standards and who will hold you to the highest standards.
John is a pleasure to work with and was a very highly valued colleague.
John was a fantastic partner to the business and demonstrated over and over again an ability to listen and then act.
John is extremely helpful, friendly and has absolute integrity.
Reliable, effective, personable, and honest.