Event Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Event Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an exceptional events coordinator with a lifelong passion for all things events.
I also appreciated his promotion of our event before, during and after the event.
He is meticulous in the organization and coordination of events and deadlines.
Would choose him as my event coordinator first time, everytime.
John was tireless when coordinating events and his attention to detail made the events highly successful.
John is highly knowledgeable when it comes to event coordination.
He was available for the months before the event to coordinate and answer any questions that arose.
His leadership, event planning and coordination helps these events run effectively.
He is well known throughout the league and has helped coordinate several national events.
As an event coordinator, he tends to even the smallest details with ease.
Him events were always professionally handled and very well coordinated.
He is an incredibly competent event coordinator and would be an asset to any events team.
If you need a motivational speaker for an event you should have him, as it will be the highlight of your event.
John was awesome at coordinating the event that he invited me to speak at.
He also had a knack for coordinating events and connecting people.
John demonstrated expertise in event coordinating and catering.
John is also very well organized and keeps track of the details necessary to coordinate events.
He created new events as well as improved the regular events.
He has really proven himself to be outstanding in the areas of event organization and coordination.
He would always participate in corporate events and would coordinate all things on his own.
Would highly recommend him to any event coordinator who is looking to "wow" their group.
John is one of the best guest speakers that we have had at our events.
His relaxed but coordinated manner certainly made the events run ultra smoothly and it was always a pleasure to run into him at these events.
He helped us coordinate a number of events and was great at making sure everything was in place for the event to be a success.
The event started on time and he was well prepared throughout the entire event.
John was very well organized and coordinated the schedule perfectly with me for the event.
He masterfully coordinated every aspect of the event, and pulled off every detail.
His attention to detail and him ability to coordinate events is superb.
He also coordinated professional and morale events for the site.
He is efficient in coordinating events and does so in a timely manner so that everything is running smoothly on the day of the event.
All of the monthly events that he coordinates are well thought out, interesting and definitely worth my time.
Since this event, he has been one of those who influenced me the most.
Everything he does, from events to campaigns is done to perfection.
He also facilitated several events for us which were very useful.
Without his help, it would have been a much more stressful event.
When he speaks at events, you can see that he wants those around him to have success.
John is diligent at coordinating and hosting monthly meetings and events throughout the year.
His eloquence and efficiency in coordinating corporate events is phenomenal.
John has always taken a proactive approach to everything he puts his effort into and event coordinating is his best example of this.
He took responsibility for all the coordination with guests and didn't stop with events finished, but also went on with follow-ups.
John's ability to coordinate and moderate the session resulted in a very successful event.
He is also quite organized and always over prepared for events.
John is an exceptional coordinator of events and is very efficient in all areas of his work.
During the days before the event he was very dynamic and a focal point for the whole event.
I look forward to participating in more events he is responsible for organising.
The students really enjoyed him and they want him to come back for other events.
John brings something else to an event that will take it to the next level.
And he's so responsive even after the event with any questions you have too.
John will have your guests talking about your event and the fun they had, .
In my last event he was very empowering and impressive to all my guests.
Subsequently, he shared his vision for events there and other venues.
He will find you for sure the best venues and most exciting events.
A number of our guest speakers at our events have come from him.
He did this, and we'll use them to promote next year's event.
He was able to coordinate complex events engaging many people from various companies.
He is an excellent videographer who knows how to capture the feel of the event, not just the actual event itself.
It is very difficult to coordinate all of the details of this annual event, but he does so with efficiency and grace.
One event in particular, he co-ordinated was a four day event that was perfect in every last detail.
He has a talent for motivating volunteers and for coordinating events.
John's events always went well; and the last one was always better than the one before.
John's ongoing roles included event coordination for events big and small.
You need to know him if you are coordinating events or raising funds.
This is what everyone wants so you will definitely want him for your next event.
He organized events where he had to coordinate many different variables/services from several vendors.
He is amazing with how he took charge and coordinated all of the volunteers for the event.
He is incredibly dedicated and he really knows how to coordinate an event like no one else.
John's willingness to go above and beyond is what made him a strong event coordinator.
John, was able to coordinate the events and make you think that it's "just happened".
The events he has coordinated for us have been flawless and extremely successful.
John coordinated all aspects of the event, which were multiple and diverse.
The events he has coordinated are amazing - he is organised and effective.
He made everyone feel welcome and coordinated the events to flow smoothly.
The events that he coordinates always show his commitment to excellence.
John organized and coordinated this event from start to finish.
John coordinated every aspect of our event at our company with excellence.
John took over an event that had never surpassed expectations and made it an event to remember.
The event now goes on as an annual prestigious event at our company.
He also puts his members first by coordinating events throughout the year.
His help, guidance and coordination of events was instrumental to all of us.
He presents often at events and is often named best speaker of the event.
He is at the front for any sports event or any segment event.
And if anyone isn't sure if it's for them, just go to one of his regular events.
He followed through on all of his commitments and followed up after the event.
He follows up with you and see your event through to the end in every aspect.
During the event, he seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
If you are considering him for one of your events, you can't go wrong.
He not only prepared beforehand, but also followed up after the event.
Check him out at one of his events - you will not be disappointed.
And not just he can probably get you into any event on the planet.
The event wouldn't have been the same without his contributions.
His help before, during and after the event has been priceless.
We know we are going to look good when it is one of his events.
We are looking forward to collaborating with him on this event.
He also came through by getting it done in time for the event.
John will make sure you are right in the heart of your event.
Our company would not have been at these events if not for John.
And he was always available to make one of the hundreds of changes that inevitably arise when coordinating an event of this size.
His leadership was the foundation of the success of each event we held or coordinated.
John also provides superb event coordination for him during conference keynotes
He plans, coordinates and puts on events and somehow makes it all look easy.
He coordinated numerous events on our campus to help share this message.
Him event coordination experience greatly improved the competition.
He organized our file room as well as coordinated firm events.
Our company, we coordinated several fun on-site events for eAutoclaims employees.
He has been great with customers and especially during events when he helps so much organizing and coordinating.
He walked him through his first event from beginning to end, and him events were always highly complimented.
John's commitment to both the cause and event is very evident by the success of the events he has chaired.
John understands the dynamics of an event and what it takes to make the event memorable.
Talked to him before an event, then heard the offer at the event, but wasn't ready to buy.
The whole event was seamlessly run and he commanded the event with authority.
Attendees at his event raved, naming his keynote the highlight of our event.
He flawlessly pulled together event after event without batting an eye.
Working with him to coordinate events, presentations, and webinars were always easy and pleasant.
His ability to coordinate significant events has demonstrated that he knows what he's doing.
We have worked with him at several events, which he coordinated from start to finish.
He coordinated and participated in several employee related events at our location.
He coordinated various trade show displays as well as events for the dealership.
The meetings and events he has coordinated are pulled off with great outcomes.
John event he coordinated for us at him school went without a hitch.
We initially worked together in his role as event coordinator.
He helps to compile events and is always present and hard working at every event.
John is always passionate about what he does and determined that everyone will get value out of the event.
If you haven't been to one of his events, you may want to take the time to do so in the new year.
It is fair to say that without his help, these events would not have been nearly as successful.
When going to an event he is the one who makes sure that all needs are addressed when needed.
We couldn't get enough of him and are looking forward to having him back at a future event.
And if in the unlikely event he doesn't know something, he'll find out and get back to you.
Once you've experienced an event with him, you will want him to come back again and again.
His events are something that both himself and our employees have always look forward to.
He also went the distance and made sure we had everything we need for the event setup.
He goes above and beyond to make sure events happen and help is provided where needed.
He knows what they need and always makes sure they feel welcome at every single event.
John himself was very helpful to us and enabled us to make the most of the event.
You are lucky if he is looking after anything associated with an event or otherwise.
Thank you for all that you have done for any of his events and making it look so good.
He recently spoke at one of our events and went down really well with our audience.
First is that if you've never been to one of him events you really are missing out.
Our event went off better than expected and we will use him again for our next one.
He is very good at what he did and the events were some of the best we ever had.
John always knows everything and more that he needs to and his events prove it.
If you ever have an event with him involved, just know that it will be amazing.
He made sure that the event was as beneficial as possible for all participants.
Hardly the most challenging event you might say, but that is exactly his point.
John is willing to serve anywhere and do anything to make the events happen.
The end result is always the event so much better for him being at the helm.
That was only possible because of the excellence he brought to our events.
Ngahihi gives his all to any event, and adds such value to the conference.
The gentleman was well known to everyone and he was on top of most events.
He does what he says and helps you have an event exactly for your needs.
Furthermore, his talk was found to be one of the highlights of the event.