Event Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Event Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Specifically, he is good in event management, people coordination, event anchoring/compere.
I don't know how he manages all of the events that he does, but they have only grown in recent years.
John is an energetic manager by showing his enthusiasm and expertise in event management.
John is a superstar events manager who managed to keep us all on track and organised.
John is always on the cutting edge of event management and event planning.
John is an amazing event manager who always delivers first-class events with style and grace.
John is an enthusiastic event manager no matter how big or small the event.
He proceeded to do extremely well as future events, often selling out events far prior to the event began.
Meticulous in his approach to, and management of any event or campaign.
John stepped up to take on full responsibility for photography during the events and managing the images after the event.
He presents often at events and is often named best speaker of the event.
He is very good in managing events and does a brilliant job in handling events.
John through participating in the events he is managing through his respective company.
I will use him for event management as long as he'll have me, and recommend him highly.
Despite being graduated a few years, he still manages to come to some of our events.
Additionally, he manages to make or break budgetary expectations on all his events.
He is on the ball and really knows how to create, manage, and participate in events.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for an events manager or other similar roles.
He managed all the events flawlessly and was always looking at the big picture.
I am always impressed with his ability to effectively manage any given event.
His management abilities and thoroughness made these events successful.
In his role, he served as the primary liaison between event leads (volunteer managers) and event managers before, during and after events.
He knows events management, better than most, as his experience attests.
John is fantastic at managing events and is always on hand to help and knows his stuff.
John enjoys interaction with everyone who participates in the events he manages.
John has experience that reaches way beyond managing events that is so helpful in the run up to events to help us think out of the box.
John is an effective and efficient manager is the areas of fundraising and event management.
He is a hard working and serious event manager to whom you can make good arrangements to take the best out of the event.
John excels in event management from brief creation to delivery of event activations.
He was very friendly to everyone in the event and always willing to help.
We would like to sincerely thank him for his contribution to our event.
From his first contact with me, throughout the event, and up to his thank you email afterward he managed everything perfectly.
And even though he was my manager, he listened to me, and respected my view event if it was different than his.
He manages to balance the various challenges that events throw at him and makes it look almost effortless.
His dedication and enthusiasm for what he does is unprecedented and it shows in every event he manages.
John is an amazing event manager - everything moves with precision and nothing is too much for him.
He was acknowledged by both management and the attendees on how he added to the event's success.
I would highly recommend him for any events management position - he really does do so much more.
He always keeps both the candidates and hiring manager in the loop on events and updates.
Both events have been excellent and he managed the different sized audiences with ease.
He manages events so that they stay on track and with everyone's willing participation.
John is a dedicated event manager who understands exactly want needs to be delivered.
People can rely on his sense of organization and he is great at event management.
John brought discipline and diligence to events management and maximization.
John guided, questioned and managed our events, without ever intruding on them.
John is a self-starter and is capable of managing any event regardless of size.
John was outstanding and his expertise in the event management space is superb.
John magically manages to get on and organize events with ease and confidence.
He is also good at event management because of his good organizing abilities.
John is extremely good at what he does, and makes a great event manager.
John is an excellent and enthusiastic events organizer and marcoms manager.
I highly recommend his session to both organizations and event managers.
Him the ability to manage multiple events simultaneously is beyond reproach.
John's events management capability is unmatched and widely recognized.
John is an impresario of events and you would do well to hire him to plan and manage your event towards resounding success.
He has much to give to those learning the fundamentals of event management.
John has brought his extensive experience in event management into his speaker management company.
I would highly recommend him for all types of events-formal events, as well as fast-paced, more fast-moving events.
If you haven't been to one of his events, you may want to take the time to do so in the new year.
The clients always seemed to be ecstatic around him, which is perfect for event management.
His contributions to our events and their managements were significant.
The events he managed to be always seamless and quite successful.
Under his management, the event went very smooth, and successful.
He understands everything about how to run and manage an event.
He should be managing all the major events that come to town.
John helped him transition from store manager to event management
John manages many types of events, big and small-and puts the same effort into each and every event.
John's management of the event, various sideshows, and subsequent follow-up events were masterful.
His passion for events is so evident in the way he masterfully manages large scale events.
John's events are always well organized, well thought out, great events.
John has always excelled in any event he has either managed for us or otherwise been involved with.
John manages to pull everyone and everything together, and the events have been top-notch.
John is always encouraging and positive which transcends over to the events he manages.
His ability to manage any event in any location you can think of is truly remarkable.
By every measure, the events he managed were the most successful we've ever had.
John is to be commended on the many successful events he's managed & delivered.
He managed all the commas around the events he organised very effectively.
Essentially, he managed first solo marketing/outreach event by himself.
John set the standard for him as to what to expect from an event manager.
John proved that he had the right stuff and managed the entire event.
The events he organized where very well set up and perfectly managed.
He does very well at managing multiple tasks across multiple events.
He managed all of our shows and events nationwide for the past year.
A part of the profession, he is good in singing and event management.
John managed many of these large scale events very successfully.
We have managed some very large conferences and events together at our company.
He also managed to obtain sponsorship via our company for the event.
He makes any event management look so simple through his excellent resource management capabilities.
Each event has provided value to himself and to his organization.
He manages his team well and always knows what he wants in the way of photography for him events.
The events that he managed at our company were far above the other events at mortgage conventions.
If you are looking for someone who can just jump right in and manage a small or major event or multiple events, he's your woman.
He can help you plan and organize your event and has the experience to manage your event no matter what the size.
He arranged and managed events with finesse, and helped us expand our presence within events and seminars.
He would be an asset to any company and especially sport or event management.
Our companies often partnered for events and he managed the partnership.
Easy going he managed his stress level during the event properly.
He particularly specializes in event photography and has covered several events fabulously.
John went from helping organize suicide prevention events to having his own events.
The event is low key without the usual pressures of events such as our company.
He also is a competent event manager, line manager and copywriter.
Not only were they each a successful event, he also managed to keep each one of them right on budget.
Him events were always well planned, well managed and he was the best at anticipating and managing the challenges that inevitably arose.
Him ability to grasp and manage all the different aspects of each event made everyone that worked at these events look good.
A knowledgeable events manager, he was always very organized and helpful - he definitely kept the events running smoothly.
Working with him on different events have made him realize how wonderfully well he can manage the complexities of any situation.
John has proven over and over again that he can organise and manage great conferences and events.
This event he managed, was successful, and feedback from other delegates were very positive.
He managed the co-ordination of the entire event and we were very pleased with the outcome.
He comes highly recommended if you're looking for someone to help manage large tech events.
Whether it is setting up an event or managing multiple calendars, he keeps you efficient.
And the effort that he puts forth in organizing it and managing the event is superb.
John chiefly managed to turn these events into that what they are: indispensable.
John is both imaginative and practical in his approach to event management.
John's decision to pursue event management couldn't have been a better one.
John always manages to deliver an outstanding event no matter what the topic.
He sold most of the exhibition space, and even managed the event on the day.
John has a unique ability to manage him events as well as him employees.
John also has great taste - which was key in his role as our event manager.
His experience in congress and event management topics were very valuable.
Not only that, he also managed the practical details around the events.
He manages tasks very efficiently and is wonderful on-site at events.
He has a great autonomy and made success of every event he managed.
In context, he makes the events he manages fluid, efficient and fun.
John managed a very complicated event with many components to it.
As chairperson, he oozes passion for outstanding event management.
At the same time, he was planning events and managing the board.
His approach to managing an event is very detailed and organized.
John event under him management is bound to be a rousing success.
He also provides great event planning, oversight and management.
John is both effective and hardworking manager and he does an excellent job in managing both people and events.
John is an articulate, well organised and very talented event manager.
It's almost like he can put himself in the room and see what's going on before, during and after the event.
He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make everything comes together at an event.
Throughout these events, and there were several, he never failed to make it look easy.
John did either of us know that an event like that would bind us together for life.
He always is looking out for his company and following up on upcoming events.
John has been just what we were looking for when planning our event.
John is the most complementary asset you can have for any event.
John is an invaluable asset before, during and after an event.
Our event would not have been successful without his guidance.
Something every event manager dreams of and he often made our team look very impressionable.
John would make an excellent addition to any event management team.
John's dedication to his roll as fundraising and event manager for an inaugural cycling event was incredible.
Our company when natural powers seemed to boycott the event twice, John managed to overcome these problems and made it an extraordinary event.
His event management experience and leadership in this particular area is unparalleled.
John honored every organizations direct needs and managed the event beautifully.
During our company, we collaborated on, and managed various fund raising events.
John also managed a campaign event and participated in others.
He also managed our corporate events and all were well organized and very successful.