Event Planner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Event Planner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also was our event planner for a national meeting and numerous smaller events.
He is not only the best event planner there is, but he plans with value as the purpose.
John, throughout this experience, was more than an event planner could hope for.
He should be number one on any list of event planners, anywhere.
John has many traits that make him a phenomenal event planner.
John is one of those speakers an event planner would kill for.
When hired as a musician, event planners were more than happy to recommend him for future events.
John's events are top notch and you won't find a more fun event planner in the city.
He's done hundreds of professional meeting, event planner and concierge events.
Sherries is an event planner who is passionate about what he does and has the highest ethics and morals.
If you are considering holding an event, hear what he has to say before choosing a planner.
In other words, rave reviews from the audience and from himself as an event planner.
He's the perfect planner who will help you with your event in a great space.
He's also committed to the details which is essential for an event planner.
He's been a great event planner and always very courteous and prompt.
As an event planner, he can surprise, move and hold an audience.
John is an awesome plan for any type of event; however, he specializes in social events and he is great at it.
He is organized and, as every good event planner does, he never misses a detail for our monthly events.
His attention to detail and experience separates him from so many of the event planners.
He continually exceeded his expectations as an event planner and volunteer chair.
John would be an asset to any company looking to hire a seasoned event planner.
As an experienced event planner, he dots all the i's and crosses all the t's.
Him upbeat and positive attitude makes him a terrific event planner.
John truly is an organized planner and friend of the bride and him event clients.
In addition, he is an extraordinary event planner from inception to implementation.
Don't let him forget to mention that he is an excellent event planner as well.
As an event planner and organizer, he continually impresses audiences, always doing what it takes to ensure that him events stand out amongst the crowd.
He spoke at each event that year and the feedback from the meeting planners was very strong.
As an event planner, he goes the extra mile and will exceed your expectations of producing another flawless event.
If you are looking for a quality event planner, then he definitely should be at the top of your list.
John's role was similar to that of an event planner, although he did many more tasks than him title entailed.
John is a very good event planner and he does not forget any details during the show.
John will provide an event planner with any level of service that they would require.
As an added bonus, he turned out to be a rock star event planner.
For him, he typifies what a professional event planner should be.
He will be an excellent corporate event planner from show exhibitions, conventions, outdoor events and many more.
His organization and creative mind make him the ultimate party planner for any event.
John made planning this event easy for him with very clear outlines, deadlines, and details - every event planners dream.
We have never had a meeting planner for one of our events and wow, what a difference he made.
As an event planner, his professional reputation is, literally, in their hands.
Not only is he a great marketer, but he is an accomplished event planner.
He always makes you feel at home at these events, a great training event planner and forum facilitator.