Events Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Events Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John would volunteer to take on a leadership role with some events and would willingly assist other event leaders with their events.
He's very easy to talk to and willing to assist with needs and questions, even after the event.
Without his assistance, this sold out event would not have been the success it was.
John assistance with this event has in no small way contributed to its success.
In the rare event he needed assistance with something, he always took notes.
There was nothing he was not willing to do to assist his colleagues in getting tasks and events done.
It's an honor for me to assist him in organizing these kind of events.
John is really helpful during the hiring event and assisted me lot.
He went above and beyond also provide additional assistance the morning of the event.
He offered his assistance throughout our event whenever our scorers encountered any difficulties.
He is energetic, always willing to assist and an active participant of all our events.
John has assisted on numerous occasions and participated in many events in Iceland.
Always thought he made a fan events assistant - even though he wasn't one.
His assistance was a significant contribution to the success of our event.
All of the events were successful and his assistance was a major factor.
John is an outstanding young man who assists me with university events.
John went over and beyond in assisting me with my needs in order to make my events a success.
John also assisted me at trade events, and he always goes above and beyond to ensure they are a success.
He handles putting together our monthly newsletters and assists to keep our event on track.
Startups would be well served to get his assistance prior to the fund raising event.
We were able to turn this event into a success with his attention and assistance.
He took on a problematic event and substantially assisted in turning it around.
I assisted him with promotion by creating flyers and possible event names.
He has assisted with advice on several unique events and group tours.
I am very much looking forward to working with him on the next event.
I truly appreciate his efficiency during live events which required immediate assistance and proficient response.
John has a passion for entertainment and has the experience to ensure that any event he assists with - ends up being exactly the event of your dreams.
He will also assist you in the organisation of very successful conferences and special events.
From solving travel problems to assisting with events, he has always gone above and beyond.
John's uncanny ability to look beyond the event(s) and assist with removing the emotion tied to those circumstances.
I encourage you to experience him yourself in one of your next events.
John was always willing to do whatever was necessary to implement events and assignments.
He has done remarkable work considering this is his first event.
I will work with him without any hesitation on many more events.
It has been my pleasure to work with him on some of his events.
John's energy and enthusiasm were palpable and assisted in the overwhelming success of the event.
John is detail oriented and provides excellent insight and assistance at pest events.
He was active in getting participation from our employee base to assist in events across the country.
His reliability and commitment to excellence assisted greatly in the success and growth of the event.
He was at all of the events, ready to assist as needed and made members and guest feel very welcome.
He can definitely put the "fun" into an event, and gets into the spirit of every event he works on.
The events always ran very smoothly, and he assisted us in ensuring all the delegates enjoyed the events.
John is approachable, he goes above and beyond to assist at events and is always happy to help.
In the event that issues do arise, he is always there to assist in every way possible.
He is also well-connected, so he was able to assist in other aspects of our events.
He always offered him assistance in putting together chapter events.
It would be his esteem pleasure to assist him with any future event.
His experience in event planning and matching the right speaker to the right event will assist any organization.
Him business specialised in events and without his assistance this successful event would never have happened.
John's support and assistance with our recent event was outstanding.
John also assisted us with our many events across the calendar year, all of which were highly successful.
During the event he was extremely accommodating and ready to assist us anyway he could.
His participation in events and assistance to young alumni has been invaluable.
He willingly and enthusiastically jumped in to assist him with countless events.
His assistance was invaluable to us as we planned the event from out-of-state.
In the event he is not able to assist, he will gladly point you in the right direction.
John volunteered to assist with events at our agency to help us raise funds.
He volunteers to assist with employee events and is always the first person at the event ready and willing to help.
John also assisted with staffing events, where he managed check-in and assisted with event photographs.
He got very involved in all the social events organized and was always available to assist others when needed.
The event that stands out the most to him was his key assistance in debugging an unexpected crash.
He assisted us again the following year, and as a result made our event a success.
John' assistance was particularly helpful in making the event a great one for us.
With his assistance and planning the event was a huge success.
John also assisted in vendor events which were always a great success for our company.
John is a great asset in assisting him with a our company event.
His work involved pre-event, event ad post-event responsibilities.
John also supported the event by sharing the events with his readers.
He also assisted by providing speakers and driving traffic to the event.
He also assisted him with meeting and event planning when he had extra time.
He worked excellently with groups and volunteered to assist with events.
He also assisted the organization in all levels of promotion; from inception to completion of the event.
He assisted him to prepare his resume, social events and interviews.
He assisted us with coordinating the organisation of the event.
Always happy and willing to assist people and he really goes beyond what's expected of him to drive an event's success.
During events, he is intuitive to the needs of those around him, he is helpful, and would welcome and assist anyone with the utmost care and concern.
Somehow, he not only pulled together an incredible event; he always seemed to have the time to answer questions or offer assistance.
He is always willing to assist anyone within his organization if he can and never forgets any details when planning events.
He provided innovative and successful ideas to assist with our organizational vision and events committees.
Him attention to all of the details assisted him greatly and directly contributed the success of the event.
His assistance in many complex and high pressure events made the difference between success and disaster.
He also suggested a timing breakdown for the events and assisted us with other admin issues.
He quickly offered to assist him planning future events which all have been successful.
Firstly, with assisting our fundraiser, he directed and assisted in organizing the event, advertising, and helping wherever as needed.
John and his team will most definitely add value to your event.
John' assistance, insight and knowledge were instrumental in launching these events.