Events Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Events Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is by far one of the best in the event industry.
He was the event planner for this event.
John is very well known and respected in the event industry.
I also appreciated his promotion of our event before, during and after the event.
It's never just about just an event, and it's certainly never about him.
John is thorough with his preparations for such events.
Without him, the event would have never been the same.
He's the first one on the event and the last to leave.
We will be glad to see him again at one of his events.
So much so that we have booked him for another event.
I would definitely recommend him for your next event.
I am looking forward to attending the next event.
The events went way and beyond our expectation.
Book this man, if you can, for your next event.
You will be glad you have him for your events.
I wish they did more of these types of events.
It's no wonder his events are followed and full.
He was one of the best speakers at the event.
I look forward to using him in future events.
I would thoroughly recommend him for an event.
A must have at your next conference or event.
To make sure the event is the best it can be.
He will get your event off on the right foot.
He brings all of this and more to any event.
John's own events have become very popular.
He was one of the organizers of that event.
This event is our biggest fundraising event.
I look forward to many more events together.
Thanks for all your help hosting the events.
John really knows how to produce an event.
John co-ordinated all of these events.
They will make any event one to remember.
Looking forward to the next event.
If you want to know what entrepreneurship is or learn about other industries then please come to his events.
I would certainly recommend any of his events to everyone in the auto industry.
Knowledgeable about the events industry as well as incredibly connected.
John is an expert in his industry and is meticulous with his events.
John not only adds value to events, he adds value to our industry.
He also invited me to several industry talks and events.
I look forward to seeing John at future industry events.
John knows the Tradeshow and event industry.
They also commented that it was one of the best events they had ever encountered.
He is consistent and consciousness and have never let me down for any event.
John attends many different events, and always seems to know everybody there.
John hosted this event for us, and he was exactly what we were looking for.
John brings something else to an event that will take it to the next level.
John gives his all to any event, and adds such value to the conference.
He was very friendly to everyone in the event and always willing to help.
The event was amazing and the event raised well over what we had expected.
John has always kept me in the loop regarding other and similar events.
He presents often at events and is often named best speaker of the event.
He goes beyond what is expected of him at all the event's we've attended.
This is unlike any other networking event that you have probably been to.
I came away "buzzing" and will be looking out for his events in future.
John took on every webcast he produced as if it were his own event.
We would like to sincerely thank him for his contribution to our event.
I am looking forward to collaborating with him on our upcoming events.
I encourage you to experience him yourself in one of your next events.
I have been to many of his great events and he gets everything right.
I will be looking to take part in more of their events in the future.
He is highly respected by the industry vendors and has presented at several industry events on their behalf.
The industry events he has been organizing were always ahead of other events and a must-go for him to attend.
He will definitely become one of the rising stars of the event industry following graduation.
John is equally effective outside the company at various industry events.
John understands the events and exhibition industry intrinsically.
He can usually be found at the forefront at our company events or other industry organizations/events.
Following the event, he took it upon himself to introduce us to fellow members of his industry.
He's also the best resource for who else to use in the meetings and event industry.
He kept abreast of all the industry events, we could target as well as how we fared at each one in the past.
The fact that when he walked into an industry event and everyone seemed to know him didn't hurt, either.
John is one of the most innovative and effective event organizers in the tech industry.
This shows he is switched on in the industry and wider events going on around him.
John is a key component in the success of this industry event.
John's industry knowledge is deep and impressive and as such he is often asked to speak at industry events.
In the unlikely event that he can't, he will undoubtedly know the right resource in the industry that can help you.
Over our company, he has been an amazing mentor for himself who was new to the events industry at the time.
He's well respected and is one of those people in the live events industry you really should get to know.
He is extremely organized and passionate about the meeting and events industry.
He always knew the inside story behind industry events and regulatory matters.
John is focused towards him career and updated on events in the industry.
He gave him the opportunity to experience the events industry first hand.
At industry events, the whole room would light up when he walked in.
His expertise in events, organizing and hotel industry is impressive.
He has regularly attended industry events and is very knowledgeable
His insights in the meetings and events industry are spot on.
He is very much in the know about the events industry and makes sure he stays very current and informed.
He's pulled together many of the industry's most influential and informative events.
John always exceeded expectations at corporate and industry events.
John is rightfully considered an industry leader and is a frequent speaker at various industry events.
He is well-known for his blog and frequently invited to speak at industry events.
He knows everyone and more importantly, he is well-respected by his peers in the meetings and events industry.
He is an incredibly fast learner, he is proactive and very enthusiastic about the event industry.
He ensures his events move with the times and stay up to date within their industry.
He regularly helped out with publicity for an industry charity event.
Through his expertise we have all benefited from his wealth of experience in the events industry.
His personality is perfect for the entertainment and events industry.
John is one of the most thorough and forward thinking strategists within the live events industry.
Additionally, his team earned our company two industry event awards.
His hard work, event preparation and passion for the events industry paid dividends.
He makes the collision industry very entertaining and its events thought provoking through his writing.
John is well respected in the industry and his presentation was a real highlight of our event.
John is spectacular, he has so much knowledge about the event planning industry.
His knowledge and expertise of the events and attractions industry is second to none.
John's drive and passion for the events industry are at a completely different level.
John's modus operandi should be the industry template for live & virtual events.
He's engaging, interested, and helpful, and runs amazing industry events.
John embodies the best in event planning/ rental and hotel industry.
John in his opinion has consistently been the best presenter at our company and industry events for the last few years.
He keeps abreast of industry events and shares useful information with colleagues.
One of the attendees last night said it was his first event with this branch and that it was much better than events he's been to elsewhere.
Aside from photography, he is a leader in the greening of the event industry.
John, thank you and thank you also to all others who were instrumental in facilitating the event.
He's well connected and respected in the industry, which is evident from the many inquiries to speak at events.
As proof, he continually gets requests to do, speak at the most prominent industry events.
He exhibits leadership in industry forums, speaks at industry events, and facilitates guest speaker panels.
The event really showcased his in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry.
His vision, thoughtfulness, and willingness to involve the company with his events is why he is so respected in this industry.
It was always great to see him out and about at various industry events looking for interesting and/or unique story angles.
He is very well connected in the industry and put on some great, large scale events whilst we were together at hmv.
He also happens to be an extremely nice guy and it's always a pleasure to catch up with him at industry events.
John came highly recommended to him by an industry colleague as a speaker to consider for upcoming events.
His non-elitist attitude is what makes their analysis and industry event-chairing participation richer.
Since then we have crossed paths at several industry events (mostly instigated and orchestrated by him).
His years of experience and passion for the industry contributed a very successful event.
Thanks to his perseverance he acquired a highly impressing vision of the event industry.
We've shared panels at industry events and he's spoken by ad: tech conferences for him.
He thrives within the event industry and takes care of all of the details.
John is a true professional who knows the events industry inside out.
He led the rebranding of the company, as well as was the principal spokesperson at industry events.
His enthusiasm for the events industry and life in general is very contagious.
John's industry expertise combined with his enthusiastic delivery made for an eventful presentation.
John's knowledge of the exhibition and business events industry make him the perfect contact for your next event.
John makes people want to have their pictures taken whether at work, meetings or industry events.
He's often called on to present at industry events so that others can benefit from what we have learned.
He can take an event from concept to completion with little or no direction.
John kept it light, upbeat, and entertaining the whole event.
Often, these events have been standing room only, demonstrating the value of his expertise and how he is esteemed by colleagues in the industry.
John has delivered very insightful speeches at various events and conferences where much of what he has spoken on has influenced the industry.
He always has his finger on the pulse of different industries, events and trends - regardless if they directly impact his career.
He has always been a great ambassador for the company and has presented at many industry events over the years.
John cares little about getting his name in the industry trades or being invited to high profile events.
Him fabulous industry contacts - would help any hotel to establish events that are unique and savvy.
He has a deep understanding and knowledge of the events industry and is excellent at what he does.
The news that he was back in the industry (and would be working on our next event) made his week.
We partnered on several large scale industry events that he ran with incredible success.
He excels at public presentations, and has spoken at several key industry events.
He worked tirelessly to ensure that this industry-first event became a reality.
His professionalism and knowledge of the industry adds to any event.