Excited Performance Review Phrases Examples

Excited Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is excited about what he does and makes everyone around him want to join in the excitement.
He has an energy that gets everyone excited about the things he is excited about.
John uses his charisma and excitement to get his customer's excited.
His excitement for each and every effort will excite and delight.
He's excited about what he does even though he's been doing it for years.
He goes above and beyond, and makes everyone excited about advertising.
He's always trying to learn something new and does it with excitement.
It will be exciting to see what he does while in his new position.
He is always looking for, and excited to take on, new challenges.
John is one of those leaders that can't help but get you excited.
Collaborating with him is always rewarding, and always exciting.
John took on each and every project as it was new and exciting.
The exciting thing is that he is now doing his very best our company.
John made himself available and was always excited to help out.
He is always there when you need him, excited to help others.
To think we can our company more than one, is even more exciting.
John gives his all to him our company and gets excited about new challenges, and him excitement is contagious.
His excitement was contagious and that excitement motivated us to look outside ourselves for new ideas.
He is excited about what he does and spreads that excitement along to those who our company for him.
He not only gets excited about what he does, he can motivate his team to be excited as well.
John always had a way of making him excited to make our company that wasn't really all that exciting.
He is always excited about the projects he works on and this excitement is infectious.
His excitement for the position made him excited to be interviewing and take the job.
John has the knack of making even more not-so-exciting of projects seem exciting.
He is just as excited as you are to make the impossible more possible, and he has the know-how to actually get it done.
Whether you do business with him or not, there is always something new and exciting that comes out of our conversations.
If he is excited about it now, you know in the near future it's going to become something significant.
John is someone who is always on the go and look forward to challenges with passion and excitement.
He never said no and was always the first one in line, even if the project wasn't that exciting.
Through his presentations he gets you excited and makes you think seriously about your future.
Challenges at our company excite him, he is always on the lookout for something entirely on his own.
Because of this, he gets the best out of his team, and everyone is excited to be on the job.
His gift is to take something that you normally wouldn't consider exciting and make it fun.
John is the one who gets everyone excited and ready before they even make it to the event.
John has taken him from being scared of what comes next to be overcome with excitement.
No-one is more excited than him that we're working together again for his new organisation.
Anybody wants to set up something anywhere and if that excites him well, he is your guy.
He has an excitement about our company and what we are doing that is out of this world.
When he says he is excited for you and wants to see you succeed, you know it's true.
He will get everyone excited about the project and help make sure it's done correctly.
And now he is going to have the technology to make some very exciting things happen.
His experience was exactly what we were looking for, and we were excited to get him.
John never complains about what needs to be done- even when the our company isn't exciting.
While working with him, you always feel as though you are doing something exciting.
Most of these things were very exciting, but at the same our company seemed far fetched.
It is so exciting to see where he has challenged himself and how far he has grown.
There is nothing more exciting than to our company with someone who can see opportunity.
John is always willing to challenge himself and take on new and exciting things.
So excited for his new opportunity which wouldn't have been possible without him.
Because of this, he is never discouraged and always excited about the next step.
When you are around him you cannot help being excited and going the extra mile.
Working with him above, below or alongside always feels exciting and enriching.
Not only is he knowledgeable, he's also someone you're excited to see at our company.
He knows how to think outside the box and keep things exciting in the office.
He makes others excited about what they're doing and feel that it's important.
John is an individual who gets excited about how he can help the customer.
He is always available and excited to help him with any questions or issues.
He's excited to help others and learn more himself to make himself better.
And everything he does, he does it with passion, excitement and commitment.
He knows everybody and everything and makes it all sound terribly exciting.