Execution Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Execution Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent and skilled executive.
When he does something, he always wants to do it well and you can be assured that it is well-executed.
However, he also knows how to execute, because he has done it and done it well.
If he says that something will be done, it will be on time and well executed.
Learning what to do and how to do it is nothing without action and execution.
John always gets what the client is looking for and knows how to execute.
John knows what he wants, knows how to get the job done and executes.
John is a seasoned executive who truly knows how to execute.
There are smart executives and then there are wise executives.
He had an approach that was different than most executives.
He does what he says he will do and executes flawlessly.
I recommend him to other executives looking for talent in executive leadership.
He does what he says and executes on his commitments.
He can own things end to end and execute brilliantly.
He got along well with the executives and his peers.
John says what he will do and executes as promised.
John knows his stuff and he knows how to execute.
John is so much more than an account executive.
As well, he knows how to execute that strategy.
John is an outstanding all round executive.
Following that, his execution was first class.
He also made sure that execution was flawless.
He is visionary who also knows how to execute.
Additionally, he can execute upon that vision.
He then follows up with meticulous execution.
Can't ask for more from an account executive.
John was one of our most effective executives.
It is now up to me to implement and execute.
He provided the direction and the execution.
John knows how to execute on such aspiration.
He may very well be the perfect executive.
John is very approachable as an executive.
John can think strategically and execute.
Most important: he knows how to execute.
I would recommend John to anyone who is looking for an executive which can really execute.
If you are an executive or looking to become one - you need John.
John was more than just an executive at our company.
He has excellent analytical skills and execution skills.
Brimming with ideas as well as the skills to execute them wonderfully.
John is a very talented executive with strong execution skills.
Good execution skills and most reliable on all his commitments.
He is a skilled executive who makes everyone around him better.
He not only knows his target, but has great execution skills.
He is the brains, skills and character, all in one executive.
John is an executive with excellent leadership skills.
His executive communication skills are also marvelous.
His skills at helping executives are second to none.
John's skills as an executive coach are exemplary.
John has great skills in leadership and execution.
John is a very skilled, well-rounded executive.
His executive reporting skills are remarkable.
John's execution skills are second to none, and I don't mean that lightly.
John personifies the executive skills we value at our company.
John has unparallelled project execution skills.
John is very organized with his process, and as well as how things are being executed.
He not only has the know how to execute but also knows how to make any project perfect.
He knows how to take every ones needs to come together and execute on the common goal.
John is that rare executive that can think strategically and execute flawlessly. 
He's challenged me to think different, try new things and execute with confidence.
Above all, he is open and willing to go after and execute on any and all ideas.
His execution skills are amazing & which has been proven again & again during several campaigns.
His skills would help any executive or organization going through change or growth.
Him executive skills are far above his peers and he is driven to succeed.
He came across as someone very knowledgeable with great execution skills.
His people skills are exemplary and are rare to see in many executives.
His copywriting skills are always sharp, concise and well executed.
His people and leadership skills also stand out in his execution.
His interactive and skills were well accepted by the participants and they learnt the essential skills to be effective executive.
He is a rare find in an executive due to his skilled leadership and people skills.
But he also has wonderful interpersonal and execution skills, allowing him to easily move between strategy and execution.
John is an executives, executive and an asset to any organization lucky enough to have him.
In each of his execution, he has shown great commitment and execution capabilities.
John has great executive instincts, which he translates into smart execution.
He also has keen execution skills and knows how to get the job done expeditiously.
John provided value with his guidance and excellent execution and delivery skills.
John gets strategy and execution - which makes his skill set all the more rare.
John is well versed and skilled in his job as he executes with perfection.
He thinks differently from others and that's what makes him an executive different from others.
This executive truly does it all, and if not, he will make it happen.
In his opinion, there is no more you could ask for in an executive.
Ivoclar is truly fortunate to have him as one of their executives.
If you need something executed, he is the one you want to do it.
His relationship skills, follow through and execution mark him out as a truly exceptional international executive.
Him execution skills in following through improvements in organization to completion are well established.
He helps you to see things differently that gives you the ability to improve your executive skills.
He has the skills and experience of an executive and wouldn't hesitate to embrace any challenge.
He can be trusted to deliver in most trying circumstances and his execution skills are flawless.
He is a very well rounded executive and it would be difficult to see where he lacks any skills.
John possesses the same caliber of abilities and leadership skills at any of these executives.
His execution skills are exemplary and his inputs have always been very effective & helpful.
Clients, executives and subordinates alike respect and appreciate his leadership skills.
His consistent execution of the skills others just talks about is his secret to success.
Above all, it is his leadership skills and execution of vision that made him stand out.
With his good grasping and execution skills he has excelled better than his colleagues.
His leadership skills and his will to execute were reasons for our successful teamwork.
Needless to say he is a go getter, his execution skills and his attitude are amazing
His aptitude for picking up new skills and executing them flawlessly is unparalleled.
His management skills and employee empowerment makes him an excellent executive.
Him the ability to execute is phenomenal and him organisation skills is first class.
His experience is not matched by many in terms of skill and ability to execute.
These skill sets are rarely exhibited and truly set him apart from executives.
His vision is clear and he has the skills to ensure execution is being effective.
He brought many skills to the table in the exemplary execute of his duties.
He combines strong execution skills with the right blend of assertiveness.
John is a highly skilled and capable executive within our organization.
John has strong execution skills and is a well organised and focused.
He has very strong and meticulous execution skills to deliver impact.
His executive skills grew as a result of being associated with him.
He is perfect in execution and have a great interpersonal skills.
John has a solid suite of skills every executive should have.
His execution skills compliment his problem solving abilities.
This is evident in not only his analytical skills, but in the way he follows through with tactical execution.
In doing so he combines the art of what is possible with great execution skills.
His communication skills, as well as his execution have been superb.
His skills in communication and execution were always successful.
Most known for his executive and pragmatic communication skills.
Others clearly agree given his impressive executive and non-executive track record.
He has an excellent executive presence and he excels in executive engagements.
As an executive, he is adored by partners and executives alike.
He always exhibited an executive presence both in his leadership skills and in his customer skills as a rainmaker.
John always impressed with his good communication skills, organisational skills and focussed execution.
Then, he uses his leadership skills to execute and implement it.
John's partnership, executive skills and business skills in our ecosystems impressed him.
His vision, execution and above all his people skills make him one of the most admirable entrepreneurs.
And he knows how to execute, which can be a hard skill to find these days.
John brings organization, people skills and execution together with ease.
He has an appetite and yearning for knowledge, skill and execution.
He is the best kind of leader - one with vision and the skills to execute.
John is the kind of executive that brings out the best in his fellow executives, and he has his highest recommendation.
When it comes to execution, this is where he would "walk the talk", and his forte is amazing tactical execution.
He listens, he recommends, he executes, and he does it all at lightening speed with near flawless execution.
He sees the big picture and executes, or executes through others, to get the small things addressed.
John's leadership style offers an outstanding example for executives as well aspiring executives.
John is an exceptional executive who combines visionary leadership with exceptional execution.
His twenty plus years of executive experience did not prepare him for the non-executive role.
John is a compassionate Rockstar executive who has vision and can execute on his vision.
John defines executive leadership, thought leadership and execution excellence.
His roadmap execution strategies, communication skills and executive presence are second to none.
John is someone you can rely on to help your company as he's skilled in both strategic and tactical execution.
His leadership and execution skills have been a model for others to follow.
He has superior execution skills and was promoted quickly in the company.
He executes his functions with commitment, sincerity and high skills.
Not only does he have strong procurement skills, he is a seasoned executive with strong partnership skills.
His collaborative team skills and execution skills were integral in achieving this success.
He pulls people into his vision and executes it with skill and drive.
He keeps things moving along, follows through on everything he says, can see what needs doing and executes with perfection.
When he commits to do something not only does he do it, but he executes above and beyond what you ever could have imagined.
If he doesn't know exactly how to execute it, he will figure it out, and you'd never know it by the end result.
Not only did he make each and every one of our executives at ease, but, they all came out looking stunning.
Working him one is sure things would be executed to the best they can be as him yardstick is excellence.