Executive Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Very hands-on and helpful, he assisted us with executing our various conferences.
I hesitate to refer to him as an executive assistant because quite frankly, he was that and much more.
He truly deserves his recent recognition as one of the top executive assistants in the country.
He would be an asset to any company looking for an awesome executive assistant.
John is all you can expect from a top executive assistant and more.
He not only comes up with great campaign ideas, but he knows how to execute them, and execute well.
John worked as my executive assistant for a period of two years.
It was his willingness and coaching that assisted me in organizing and executing.
He is a results focused executive, with the appropriate balance of planning for better execution.
John is a thoughtful execution oriented executive who is an asset to any team.
John is someone who knows his strengths, and executes on them very very well.
Communication has been always professional and he made my job easier to execute with his ideas and execution.
He was very helpful in assisting me execute client mandates on numerous occasions.
John recently headhunted my executive assistant and was relentless in ensuring he delivered a great candidate.
He executes quickly on tasks and provides assistance to teammates freely and without prejudice.
John assisted him with executive job search assistance recently, and it was like adding nitrous to the fuel tank.
As an executive assistant, he anticipated and solved problems even before they became needs.
Although he carries the title of executive assistant, he is always so much more than that.
He also assisted with executive placements as they occurred throughout the organization.
As an executive assistant, he is thorough, diligent with attention to the details.
John is a keen and helpful executive and assists anyway he can when we require network assistance.
John assisted him throughout a recent executive appointment application.
He also made himself available to help other executives when they needed assistance with reports and submissions.
He could never do too much to assist and ensure that the campaign we chose was suitable and well executed.
He assists in the execution to make sure agreed upon strategies and tactics actually get accomplished.
John is keen to understand our strategy and how best he could assist us in executing it.
Over the years, he has provided the guidance an executive counts on to assist them in thinking strategically and executing tactically.
He also acted as our executive assistant and performed his duties above and beyond our expectations.
John assisted us by crafting and executing upon this plan, through successful completion.
His willingness to listen, assist and execute in all facets for grow and profit.
As an executive assistant, he is professional, responsible, and assertive.
He sets the benchmark for what a great executive assistant should be.
John assists executives meet their goals while enjoying the journey.
He is always looking at the possibilities to drive execution.
John fulfilled his role as executive assistant exceptionally well.
He can counsel your executives and execute your communication plans
He helped our team in various capacities, including hiring assistance, executive assistance, and other types of requests.
As his executive assistant, he was loyal and kept sensitive information confidential.
Not only did he assist us in crafting our strategy, but was also a key player in its execution.
He does a great job in assisting executives with the clarity of their missions.
John provided support and assistance during his transition into an executive leadership role.
John also made himself available to help other executive assistants when they were overwhelmed with their workloads as well as make time to volunteer for many of the company affiliations.
He offered assistance strategies, and provided him with both the ideas and necessary assets to execute tactically.
John is a professional executive and always been very positive whenever he was approached for assistance.
Additionally, he has also assisted in determining the impact of executive level, targeted phishing attacks.
John's vast experience and proven ability to execute has been of great assistance to all his colleagues.
He excelled as an executive assistant and in every way he is a true professional.
John assisted him in refining his resume and finding a great executive position.
His ability to see the big picture allowed him to assist in planning and execution.
John's role is to assist the owner in the execution of an agreed upon plan.
John worked directly with him to execute a number of executive searches at our company.
John is a committed executive in the assisted living community.
John's drive was impressive while his execution was flawless.
John went above and beyond his responsibilities of assisting him by helping to fill out documentation only an expert could help execute.
John provided insight and thoughtful recommendations that assisted our team in executing precisely.
John is more than an executive assistant, he is a trusted extension of your leadership team.
John could assist the most senior executives in improving their performance.
John and his colleagues excel at assisting our team to plan and execute.
He will execute and if there are problems he will keep you informed.
He easily handled the tasks assigned to him and could take direction and execute with very limited assistance.
You will not find an executive assistant who can rival his dedication and work ethic.
Him services go beyond strategy, as he has assisted him with execution and delivery.
He is highly goal-oriented and gets things done and executed.
His focus is both visionary and execution to get things done.
John understood the execution process, and assisted when needed, sometimes going above and beyond to help us deliver to our given deadline.
John's assistance with the planning and execution process of the conference was invaluable.
John kept control and made sure everything executed like clockwork.
As an executive, he strong with communication and is able to execute no matter the circumstances.
John's executive presence and leadership communication stood out from the group of executives.
John brings with him an executive presence for executive leadership communications.
He trusts his executives to do their jobs, without interference or hovering, but is still there to assist at every turn when needed.
He always treated him with the utmost respect, never talked down to him and made his job as executive assistant, enjoyable.
His leadership and expertise were used often in merger transactions and directly assisting the executive staff.
John did a fantastic job assisting him in executing the our company launch of myfortic.
He has done an exceptional job at our company and has assisted countless executives in transitioning to new opportunities.
John goes above and beyond the call to ensure that what needs to be done is well planned and executed.
He really knows how to take care of his speakers so they can concentrate on their execution.
From planning to execution, he follows through successfully to get the right results.
What stands him apart from others is his planning and execution discipline.
He listens clearly to what needs to be done and executes tasks as planned.
He did everything from planning, to execution, to measurement of results.
He is very thorough and detailed in his planning and execution.
He sets out clear plans and follows through on their execution.
He executed with both precision and care in all his endeavors.
He listens to your needs, comes up with a plan, and executes.
He is both strategic and execution oriented at the same time.
John's unique combination of passion and experience in assisting executives to become the best that they can make him one of the best in his field.
John communicates honestly and clearly what he will do, and then executes.
He communicates really well with everyone up to and including executives.
He knows what he wants, communicates it well and executes efficiently.
John is an excellent communicator and thorough in his execution.
He quickly analyzes the problem, identifies the issues, seeks assistance when necessary and executes as promised.
John officially carried the title of executive assistant, in reality he held together our whole division.
John sets the benchmark for the executive assistants and every week raises the standard one notch higher.
John assisted our organization with a very difficult and unique executive role search.