Executive Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

It was always a pleasure to coordinate and execute conferences with him.
John is coordinated with his thoughts, sketch work and his execution.
John is very well organized and keeps track of the details necessary to coordinate and execute.
He took on the planning, coordination, and execution of our quarterly magazine.
He had to coordinate across many teams and executive stakeholders, each with their own expectations.
He can make and implement plans and also coordinate in its execution.
He's proven he can execute on a tight deadline and coordinate cross-departmentally.
He takes great pains to meet commitments and is also very good at coordination and execution.
John is more than just a facility use coordinator, although he executes that with collegiality and competence.
Excellence in execution and leadership are him areas of strength.
John has a great ability to coordinate and execute improvement efforts.
Knows what he wants plans out how he is going to get it and executes accordingly.
John was always ahead of the curve when it came to planning and execution.
He did almost everything from the planning up to execution - flawless.
John then executes on these plans and makes changes when necessary.
John was very thorough in both the planning and execution phases.
He knows his clientele better than most and executes his plans.
He knows that the victory is all in the planning and execution.
He understands what needs to be done and executes on his plan.
He coordinated and executed the migration of individual sites to a single, global platform.
He gets every task done, executed to the best of his ability and on time.
John has the ability to execute several tasks at the same time.
His ability to coordinate and motivate various teams usually result in flawless execution.
He then effectively uses this engagement to execute the results required.
In his role as executive coordinator, he organized and executed many events and meetings for us.
He executes broadly, always paying attention to the details of execution.
A lasting impact remains with his coordination and execution around the launch of their blog.
Some of them were completely new to him and some were very hard that required lots of coordination and patience to execute.
His leadership in organizing, coordinating, and executing the event for us has been second to none.
John's coordination of the test phase was very well planned and executed.
John always executed on his promises and followed up on details.
He will plan, coordinate, ensure that the execution goes right and, if he has to, he'll roll up his sleeves and help.
He is excellent at planning, executing and coordinating complex activities.
His vision, coordination and execution of all business matters is well beyond reproach.
He makes sure that everything is coordinated and prepared for meetings and tasks so they can be executed in a timely manner.
John demonstrated passion and leadership in coordinating the workshops, which resulted in flawless executions.
He coordinated the different stakeholders and their contributions and presented results to the executive team.
His ability to coordinate the planning and execution of these significant events demonstrate his executive and leadership capabilities.
Not only does he come up with such brilliant ideas, but he also executes them to the last detail.
Give him something to organise and he will execute it down to the tiniest detail.
He's tenacious in getting to the detail and once he has it, he's quick to execute.
Attention to detail was vital in what he did & this was executed superbly.
His plan and execution had always been complete and to the point.
He makes certain every detail is understood and executed flawlessly.
Besides, he could also execute with excellence and deep into details.
John has excellent attention to detail in whatever he executes.
He knows every last detail and oversees the execution himself.
John is energetic in his vision and detailed in his execution.
Furthermore, he is superb detail oriented, as well as, efficient in the coordination, prioritization and execution of tasks.
His expertise in coordinating and executing projects in multiple global theaters is unrivaled in his experience.
His meticulous planning, dedicated execution and tireless and flawless coordination is amazing.