Executive Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John won't just execute - he'll tell you how it should be executed.

John is not only an extraordinary executive director, but also an extraordinary person.

In my view he is the consummate association executive director.

However, John is much more than an executive director, he's your friend and confidante.

And John is the executive director and funder for that group.

John was a director and I am the executive officer.

I worked together with John when he was the executive director of our company.

Our company is lucky to have John as its executive director.

I have known John since the founding of our company when he became the executive director.

He is always first to help out and the last around to make sure everything is executed properly.

However, he also knows how to execute, because he has done it and done it well.

If he says that something will be done, it will be on time and well executed.

John knows what he wants, knows how to get the job done, and executes.

I found him to think outside of the box and thoroughly execute.

John is one of the most well-liked executives in the company.

I would say that execution is really one of his best strengths.

John is a seasoned executive who truly knows how to execute.

He is thorough in his execution, as well as his creativity.

John is one of these executives that always keeps his word.

He is someone who is energetic and who knows how to execute.

John is not just about creation - he's also about execution.

He had an approach that was different than most executives.

He does what he says he will do and executes flawlessly.

He is very responsive and follows through to execution.

John is everything you want in an executive producer.

He is very dedicated, knows what he wants and executes.

He goes all out to make sure all details are executed.

He does what he says and executes on his commitments.

He can own things end to end and execute brilliantly.

He got along well with the executives and his peers.

He knows what is important and knows how to execute.

John says what he will do and executes as promised.

I would recommend John to anyone who is looking for an executive which can really execute.

If you are an executive or looking to become one-you need John.

I know of the few executives who are as forward looking as John.

I have worked with many executive directors over the course of my consulting career.

I could not ask for a more intelligent, thoughtful, and dedicated executive director.

I'd not be surprised if he eventually in named executive director of one of them.

I learned a lot from him, not only as my executive director, but also my friend.

John was the membership director and club liaison to the young executives.

John was a valuable asset to the executive director of my organization.

John is constantly pulled between high level executives and directors.

I have witnessed his commitment to John and the value he provides in his non-executive director roles.

John has definitely been the best executive director I have ever had the pleasure of working under.

John was an incredible executive director who was not only my supervisor, but also my mentor.

Let us hope he will continue to work as our company's executive director.

I recommend John for any executive (director, CEO) role.

He is very thorough with his work and can execute from conceptualization all the way to visual execution.

Working him one is sure things would be executed to the best they can be as him yardstick is excellence.

John keeps things simple, but executes on the things that need doing and therefore gets them done.

John is very organized with his process, and as well as how things are being executed.

It would not be possible for anyone to be more professional in the execution of his job.

He is very easy to get along with and is always dependable when it comes to execution.

He knows how to take every ones needs to come together and execute on the common goal.

He goes above and beyond with executing the best programs possible within any budget.

He is an executive in the complete meaning of the word because he is always executed.

He knows what it takes to take something from concept, all the way through execution.

He is considered to be one the best when it comes to execution in our organization.

He's challenged me to think different, try new things and execute with confidence.

He got along with everyone throughout the organization up to the executive level.