Executive Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is well liked and respected by all of his peers as well as managers and executives.
He manages up well whilst surrounding himself with the right people to execute.
John has an excellent balance of management and executive presence and statistical insight and execution ability.
He manages to not only come up with ideas that are groundbreaking, but also to execute them to fruition.
John has an executive presence while still being one of the most approachable managers on the planet.
He did not view anyone as being 'less worthy' because they were not management or executives.
His management ability along with the execution of his vision are what makes him successful.
He managed several undertakings at once and always executed promptly and with precision.
John is the kind of manager who knows/understands his charter well ahead of execution.
John was highly thought of by the executive management as well as him contemporaries.
He is an excellent manager and executive, and always lets you know where you stand.
I have seen him be successful at executing initiatives set forth by management.
He is straightforward and manages executive messaging directly and positively.
John is the kind of manager and executive that inspires you in every situation.
Whatever came his way, he managed well and at the highest level of execution.
He manages to deliver the execution with just enough twist to get you hooked.
He is my go-to on all things total rewards, executive and board management.
His authentic approach to management makes him stand apart as an executive.
John is an example of an executive who manages diversity with natural ease.
He is outgoing and has always had a great rapport with executive management.
He is effective at communicating, executing and managing at executive levels.
Project execution, people management and conflict management were some of his expertise to mention.
John brings a unique perspective and dedication to executive search because of his background in executive management.
When it came to implementation and execution, he was on it, and managed it with no fear.
John is an executive that has managed through many situations over his career.
John is someone who knows how to execute and manage a complex organization.
He was respected and admired by many executives, managers and employees.
John is an ideal sparring partner for executives that need to be managed.
He is a great manager with the respect of his peers, subordinates and executive management.
John oversaw the pledge executive board and subsequently the committees that each executive board member managed.
He also has the ability to manage both up and down with equal effectiveness to make sure the right things get agreed to as well as get executed.
He makes it very easy for you to discuss your ideas which usually lacks from the executive management.
John has the executive management potential and is particularly well suited for entrepreneurial endeavors.
He clearly understands the difference between management and leadership and executes both flawlessly.
He was an executive manager that you actually wanted to have involved in your biggest opportunities.
He is also very good at guiding both executives and managers and giving them a different perspective.
I've used him at multiple companies and have witnessed his results with managers and executives.
He is genuine as both an executive and manager, and doesn't let the grass grow under his feet.
John is an excellent manager who ensures the successful execution of an engagement/project.
As a manager, he gives you straight forward feedback and allows you the freedom to execute.
I would not hesitate to recommend him for this type of executive management position.
Our managers appreciated his ability to understand and execute on their requirements.
I would recommend him to any company wishing to upgrade their executive management.
He will be an excellent candidate for leadership positions in executive management.
He is truly the executive manager that makes possible long term profitable growth.
John is a well-rounded manager who has the vision and the ability to execute.
Operational management and execution is his strong point and he is fun loving.
John is comfortable interfacing with upper management, including executives.
John was also very capable dealing with all levels of executive management.
He is very versatile and excels at strategy, management, and execution.
I admired his ability to manage not only his staff, but also manage expectations of executives.
John works well with both executives and the employees that he manages.
He has experience managing teams and liaising with executive management.
Senior executives and more experienced managers could definitely learn from him.
As a manager and an executive, he has always trusted his employees to own their responsibilities.
At the same time he was a manager's executive, who would never say no to matrix responsibilities.
John is an exceptional facilitator and definitely has executive management written all over him.
John will add significant value to any executive management position in your organization.
John is certainly the kind of executive management you hope to encounter all the time.
He also excels at breaking down tasks to more manageable components for execution.
John's opinion or suggestions have been always welcome by executive management because he was very often on target.
John came across as a manager who was not just capable in execution, but also empathetic.
John can be of great help to any executive to get on board with conscious management.
John has managed some of the most complex projects/campaigns to flawless execution.
Feedback on his performance from executive management was always very positive.
Yet he managed them so effortlessly with perfect execution every time.
He executes and follows through, managing the details of our company.
He always delivered the numbers he committed to executive management.
John as his executive manager always treated him as an equal player.
He is an excellent manager who can conceive and execute on ideas.
He manages with an uplifting attitude and precision execution.
His execution is immaculate and very good at time management.
Our company managers and executives have come out of John's tutelage and we all have him to thank for where we are today.
Our company we used John for executive coaching interventions with struggling managers and executives.
He drew on his own management and executive experience, as well as on his close knowledge of other successful executives.
He has consistently exceeded expectations from not only his peer group, but him managers as well as executive management.
John gets things done within the company with the executive management team.
He managed the meetings between these entities and our executive leadership.
John executes on time and within budget consistently and is respected by his managers and executive leadership alike.
He is at his best when he knows what is required and has the support of executive management.
He always manages to come up with new ideas for improvements and executes them to the end with the utmost perfection.
He is someone that you wish you had as a manager and will be a superstar executive anywhere that he goes.
John managed us through our challenges to execute within requirements and on time, above expectations.
His rapport with not only him candidates, but also with him hiring managers and executives is fantastic.
In other words, he knows what needs to be done and manages to execute it in an effective and rapid way.
He gets along extremely well with executive level management, as well as colleagues at his own level.
As his manager, he always provided opportunities for him to gain experience and grow as an executive.
John's reputation for being an insightful and effective executive manager is entirely justified.
John will execute, especially in the midst of uncertainty while managing multiple contingencies.
He possesses the leadership and management capabilities of which all executives should possess.
John preformed successfully in all his positions throughout the years; executing and managing.
He manages to keep his vision in the forefront while executing and delivering on the back-end.
A manager always passionate about the message he is delivering, executing well and having fun.
He would be an asset to any firm in either an executive management position or on the board.
His management style allows all around him to execute at levels they never thought possible.
He can deal with individual contributors, as well as managers and executives effectively.
He also has superb follow up and execution of plan for himself and those whom he manages.
John manages to both be strategic and visionary as well being very strong on execution.
The way he ran his organization and managed the executions in our group was commendable.
John manages to execute on a number of different fronts at once, and always delivers.
He understood well the issues regarding execution management across multiple cultures.
John proved himself to be an excellent executive level program/project manager.
He is results oriented, an inspirational manager and an accomplished executive.
He handles executives with poise, and manages various stakeholders with ease.
The level of his contributions easily categorize him as executive management.
He has the ability to successfully manage and execute multiple initiatives.
He's good at both one-on-one management and wrangling executive planning.
He managed and drove the execution start to finish, rather effortlessly.
His strength is planning, execution and overall managing transitions.
John executed our vision while managing tight timelines with ease.
His experience at the executive level shows in his management style.
His ability to manage and execute considered bids is fantastic.
He is not just a manager or an executive, but a friend to us.
His strong point has been managing a team of executives to execute an overall vision of the firm.
He's a very experienced senior executive that everyone will want as their manager, and every organization will want as their management.
He could easily be one of the best talent management executives that you may come across.
Between his way of managing and his way of executing this first job, was very good chemistry.
And his ability to provide executive summaries, update executives on his progress, manage clients and executives at events is truly amazing.
He also manages his team well and able to coordinate/communicate during execution.
His abilities were not only noticed by him, but his executive management as well.
He knows how to sell executive management on the value of the security
He is excellent in managing a team and getting the results, because of the example he sets for his peers, management, executive management and colleagues.
He has the respect and confidence of not only his peers, but those who managed him up to the executive level.
He is well respected by his peers and executive management and we're fortunate to have him with us.
As you may be able to see from his contacts, he interacts well with the executive management level.
One of his strengths is that he can work both with executive management and with employees.
He understands enterprise executive management, and is truly an inspiring mentor.
He relates well to all levels in an organization including executive management.
He is excellent in planning and execution along with the people management.
His execution and management of policy and best practices are unparalleled.
His leadership earned the respect of executive management and his peers.
John manages employees effective and works well with other executives.
He is able to execute on tasks with minimal direction and management.
He is clearly results driven and a competent executive manager.
He managed the entire event and the execution came off beautifully.
He has effectively demonstrated his ability to manage large team as well as manage executives.
John is well respected by executive management, him peers and him especially his customers.
He knows how to execute, and manage processes effectively across an enterprise.
One example is how well he executes processes like performance management.
Perhaps most impressive is his ability to manage executive level sales interactions and management of executive relationships.
John's execution and delivery is a textbook example of managing and selling.
Under his management, we also speed up in both strategic planning and execution.
Johns, executive management and strategy expertise to be of tremendous value.
He brings in a lot of focus and diligence while managing any execution.
He takes on complex jobs and manages them with flawless execution.
He executed the vision of the management with a relentless focus.
The order is in him our company - which allows him to manage budgets and the execution of timelines with excellence.
We are able to execute the testing successfully, thanks to his management.
He manages a very small team, but still manages to do the job and execute efficiently.
This is reflected in both his output as described above as well as the way he presents himself in meetings and to executive management.