Executive Personal Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Personal Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is the right person if you want to choose a person for smooth project execution.
And he is that rare executive who can do this while also being personal, pleasant, and a friend.
John is executive and highly qualified person, he will never reject you if you need his help.
John is a highly passionate person with the ability to execute and make things actually happen.
John is one of those rare executives who has vision, imagination and personal charisma.
John is personable, executes flawlessly, and has an easy-going nature while doing it.
He has the personality, leadership and temperament required for the top executives.
He introduced me to the topic of executive presence, which he personally exudes.
John is the type of person who very quickly "gets it" and then just executes.
He's an incredibly bright and capable person who executes and always delivers.
He's an accomplished executive with an amazing list of personal achievements.
He has truly helped shaped me as an executive, an entrepreneur and a person.
John is a first class executive and more importantly an awesome person.
The executive, a personal friend of mine, was thrilled with his help.
John is a very personable, trustworthy and results driven executive.
He has vision and execution strengths - rare to find in one person.
John's amazingly bright, outgoing and execution-oriented person.
John is a rare combination of outstanding executive and person.
He is personable and is always available to provide assistance and guidance.
John is one of those personable executives you wish you could work with all the time.
He was very personable and worked well with executives and volunteers.
He's an outstanding business person and executive and a fabulous person.
He definitely understands the value of teamwork, and was always the first person to volunteer his assistance.
He is a take-charge person who is always available to help and assist with every situation.
John is a very detailed person that executes any brief with precision.
John is meticulous in execution, and is a person who gets into the details.
John has great executive instincts, which he translates into smart execution.
He is a wonderful person on a personal level and will go to any extent to assist someone.
He puts in the effort and is able to execute, while being personable at all times.
All of his colleagues respect him because he is reliable / capable executive person.
He was the go-to person for clients, colleagues and executive leadership.
John, dynamic, very talented person with execution capabilities.
John is one of the best person any organization can have at executive level.
John is very personable and is always willing to go the extra mile to assist with solutions.
John has always been able to assist you directly or know the right person to get the job done.
If the decision/plan was well-made or executed, he will always give credit to the person.
He's also one of the most personable and best connected executives working in the space.
He is first and foremost a person and executed with integrity.
He is an executive willing to assist at any level where he can positively contribute.
John is the true executive gardener, as a professional, his goal is to assist executives and former executive if finding relevance in what they are doing.
In every executive presentation, he was the one person that obviously knew his numbers backwards and forwards.
He is easy to get along with and has a personal touch that so many executives these days lack.
He is a person who gives solutions to the situations and ensure it is being executed properly.
He is extremely personable and can be persuaded to get help in executing on a goal.
His strong execution focus has quickly made him to go to people to get things done.
I would also recommend him to companies with one or more personal assistants who are complaining about being overworked.
John is the kind of person who will give you help and assistance if he is able to and will ask nothing in return.
John has a heart of gold and is always willing to assist others, regardless of his own personal predicaments.
Ability to make you feel comfortable with him open personality and always willing to offer his assistance.
I love his personality and how he asks the right questions to help assist you in the best possible way.
John is a friendly and altruistic person as he is willing to assist us when we need help.
On the personal side, he is warm, friendly and understanding and always willing to assist.
He is warm and friendly and offers personal assistance where it is much needed.
He helped me greatly in my recent search for a personal assistant.
John is the person you want on your team when you need thoughtful, well-executed results.
John is the type of person every executive would want in his/his team.
He is a very dedicated person and executes his tasks well and on time.
John is a very professional person, good in execution and extremely nice personal touch.
He was the first person who truly made me realize that ideas are cheap unless you execute the shit out of it.
John comes across as a person with amazing understanding and abilities to execute his commitments.