Executive Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

His understanding of executive recruitment is second to none and he has the rare ability to actually get things done.

John's message will resonate with any executive recruiter or candidate looking for the next challenge.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a reputable recruitment executive.

He is, in my opinion, the gold standard for every other executive recruiter to follow.

John understands the big picture in recruitment but also knows how to execute results.

John is an outstanding executive recruiter and it is my pleasure to recommend him.

He has helped me to lay the groundwork for my future as an executive recruiter.

He falls within the few executive recruiters who has effectively translated him retained search experience and methodology into an in-house executive recruiting.

He is not only overseeing recruitment process, as well as the actual execution of the sourcing and recruiting.

He can be relied upon to conceptualize and execute the entire recruitment within the given time.

John was instrumental in the execution of recruiting & onboarding for his organization.

John is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and thorough executive recruiter.

John is an accomplished recruiter for all levels of technical, scientific, executive recruiting.

John is a committed executive recruiter who follows through, gets results, and makes good on his guarantee.

John would be a great recruiter to have on any assignment; especially one that of an executive level.

John has an unbridled passion for recruitment and is driven to execute flawlessly in all he does.

I highly recommend him as an executive recruiter for his expertise, passion and commitment.

As an executive recruiter, he can also give you tips to interview much more effectively.

John is an experienced recruiter able to execute well against any goals and tasks.

John is a hands-on all around recruiting executive who will go out of his way to make sure your placement requests are filled.

John is very good at identifying and recruiting either executives or hourly employees and all in between.

John knows what to look for when it comes to recruiting mid-level and executive talent.

He is a very experienced executive recruiter who provides great value to his clients.

John is an example of a "best practices benchmark" for executive recruiting.

John did some executive recruiting for my company on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

John is strategic and methodical in his recruiting approach with efficient execution.

There are few as knowledgeable in the recruiting and executive search space as he is.

John is wonderful to work with, and has unique expertise in executive recruitment.

I had much respect for his recruiting knowledge, vision, and speed of execution.

John will be of tremendous help to anyone in need of executive recruitment services.

John's passion is being the best executive recruiter he can be which leads to his success.

He is just the kind of recruiting partner an executive search firm wants to have.

John is a very hard working recruiter, constantly bustling between cities and getting our company recruitment events executed.

He "known's his onions" like no-one else and has a very balanced, focused approach to executive recruitment.

He does not merely fill a position, he recruits the right executive for the organization as a whole.

As an expert executive recruiter, he has a knack for knowing and finding the best and brightest.

I suspect this exceptional ability has helped contribute to his success in executive recruitment.

John's approach is absolutely refreshing and arguably unique in the sea of executive recruiting.

John is a great executive recruiter no matter what, the how tough the search criteria.

John is very competent in recruiting executives and provide excellent profiles of the candidates.

His plan of action before, during & after the campus recruitment is well prepared & executed.

He was very well organized, and ensured that recruitment events are executed smoothly.

He has a wealth of executive recruitment experience and is well-respected in the company.

He is detail oriented, responsive, and excels in his position as an executive recruiter.

As an executive recruiter, he is very comfortable managing the most sophisticated executives through a complex and the political recruitment cycle.

John is especially effective as an executive recruiter because of his comfortable and professional approach.

I have always found him to be diligent and professional in his role as an executive recruiter.

John's ability to assess, understand, and act upon organizations' executive recruitment needs is excellent.

John is an experienced executive recruiter, well connected internationally and a superb organizer.

John is a recruiter who will spend time with executives, he is not at that moment searching for.

John is a talented recruiter who listened carefully to my needs and executed flawlessly.

John has an excellent understanding of the recruiting process and his execution is second to none.

John is a thorough and thoughtful executive recruiter with tremendous integrity and enthusiasm.

John's dedication, candor, expertise, and focus on execution make him a great recruiter.

He is a seasoned executive recruiter that can build rapport with almost anyone.

John has been the go to recruiter for all of my executive recruiting because of his finesse in dealing with people and the challenges of recruiting in high volume competitive markets.

John had a positive impact on our executive recruiting efforts within the region.

John is an outstanding executive recruiter with a keen ability to match the right candidate with the right position.

John is capable of recruiting across all levels, graduate to executive and across a variety of disciplines.

John can handle most any recruiting challenge while offering good insight into strategy and execution.