Executive Secretary Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Secretary Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always first to help out and the last around to make sure everything is executed properly.
John is a compassionate Rockstar executive who has vision and can execute on his vision.
Not only did he make each and every one of our executives at ease, but, they all came out looking stunning.
Working him one is sure things would be executed to the best they can be as him yardstick is excellence.
John keeps things simple, but executes on the things that need doing and therefore gets them done.
His ability goes beyond just recognizing what needs to be done, he also knows how to execute.
He also provides you the right balance of autonomy and follows up on execution.
John is exceptional at seeing what needs to be done and executing seamlessly.
He has both been receptive to new ideas and made sure that things get executed.
You want to have things happening, he is certainly the bloke that will execute.
He has really figured out what the right thing to do is, and executes flawlessly.
I can recommend him to any executive who would like to better themselves.
John is very trusting, can execute, and can get it done in the right ways.
He's focused on execution and always follows through on his commitments.
John brings a unique combination of vision and execution that is rare in an executive.
It is very rare to find an executive that is so willing to help and go out of his way to make sure that you get what you need.
He has the innate ability to see something that is not there, but what could be there and execute against that vision.
He is hardworking, proactive and knows exactly what he is doing and executes anything he does, with perfection.
Customers love to have him as their executive sponsor because he is seen as someone that gets things done.
He's the best combination of the guy who can come up with the ideas and then see it through to execution.
The approach he took was the one you would normally see inside the boardroom, among all top executives.
Tie that with his strong desire to be the best at what he does and you get an exceptional executive.
John is one of those rare executives that does not get confused about where he is going and why.
His vision is unsurpassed; he is always looking at what is next, and then executing against it.
He is passionate about being thorough with his preparations and meticulous about execution.
He keeps thing very simple and his simplicity in execution makes him different than others.
Regardless of the assignment, he always does his utmost to execute and make things happen.
He has great ideas and knows how to execute so well that he makes it appear effortless.
He never hesitated to ask for help and executed always with the feedback provided to him.
With each feedback given, you see that being reflected in how he will execute in the future.
Willing to take on the toughest mandates he goes about executing them with aggression.
He can define/articulate a vision and then do what needs to be done to get it executed.
He is able to get to the right executives and is not afraid to ask for their signature.
John was very fortunate to have him as an executive and he will be greatly missed.
John excels at transforming vision to value and that's what you need in an executive.
I found his passion to be infectious and certainly makes him an outstanding executive.
John not only comes up with out-of-this-world ideas, he executes them with tenacity.
John is not only an idea guru, but he knows exactly how to execute on the impossible.
John was both liked and trusted by the executives and that helped make him effective.
In this globalization era, he is definitely one of the most sought as an executive.
Being one of the youngest executives does not limit him from being one of the best.
He can see the future and he has the capability to execute according to his vision.
He has the ability to see things well in advance of others and can execute quickly.
He is a candid executive, who will always let you know where things really stand.
He executed on everything he said and delivered those expectations immediately.
John's always been way, way ahead of the curve in terms of ideas and execution.
He does what he says he will do and executes quickly to deliver on expectations.
He is known for his ability to execute and keeping up with the best of the best.
Him ability to execute things within and outside his scope has been impeccable.
I really appreciate how he makes complex things simple to understand & execute.
John is able to see what most executives miss and create value others overlook.
He always strives for challenges and once given would execute it successfully.
Everything he does is well calculated and executed to its maximum possibility.
He is always willing to take on new challenges and succeeds in executing them.
He could not only think of big ideas, but also have executed them successfully.
Immediately, it was clear that he is an uplifting and inspirational executive.
More importantly, he knows how to execute and deliver what he has promised.
He thoroughly understands the need before trying to execute on a requisition.
His ideas and moreover, his ability to execute on them are just exceptional.
He is one of the truly bright executives who had no limits to his potential.
He is a very responsible and experienced executive secretary.
He not only comes through with the concepts, but the thorough execution as well.
John is an amazing executive, able to plan strategically and execute tactically.
He also stepped up and joined our executive team when our secretary had to step out.