Executive Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Executive Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I truthfully admire his executive management skills.

John is highly skilled general manager and executive.

John is a management executive with diversified skills.

John's organizational skills, project management skills, and time management skills are second to none.

He is extremely good with his execution skills and people management skills.

He has excellent analytical skills and execution skills.

His interpersonal skills with subordinates, middle management and executive management is excellent.

John has excellent project management and execution skills.

John's executive and management capabilities and skills are excellent.

John has strong management skills and clearly executes on his objectives.

John is an excellent and skilled executive.

John has taken these skills to leadership positions as executive director.

I believe that wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for his excellent executive skills.

John is a very talented executive with strong execution skills.

Also, he demonstrated perfect management skills as my chief.

John has been an excellent non executive director.

John is different than other executive directors that we have seen.

He provides the execution half of the innovation puzzle, and can develop those skills in other managers.

John is a very good manager with excellent execution skills.

John is a talented executive with excellent management skills.

John is highly skilled at program management strategies and execution.

John is one of those skilled managers that gives you both room to execute and guidance when you need it.

His executive management skills are rooted in sound fundamentals.

His management and organization skills allow him to execute with both efficiency and efficacy.

John was an excellent manager and director.

John was both my manager and my director at our company.

John is an incredible boss and manager.

John is an exemplary manager and director.

John's general management skills, him project management skills and without question his diplomatic skills were and are exceptional.

He manages team very well he has excellent management and presentation skills.

John is a brilliant executive with sharp management and leadership skills.

John's relation to me has varied from my supervisor to my manager and even the director of my manager.

John is a diligent and skilled executive.

John has unparalleled project execution skills.

Brimming with ideas as well as the skills to execute them wonderfully.

He not only knows his target, but has great execution skills.

Good execution skills and most reliable on all his commitments.

John is a talented executive with many skills.

His skills at helping executives are second to none.

John is an executive with excellent leadership skills.

John is particularly skilled at driving execution and getting things done.

John is an executive with strong leadership skills.

He is skilled with precise execution, and professionalism.

John has great skills in leadership and execution.

Truly the skills you want in a sales executive

John is a very skilled, well-rounded executive.

He is a skilled executive who makes everyone around him better.

His executive reporting skills are remarkable.

John's execution skills are second to none, and I don't mean that lightly.

He has been certainly been one of my better bosses.

And not many can say that about their bosses.

John was an incredibly effective executive with exemplary leadership and management skills.

John is both a skilled speechwriter and executive communications manager.

John has the engineering skills, project management skills, and leadership skills that are second to none.

His planing, risk management and team management and project execution skills are excellent.

John was a great boss with excellent management skills.

He then assumed the executive director position.

During difficult times his employee and executive management skills have been exceptional.

On the client side, he's skilled at managing c-level executives.

John is an experienced software executive with excellent customer management skills.