Facilitation Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Facilitation Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's facilitation skills are second to none.
John is incredibly skilled in facilitation.
John is an extremely skilled facilitator.
I've been in three so far and would like very much to facilitate my forth.
To be facilitated by and to share facilitating others with him.
John was one of our facilitators and by far the best.
He did it best to facilitate all the process.
John is one of the best facilitators ever.
He is one of our most requested facilitators.
John is the best facilitator in the business.
I for one was grateful for his facilitation.
He is very flexible in his facilitation.
Good in communication and facilitation skills, especially when doing presentations.
His facilitation skills also pull the best out of everyone in the room.
I have found his persistence and facilitation skills to be exceptional.
I was thoroughly impressed with his content and facilitation skills.
Additionally, he makes a very skilled facilitator during workshops.
John's sessions and facilitation skills are very effective.
John is exceptional in his facilitation and coaching skills.
John has excellent presentation and facilitation skills.
John is skilled at facilitation services and training.
John has excellent facilitation and training skills.
His facilitation and coaching skills are excellent.
His facilitation skills are of the highest order.
John is highly skilled at meeting facilitation.
A skilled facilitator will speed you to clarity.
John is a very skilled musician and facilitator.
He is a skilled facilitator and moderator.
John's facilitation skills are world class.
A learning facilitator with innate skills.
John's facilitation skills are amongst the best I have seen.
John keeps everybody engaged when he is, whether presenting or facilitating.
He made me very welcome and facilitated my integration into the organisation.
However, the most value was facilitated by the amount of his preparation.
Thank you very much for facilitating the second workshop for our team. 
He was very thorough in his approach and was an excellent facilitator.
John himself is an insightful and challenging course facilitator.
John has facilitated training for several of my best clients.
I have never come across a better facilitator in my career.
I have found him to be an excellent leader and facilitator.
I doubt it'd be the same it was facilitated by anyone else.
John is an excellent facilitator who really knows his stuff.
John is an exceptional facilitator and course developer.
John was and is an effective facilitator in this endeavour.
John is an accomplished and knowledgeable facilitator.
John has many certifications on facilitation and training.
John was one of my very favourite associate facilitators.
John is definitely an engaging trainer and facilitator.
John has facilitated this group for this whole time.
John has facilitated events for me on several occasions.
He is outgoing, professional, and looks to facilitate.
Everything was smooth and professionally facilitated.
He was meticulous with his followed up and facilitation.
First, he is an excellent facilitator and contributor.
In the class, he was very proactive and facilitative.
He facilitated all of this with deftness and aplomb.
John is also an excellent presenter and facilitator.
He is very creative and is an excellent facilitator.
John is an innovative and enthusiastic facilitator.
John is an extraordinary facilitator and instructor.
These skills along with many other of his skills make him a wonderful partner and facilitator for you or your company.
He facilitated far more than was required and with great skill.
His course on facilitation skills was a fabulous demonstration of exactly how to facilitate.
This initiative would never have taken off without his skillful facilitation and continuous stimulus.
He's an accomplished facilitator and very skilled at problem resolution.
He provides skilled leadership and facilitation at the level needed.
He accomplished these things as only a skilled facilitator can.
He facilitates dialogue through his impeccable interpretation skills.
John's knowledge and skills when facilitating is impressive.
His facilitation and recording skills are solid, even while he seeks new ways of increasing those skill sets.
Additionally, his facilitation skills are outstanding, which only makes his job more fun.
Often he would go out of his way to facilitate the needs of the project/client.
He's facilitated those changes and made sure that they happened.
He is well prepared, and he made the whole experience effortless through his skillful facilitation of the discussion.
This he completed in an environment which many skilled and experienced facilitators have found challenging.
Him strong facilitation skills enable each group to get the most out of the course he is delivering.
His facilitation skills are exceptional, especially when coupled with him extensive experience.
His interpersonal skill is superb and this facilitates his achievements in all his endeavour.
He did this using his outstanding facilitation and collaborative problem-solving skills.
John will take you on a journey through his facilitation skills and make you dig deeper.
Frederik clearly knew his subject well and was a skilled facilitator of the class.
He is credible, has gravitas, influences well and has strong facilitation skills.
His positive attitude and facilitation skills make it so easy to be around him.
He has excellent facilitation skills, is highly organized and well disciplined.
Him ease of rapport and interpersonal skills make him an effective facilitator.
He also owns good facilitator skills, and can add value to any given situation.
John is a great facilitator that loves to use his skills to help others.
John facilitated the activity and discussion with skill and insight.
Great all round our company skills from workshop facilitation to requirement elicitation.
John taught a course at our company called facilitation skills.
Our company to you, John, and lucky for those of us who have benefitted from your facilitation skills.
John is a skilled facilitator and communicator who possesses excellent organizational skills.
His facilitation skills are first class and he always went the extra mile in order to help those he was facilitating.
John makes it easy for others to perform their roles and demonstrate their skills through his own smooth facilitation and leadership skills.
He is also very willing to do whatever he can to facilitate the necessary changes to make that experience possible.
Students liked him so much that he has been a facilitator for this course for the last several semesters.
He would always go out of the way to facilitate us and would deliver before or right on time.
John wants you to succeed-and is willing to help facilitate in any way he can.
By far, the most impressive thing about his facilitation is his presence.
He is thorough and insightful with the way he facilitated this session.
He is always willing to help or facilitate finding whatever is needed.
He goes above and beyond to facilitate introductions between parties.
An honest, who always try to help and facilitate everyone around him.
Participants are going to enjoy and prosper with him facilitation.
That's what separates him from many other facilitators out there.
He facilitated the introductions, and made everyone comfortable.
He consistently provides appropriate guidance and facilitation.
John is a lovely facilitator who makes facilitation look easy.