Facilitator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Facilitator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is always willing to go above and beyond to facilitate the needs of the company.
Often he would go out of his way to facilitate the needs of the project/client.
He listens to what you need and always does what he can to facilitate.
He's facilitated those changes and made sure that they happened.
To be facilitated by and to share facilitating others with him.
John is probably one of the best facilitators in the business.
He is also someone who knows how to facilitate - the right way.
Not only is he in all of them, he's the leader and facilitator.
He is also very willing to do whatever he can to facilitate the necessary changes to make that experience possible.
Students liked him so much that he has been a facilitator for this course for the our company several semesters.
John, thank you and thank you also to all others who were instrumental in facilitating the event.
He would always go out of the way to facilitate us and would deliver before or right on our company.
John is an amazing facilitator and knows exactly how to get the most out of him learners.
John is all of these things - that's why he's the only meeting facilitator we use.
He is knowledgeable and was always very thorough in trainings that he facilitated.
John wants you to succeed-and is willing to help facilitate in any way he can.
He also often went above-and-beyond to facilitate solutions without being asked.
When hired to facilitate strategic workshops, he does more than 'facilitate'.
He is very passionate about him sessions and they are very well facilitated.
He is also there to facilitate many of our courses throughout the semester.
Him facilitation has provided immeasurable value to himself and his business.
He's very knowledgeable and he comes very well prepared when facilitating.
However, the most value was facilitated by the amount of his preparation.
By far, the most impressive thing about his facilitation is his presence.
Has gone out of the way to help and has facilitated him in bagging orders.
He is one of the facilitators of the course and managed it excellently.
He is thorough and insightful with the way he facilitated this session.
He is an outstanding facilitator who knows how to help you get results.
He is very thorough in his approach and was an excellent facilitator.
He trained him and provided some of his first facilitation opportunities.
John himself is an insightful and challenging course facilitator.
He also facilitated the relationships between him and his colleagues.
He has done this through strategy, consultation, and facilitation.
He also facilitated several our company for us which were very useful.
Participants are going to enjoy and prosper with him facilitation.
John has an ease about him that really facilitates team our company.
This is what makes him an outstanding facilitator and consultant.
He is not only our facilitator, but also an active participant.
John has facilitated training for several of his best clients.
He facilitates well and his team looks up to him in many ways.
John is a lovely facilitator who makes facilitation look easy.