Fence Installer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Fence Installer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

But he'll be the first to tell you that if it doesn't make money it ain't getting installed.
John kept in touch with us before, during & after the installation.
He treats every installation as if it were going in his own home/business.
John always made sure his sites were well prepared for their installs.
He followed up after installation to ensure we were satisfied.
John sorted everything out for us and the new printer is now installed.
John's help was critical and very beneficial during the development/validation of this installation.
Also, he was available anytime we needed him as well as came on site for the installation.
We could always count on him to make our installations go as smooth as possible.
He often had to reschedule vendors and installs which he did seamlessly.
During the installation, he and his coworker were courteous and clean.
There is no doubt there are bigger and better things installs for him.
John and his husband installed back splash in both his bathrooms.
He even cleaned up after he was finished installing the gate.
We would definitely use our company in the future and their installations seem second to none.
If you let him specify the equipment and installation, you'll never be wanting.
He always followed up with his customer's through the installation and beyond.
He always followed up all of his installations with very thorough, well written documentation.
John helped him navigate through a complex installation for one of his companies' largest installations.
He will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with your installation.
John always goes above and beyond and meets the install dates he sets.
If you are on the fence, you can reach out directly to him for any questions.
If you are on the fence about doing one of his webinars, take the plunge.
He never sells anything and then just "tosses it over the fence".