Field Marketing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Field Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I had no doubt that he would move on within the marketing field and will become very successful in the future.
He is an expert in his field and really helped me take some of the mystery out of inbound marketing.
It is clear that he's passionate about marketing and is always up to date with new ideas in his field.
His insight on the market and how to position yourself, no matter your field, is invaluable.
We had very inspiring conversations and he showed me new paths in the field of marketing.
He completely "gets" what the consumer needs and is an expert in the field of marketing.
He really does his homework and has a great understanding of his field of marketing.
He's a smart, savvy marketer who's light-years ahead of everyone else in the field.
Heat the top of his field with current advancements in all marketing needs.
As a marketing exec he ranks among the brightest & best in his field.
He is a mentor to all and is an expert in the marketing field.
He was highly respected within his field of online marketing.
I believe he will do very well in the field of hospitality management.
I have always found his knowledge of online marketing, particularly in the fields of affiliate marketing and search to be very strong.
John has a deep understanding of marketing best practices, particularly in the field of marketing analytics.
John is “top dog” but not just at his agency, but also in the field of marketing.
John has so much experience in the marketing field and was willing to share it all with the class.
He is right on top of his field with market info and experience.
John is one the most professional marketeers in his chosen field.
John is an experienced professional in his field and his market.
I was very impressed with his past experiences in the marketing field, and the knowledge he had in current marketing trends.
He is an outstanding marketing professional, an expert in his field and an effective manager.
John is one of the shining lights in our field of competition and market insights.
Without his expert marketing strategies the company wouldn't have prospered as much as it did and become the market leader in its field.
He directly managed various online campaigns in the field of acquisition and retention marketing.
He is bright, driven, engaging and a true expert in the field of marketing and management.
He is polite and humble and brings with him a good knowledge of marketing - field marketing in particular.
John is one of those exceptional marketeers that you know will excel in his field of work.
I would recommend him for any work that he might be considered for in the marketing field.
I'm also impressed with his ability to think strategically in the field of marketing.
He is an expert in his field and will dazzle you with his knowledge of marketing.
He is very intelligent and attuned to all market offerings in his field.
John is an energetic and creative force in the marketing field.
John was extremely knowledgeable in marketing and management.
John is well-grounded in many areas of the non-profit, writing and marketing fields.
He doesn't try to cut you off, but instead wants to know more which can be rare in the hyper competitive journalism and marketing fields.
He was always open to input from other markets and encouraged our input from the field at every opportunity.
John as a pioneer in our field has quietly and steadfastly kept the course and our market is better for it.
John's insight, excitement, and enthusiasm for email marketing make him an expert in the field.
His understanding of his chosen field and his ability to listen to market needs are exceptional.
John is an expert in his field when it comes to helping online marketers succeed.
John's focused passion for marketing excellence puts him in the top of his field.
His expertise in marketing makes him an ideal candidate for a variety of fields.
He was able to consolidate the field marketing team and highlight in the company the importance of marketing.
John is very sharp and innovative in the field of advertising and marketing.
John managed his field marketing team with a lot of enthusiasm and passion.
He is mature in him understanding of marketing and always curious to learn more about the field.
John is a marketer who possesses exceptional insight into his field as well as an ability to manage the detail.
I would recommend him to anybody who is looking to know more about marketing and to others who are looking for an experienced professional in the field.
I really appreciate what he did for me and would highly recommend him to anyone else looking to market themselves - regardless of the particular career field involved.
I have no doubts that he'll continue to succeed in marketing or any field he chooses to pursue.
He is open minded to other fields and disciplines (especially in marketing area).
His hands-on approach and field-based marketing insights were very helpful.
He can manage the entire breadth of activities, from inbound and outbound marketing, to field engagement.
With his knowledge and expertise in online marketing he is definitely one of the best in his field.
John has great judgment and is very knowledgeable in the entertainment and marketing fields.
John has a deep knowledge of his field and market, which he is always willing to share.
John is very knowledgeable in his field and knows the in's and out's of viral marketing.
His depth of knowledge and understanding in the field of marketing is second to none.
I took his class on pay-per-click marketing with little knowledge of the field.