Field Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Field Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His work represents some of the very new approaches in the field.
Having him as his inside representative allowed him to feel that whatever was needed done while out in the field would get done.
He knew his stuff and served as an excellent representative for him field.
He represents the field of our company in the highest manner.
John is an asset to his field, his clients and the company he represents.
This has positioned him favorably in the light and respect of his field representatives.
His knowledge and experience in the field, he represents are second none.
He represents our company extremely well and is very knowledge in his field.
His professionalism on and off the field is evident in all he represents and does.
John has proven to be a professional in the field that he represents.
He represented the field accurately, and always spoke from the view of what is best for net growth.
He has great expertise in his field and represents nothing but integrity in what he does.
He represents and shows great strong knowledge of his own and many other fields.
The areas he has had to represent run a huge gamut of fields.
He is everything he represented from his resume and interview.
John represents a highly involved and passionate advocate of his field.
When he could, he loves going out into the field and working with representatives as well.
John believes in the product he represents and that is what sets him apart from so many others in this field.
He represented himself and his company with great pride and found his way into the field to spend time with his many employees.
John represents the best that our field has to offer, a true professional.
John understands his field well and makes it easy to business with both himself and the firms he represents.
He's a great brand ambassador and represented field exceptionally.
John employer would be lucky to have him represent their company.
He supervised him and several other field representatives and support staff.
His work is representative of an individual with broad knowledge in his field.
He represents a level of progressive thinking that is invaluable in the peacebuilding field.
John and products which he represents were and still are state of the art in their own field.