Field Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Field Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's depth of knowledge of sales and sales management is deep and wide.
John has a good grasp of what it takes to create sales tools that can be used in field sales.
I would recommend him to management, field sales teams and companies that want to be successful.
John is a true visionary in the field of automotive sales management.
John is an excellent field resource who exhibits the characteristics required for field sales in both pre and post sales environments.
He has been in the trenches as a sales exec himself and knows what is really needed out in the field.
His expertise in sales messaging and differentiation far surpasses others in the field.
He clearly understands how his role directly impacts sales success in the field.
He's an expert in his field, and is not satisfied to accomplish just a sale.
I would recommend his ability to sale in his current and any future field.
John has a strong ability when it comes to sales in the webcasting field.
This ability of his makes him a natural in his field of vehicle sales.
He would be a great addition to any company in the sales field.
I would recommend him highly for any sales or sales management-related position.
John has great sales and management experience and values his sales people.
He is very professional and experienced in many fields of hotel sales and sales effectiveness.
John was fast and came up with several candidates and in the end delivered the new sales manager.
Since then, he went into a field-based sales and has done tremendously well.
John has a wealth of sales experience across many different fields.
John is an experienced sales manager with a proven record of closed sales deals.
I have always been impressed with his drive, determination, and enthusiasm in the sales field.
John is one of the most promising and hardworking talents in the field of sales.
I have spent time in the field with him and he is clearly a sales professional.
John has been one of my early guides (yes guide, not the manager) who taught me basics of sales in the field.
John is undoubtedly an expert in the field of sales, distribution and revenue management.
Always focused on exceeding sales expectations, he brought many sales opportunities for management review.
He is willing to grow his know-how and experience in other fields than the one he manages.
His success in field sales was only outdone by his success in the channel.
John is a rock star when it comes to sales, sales management and most important of all, getting results.
John was definitely the go to guy for getting things aligned with the field sales team.
He has created extensive sales collateral that carries this message into the field.
John was one of three individuals overseeing the company's field sales activities.
He is versatile, evident in his numerous stints in field sales roles.
I found his approach at a management and field sales level refreshingly down to earth and positive.
John is a natural salesman who brings years of sales and sales management expertise to the table.
John knows, absence and disability management like few people in the field.
John has uniquely managed to transition his huge experience in field sales to a team manager.
John is a smart, energetic and focused sales manager who leads his sales team both in and out of the field.
He knows how to manage the most critical and complex situations in his field.
John really knows his stuff in the online reputation management field.
He is a true expert in the field of sales process optimization and sales methodology.
He has been doing innovative things in the field of knowledge management.
John has extensive experience in sales and encompasses a various fields.
John would be an excellent fit for any sales management or direct outside sales role.
John is a results focussed sales manager who will go the extra mile to achieve his sales objectives.
He is very adept at understanding the sales process and the needs of us in the field.
John also has a good knowledge of the theories behind sales and sales management, which again has contributed to his success.
His experience and know how in the field and in managing companies is second to none.
His outreach for sales in the property management field was innovative and efficient.
He is not only great at managing field sales and dealers, but is very thoughtful about measuring success, for both sales and its impact on financials.
His managerial skill set and personal character are very rare in the field of sales management.
He knows his field well, and does all he can to meet your needs.
John is a wonderful manager and an expert in the field of lending.
He consistently exceeds his quarterly sales and management objectives.
John impression was that he got out in the field with his sales reps and set a great example for other managers to do so more as well.
Most importantly, he will bend over backwards to do what he can to make the field sales team successful.
He is constantly out in the field with my sales teams advancing our agenda.
He is always very responsive to help the sales and management team in the field and always does what he say's he will.
John has excellent knowledge about his field and is also an excellent manager.
His knowledge and experience in the field of sales and management is very thorough and his results have always been great.