Field Sales Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Field Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John had a great working relationship with both our field and inside sales representatives.
John is an expert in the field of sales and sales related training.
I can confidently say he was the single factor that got me interested in this field of sales.
John is the kind of dynamic individuals every company is looking for in the field of sales.
Additionally, his expertise in the field of sales, selling and conviction is unrivalled.
He is very collaborative in his approach to field sales and has great intuition.
This would never have happened if it wasn't for who he is and what he represents.
John doesn't do or represent anything he doesn't believe in himself.
John is passionate about what he does and the causes he represents.
He's has gone way beyond what any representative has even done for us.
John is someone whom you want to have representing your organisation.
I would most certainly have him represent me again in the future.
You'd do well to have him representing you in the marketplace.
He also played an integral role in the sales training of field representatives.
John is a student of sales and shows it, with his tremendous knowledge of the field of sales.
John is one of the most experienced sales professionals in his field.
He created sales materials that were of great value to those of us in the field.
John is very attentive and similar solution oriented toward the needs of field sales.
Also, he has incredible contacts worldwide in the field of sales and acquisitions.
John would field pitches from sales, and he'd come up with smart ways to meet the sales team's requests.
Basking will look out for you and look out for those he is representing without placing one above the other.
I would recommend him to anyone and know that he would represent me well with my recommendation.
Always striving to do better and to be better for others, he is who you want representing you.
He really gets down and gets to know his constituents and represent them fairly.
He always represented for me, since that moment, someone to take an example towards.
John has been an incredible representative looking out for my needs.
John has all of the characteristics that you want in a representative.
John expertly represented me recently and placed me into my new role.
Whomever chooses to have him represent them would be very satisfied.
Although he did not represent me, he was very fair and understanding.
He represents the best of the best and always strives to be better.
He always represented him candidates well, which was appreciated.
Him instincts made sure that we were represented the right way.
Due to the fact that he represents the best of so many things.
I could not have been happier with how well he represented me.
John represents both himself and his company with distinction.
His professionalism on and off the field is evident in all he represents and does.
Him creativity in the field of sales surprised me every time.
John was always extremely persistent in achieving his objectives in the field of sales.
He truly understands what it takes to make a field sales organization succeed.
John is among the elite when it comes to leadership, knowledge and overall expertise in the field of sales.
John genuinely wants to help you succeed and is extremely knowledgeable in the field of sales.
His knowledge, technique and expertise in the field of sales were excellent.
John has a natural ability for sales and as such was promoted from phone to field sales very quickly where he excelled.
John is the type of salesperson that gives the field of sales a good name.
He led by example and won the highest respect of field sales people.
We worked together when he was representing his client for a sale.
John has been one of my mentors both in the research and sales fields.
He spends the time to become an expert in his field and will continue to do well in any sales role.
John is an indispensable ally when the field sales organization needs help overcoming objections.
I am glad to see him excelling in the field of corporate/ institutional sales.
John is very professional and knowledgeable in the sales field.
He delivers requirements without the hard sales push so often attempted by agencies in this field.
The way he represented his organisation, and what they would and would not be able to do for us was refreshing.
John had a way of bringing the very best out of every single one of his representatives.
He has beyond represented the firm with his name on it and its groundbreaking legacy.
John truly represents these attributes and goes above and beyond what is asked of him.
I always felt he was looking out for my best interests and represented me faithfully.
John has proven himself to be an exceptional Telesales/telemarketing representative.
Alongside this he also acted as an excellent representative of the organisation.